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Tallahassee Sustainability Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Tallahassee Sustainability Group

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Tallahassee Sustainability Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tallahassee Sustainability Group
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  1. Urban Food Renewal by: Tallahassee Sustainability Group

  2. Mission Statement The ultimate goal of the Tallahassee Sustainability Group is to develop a sustainable framework for the Tallahassee community that enhances ecologic, economic, and social welfare.

  3. Our Philosophy • Human society has reached a breaking point. The harmful impact that we have had on our host (“mother” Earth) is extreme and threatens our species’ survival. • To secure a prosperous future for our children and beyond, we must act now to discontinue our destructive behavior and restore balance with our ecology. This means reducing resource consumption, waste output, and human sprawl.

  4. Our Philosophy • In order to accomplish this, we must reinvent our economy; what incentivizes destructive behavior must be eliminated and replaced with what incentivizes sustainable behavior. • We must re-imagine our technology; nature is efficient in its processes – this is something to model. • We must establish equal opportunities for all humans to participate in this rebuilding process; providing people with adequate access to resources, information, nutrition, etc. • This is not a revolution, this is evolution. We are not alarmists, we are responders.

  5. Urban Food Renewal • As our first line of business, we have decided to focus our efforts on advancing Tallahassee community food security. • Employing methods of hydroponics and aquaponics, we will produce food that is not only nutritious but cost effective to make. • Our aim is to reduce consumption of natural resources, improve urban waste management, improve community health and nutrition, create a stronger economic base, reduce poverty, and provide community members with independent food security.

  6. Hydroponics • Method of plant cultivation in which a nutrient solution is used to feed the plant’s roots directly. • The plant is suspended in a medium (perlite, coconut coir, gravel, sand, even soil). • The roots absorb the nutrient solution and at the right pH range, the roots extract the nutrients from the solution at an ionic level.

  7. Hydroponics • Roots uptake exactly the nutrients they need when they need it which means more fruitful yields. • Nutrients and water can be recycled through the system which means reduced resource consumption. • No chemicals leeching into groundwater means less environmental degradation.

  8. Aquaponics • Combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics. • Fish enrich the water with ammonia from their waste. • The ammonia interacts with a biological filter to produce nitrates. • The nitrates feed the plant roots directly. • Omnivorous fish can eat the plants they help produce (making it a closed-loop system).

  9. Aquaponics • Creates a mini ecosystem where both plants and fish can thrive. • Offers a sustainable way to harvest nutritious fruits and vegetables along with protein rich fish. • Further maximizes production and uses inputs very efficiently.

  10. Where We Are Now: Ghazvini Learning center Second harvest food bank

  11. Project Outline • Project Vision: • Realize healthy*food nutrition / production / security and share it with humanity. If there is hunger in there world, there is a need for our service to satisfy that hunger. • Project Mission: • Develop sustainable methods of producing food that can be taught to and used by any human being in the world. *healthy infers a standard that is not only supportive of a productive human lifestyle, but that is also ecologically sound/sensitive

  12. Project Outline • LEARN • Learn how to grow healthy food at the most minimal environmental, economical, and social costs. • GROW • Utilize our knowledge to grow as much healthy food as we can afford to make. • SHARE • Share our knowledge and food to fulfill our vision of feeding the world.

  13. Open-Source Development • Open-Source Development mixes human capital and technology in a self-organizing community. • Individual collaborators come together to produce a shared outcome. • Right now we are developing a Wiki-Research page to fuel our development. • The more contributions from a variety of perspectives will ensure solid development.

  14. What We Need Now: • Accounting • Actuarial Science • Advertising (Communication) • Agriculture • Biology • Chemistry • Computer Science • Dietetics • Early Childhood Education • Economics • Elementary Education • Engineering • Entrepreneurship • Environmental Science • Film • Finance • Graphic Design • Human Resource Management • Humanities • Information Technology

  15. … continued • Interior Design • Management • Marketing • Mathematics • Nutrition Science • Philosophy • Physics • Political Science • Psychology • Public Relations • Social Science • Sociology • Statistics • Studio Art • and more…