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  1. G R P Guided Reading Procedure Reading Comprehension Main Idea Strategy The Guided Reading Procedure is designed to help students recall and discuss information read and to improve abilities to organize information.

  2. Procedure Teacher Preparation Identify selection to be read, approximately 1000 to 2000 words. Student Preparation Activate prior and build appropriate background knowledge and introduce vocabulary. Set Purpose for Reading Explain to students that they are to “Read to remember all you can and underline important information, because after you have read, I will ask you to put way your reading selection and then I will record what you remember as you relate it to me. Remember, our goal is to select key details that will ultimately determine the main idea.”

  3. Procedure continued Reading, Recalling, and Discussion following 1sttimed silent reading begin asking for free recalls record all information as stated allow for group discussion to assist with clarification After 1st reading, recording, and discussion ask: Did you leave out any information that might be important? Did you mix up some of the facts on the list? Self-Monitoring/Self Correcting Help students recognize that they need to review material read in order to self-correct inconsistencies and information overlooked in their initial reading. 2nd Timed Reading (shorter time) Before students start their 2nd reading ask: What do you think will happen if you read the selection for a second time? After 2nd reading, students correct inconsistencies and add new information.

  4. GRP LOG

  5. Procedure continued Main Idea Restructuring Organize recorded remembrances into some kind of a graphic or outline. Products are shared, offering reasons for choices. At this time: What is the text structure of this passage? Which facts can be grouped together? Organize facts from the most important to the least important. Organize information around the important ideas in the selection. Ask students to write the Main Idea Statement ______ Provide Immediate Feedback Final suggestion is a short quiz to be viewed as positive reinforcement, not as a check.

  6. GRP RECALL -- SCORING GUIDE Main Idea Statement: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. Let’s Review Importance of doing 2 readings of a passage in order to clarify understanding and comprehension of text Allows students: to monitor their comprehension by underlining or utilizing another text marking symbol. to identify text structure as tool to improving reading comprehension. to participate in large or small group discussions to assist with clarification. to re-read a selection to correct inconsistencies and fill-in incomplete information to improve comprehension. to make decision about what is read in order to organize it around important ideas. to reconstruct the author’s message. to improve with their note taking process.