the road not taken n.
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The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not Taken. 2. appeal (v). The experiences of working holiday appeals to (=attracts) me because I can explore the world and sustain my living at the same time. 2. appeal (v). The victims of the devastating natural disasters appealed to (=pleased ) 懇求

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2 appeal v
2. appeal (v)
  • The experiences of working holiday appeals to

(=attracts)me because I can explore the world and sustain my living at the same time.

2 appeal v1
2. appeal (v)
  • The victims of the devastating natural disasters appealed to(=pleased)懇求

the local government for help.

(avalanche/ snow slide)

2 appeal n
2. appeal (n)
  • If you have a sweet tooth, sweets definitely

have/hold a strong appealto you.

2 appealing adj
2. appealing (adj.)
  • She always wear a big smile and has an appealing/inviting personality.
  • The idea of having breakfast

on bed on Sunday morning sounds appealing.

3 urban adj
3.urban (adj.)
  • With the high population density in urban area, people tend to feel crowded and want to escape. Therefore, I believe that green space is the most important element in urban renewal/urban renovation (都更).
4 aspect n
4. aspect (n)
  • 從各方面評估,我爸爸很稱職。
  • (Judging from every aspect,…)
  • I need more time to think about this plan form every aspect.
  • As far as the safety aspectis concerned/ For the sake of public safety, you should not extend the balcony.
5 prime adj
5. prime (adj.)
  • History repeats itself. A prime (=typical) example is the brutal wars breaking out one after another.
  •  Tadao Ando’ work is a prime example of 20th­century architecture.
5 prime adj1
5. prime (adj.)
  • The prime(=the most important) issue of this seminar is to bridge the generation gap.
  • If it had not been for the prime(= the best) location, the restaurant might have been this successful.
5 prime n
5. prime (n)
  • David Beckham, one of the most renowned soccer players, decided to retire at his prime(time). He is a legendary figure in terms of how he manages his brand and reputation.
7 claim n v
7. claim (n/v)
  • Ted made claims/ cliamed that he was innocent.
  • The contestants all denied claims that they underwent cosmetic surgery.
7 claim n v1
7. claim (n/v)
  • claim the victory/ island
  • Unfortunately, the violent earthquake claimed hundreds of lives. (奪走性命)
  • claim to fame最出風頭的事

Joe’smain claim to fame is to win first prize in the design competition.

8 tread v
8. tread (v)
  • step(down) on someone's toes 

tread on someone's toes

  • Fig. to offend or insult someone

You‘re sure I won’t be stepping on her toes if I talk directly to her supervisor? I didn‘t mean to tread on your toes. (踩…的底線)

  • tread water (因等待某事發生而)毫無進展

I waited outside, treading water, before the result of the interview was announced.

10 route n
10.route (n)
  • Because of its position on the shipping route, the town developed into a traffic center.
  • The businessman’s arrogance led to the route to his failure.
11 scenery
  • 畢旅中印象最深的不是令人屏息的風景及五星級的豪華旅店,而是我們為彼此創造的回憶。

The most impressive part on the graduation trip is not the breathtaking scenery nor the luxurious hotel, but the memory we created for each other.

12 previous adj
12. previous (adj)
  • While some jobs require previous(=prior)先前的working experiences, some don’t. I still want to start early. Finding some part-time job would be my plan for summer.
  • I was busy cooking for my family the previous (=preceding )稍早的 hour, so I missed your call.
13 dilemma n
13. dilemma (n)
  • _S_ put sb in the dilemma
  • sb was caught in the dilemma


Occupied with club activities, one of my high school classmates was often caught in the dilemma between schoolwork and club activities.

14 inner adj
14. inner (adj)
  • Just when I was about to give up, an inner voice told me that nothing great was ever achieved without determination.
16 arouse aroused aroused arousing vt
16. arousearousedarousedarousing (vt)喚起…
  • arouse concern/ interest/ sympathy/curiosity/ appetite

discussion/ attention/ patriotism/ awareness

噪音把她從睡夢中吵醒。The noise aroused her from sleep.


riseroserisenrising (vi)上升/漲價 (Something rises ,it moves upward )The housing price is rising.

  • raiseraisedraisedraising (vt)種植/養育/募捐/舉起(If you raise something ,it moves to a higher position. It 'rises' ,because you 'raise' it.)

He raised his hands to catch my attention.

  • arisearosearisenarising (vi)起(床)(When someone arises it refers to the act of getting out of bed in the morning.) He arose at 6 am in the morning. (When you arise from a sitting or kneeling position , you stand up.) He arose from the chair.

出現/產生A new problem has arisen.


Their irresponsible attitude has ________ hostility in Taiwan.

  • When the topic of ozone layer ______, people immediately think of the hole over Antarctica.
  • Some unexpected difficulties has ________, but we will manage them in no time.

Their attitude has aroused

(= gave rise to= caused) hostility among Taiwanese people.

  • When the topic of ozone layer arises, people immediately think of the hole over Antarctica.
  • Some unexpected difficulties has arisen, but we will manage them in no time.
17 distress n
17. distress (n)
  • The scandal had caused the actress considerable distress. She burst into tears, releasing all her emotions at the press conference.
  • The mayor decided to give monthly subsidy to ease the poor’s economic distress(=hardship).
18 confront v
18. confront (v)
  • The company is confronted witha financial crisis. (遭遇、面臨)
  •  The company is facing/is faced with a financial crisis.
  • Lydia thinks the best way to confront (解決)her stage fright is to face the audience and speak her fear out.
  • You can confront him with (當面對質) evidence, but I am worried about your safety. Let’s call the police.

5. perishvi. (fml.) 死亡,喪生

Hundreds of people perished in the tsunami.

  • 6. divergevi. (路)岔開/(話)岔題

Her speech diverged from the topic.

  • 9. seemingly adj.貌似,表面上

Though extremely nervous, May was seemingly calm while holding the press.