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GROUP NO 2. CLASSIFICATION Kingdom ;Animalia Phylum; Chordata Class; Mammalia Order; Chiroptera Family; Phyllostomidae Subfamily ; Desmodontinae Genus; Desmodus Species; Desmodus rotundu s. SOCIAL ORGANIZATION

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  • Kingdom ;Animalia
  • Phylum; Chordata
  • Class; Mammalia
  • Order; Chiroptera
  • Family; Phyllostomidae
  • Subfamily; Desmodontinae
  • Genus; Desmodus
  • Species; Desmodusrotundus


Most vampire Bats roost singly or in a small group of twelve or fewer individuals, although common vampire bats occasionally form colonies as large as 2000 individuals .Basic social structure is made up of harems composed of females and their offspring and few adults males(resident males)and separate group of males known as nonresident males

  • A vampire bat generally has small ears and a short tail, are grey,brownor reddish brown in colour.The edge and tips of the wings of the white winged vampire bat are white.Vimpire bats have fewer teeth than other bats only 20 to 26 depending on the species. Vampire bats weight about 15 to 50 gm. And measure only 6.5 to 9.5cm in length


In most instants the sex of adult bat are easily distinguished. Adult male have a conspicuous penis also consider presence of scrotal testes and adult have an area around the nipples of their breast where the hair has ben worn away by nursing young

Also they are different in size,vocolization and behavior that distinguish females from males

female vampire consume over 20 grams of blood in 20 min feed.

Gestation period is about 7 months and give birth to 1 pup

  • Highly gregarious animals up to 2000 individuals can be seen. They live in colonial in most dark places eg; hollow trees, old wells, caves and buildings
  • Seeking shelter or shadow during day time. They also engage in social grooming.
  • It usually occur between female and the offspring but also significant between adults female
food habit
  • They have large ,sharp incisors for piercing the flesh of their preyand anticoagulant in their saliva prevents the blood from clotting while bats feed.
  • Vampire bats have excellent eye site and sensitive hearing and are very agile on the ground where they use their powerful hind leg to crawl, run and jump in to the air
  • When feeding the common vampire bat uses its canine and cheek teeth to shave away the hair from the wound and then soften their preys skin by licking it

Another unique adaptation of vampire bats is the sharing of food. They can only survive about two days without a meal of blood yet they can not be guaranteed of finding food for every night

  • When a bat fails to find food it will often beg another bat for food, the host bat may regurgitate a small amount of blood to sustain the other member of the colony


  • False vampire bats (Neteridae)
  • Freetailed bats(Molossidae)
  • Little brown bats(vespertilionidae)
  • Greenhall, Arthur M. 1965 The feeding habits of Trinidad vampire bats
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