let s learn about austria n.
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Let’s Learn About Austria PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Learn About Austria

Let’s Learn About Austria

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Let’s Learn About Austria

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  1. Let’s Learn About Austria

  2. Where is Austria?

  3. Map of Austria

  4. A Few Facts About Austria • Austria is a member of the European Union. • The money used is called the euro. • The population of Austria is 8,199,783. • The language spoken is German. • The capital of Austria is Vienna.

  5. Let’s visit the important cities in Austria. Vienna is the capital of Austria.

  6. St. Stephen’s Cathedralin Vienna Photos by L. Brosch

  7. More scenes of Vienna View over the rooftops of Vienna Dining in a palace Photos by L. Brosch

  8. Graz Linz

  9. Salzburg • Salzburg is famous from the story and movie Sound of Music. It is also very famous for being the birthplace of Mozart, the composer. Mozart’s birth home Typical street scene Photos by L. Brosch

  10. Famous locations from the Sound of Music Photos by L. Brosch

  11. Innsbruck Tourist area One of the oldest chalets in the Alps above Innsbruck. Photos by L.Brosch

  12. Some Famous Austrians(click on the underlined names to find out more) • The Trapp Family Singers-the family that the movie Sound of Music was based on • Sigmund Freud - a famous Jewish scientist • Arnold Schwarzenegger - movie actor and present governor of California • Daniel Swarovski - started the Swarovski crystal company • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss and Gustav Mahler are all famous Austrian composers.

  13. What Austrian Kids Do • Many Austrian children sing in choirs and study music in the many famous music schools. There are many summer music festivals. • On weekends and vacations from school, children go with their families to swim, boat, fish and mountain climb. In the winter they ski, skate, toboggan and play ice hockey.

  14. Famous Sights in Austria St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna Benedictine Abbey on the Danube at Melk Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna The Golden Roof in Innsbruck

  15. Austrian Culture and Life • Austrians enjoy their many music festivals and celebrate their musical heritage. • They also enjoy many summer and winter sports similar to ours. There are many lakes and of course the very beautiful Alps for skiing. • They also have festivals where they enjoy parades in folk costume. • Many Austrian families live in the countryside on farms in the mountains and valleys. Other families live in apartments in the cities and work in factories. Austria has many forests and wood carving is a special craft that is popular in Austria.

  16. What Austrians Like to Eat Burenwurst Wiener Schnitzel and French Fries For more Austrian foods and recipes go to this website:

  17. Learn More About Austria • • • • • LIVE CAM • Christmas in Austria • Travel for Kids- Austria

  18. Books to ReadPhoto - imagesL. Brosch, IES curriculum grant writer Enchantment of the World – Austria. R. Conrad Stein. 2000. Children’s Press. Take a Trip to Austria. Keith Lye. Franklin Watts, 1987. Look What Came From Austria. Kevin Davis. Franklin Watts. 2002.