war in the pacific
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War in the Pacific

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War in the Pacific - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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War in the Pacific. Pacific Theater. In addition to Pearl Harbor, Japan attacks Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, Wake Island, Midway Island, and the Philippines (where the Americans are stationed under Gen. MacArthur). Philippines - Bataan Death March.

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pacific theater
Pacific Theater
  • In addition to Pearl Harbor, Japan attacks Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, Wake Island, Midway Island, and the Philippines (where the Americans are stationed under Gen. MacArthur)
philippines bataan death march
Philippines - Bataan Death March
  • MacArthur ordered to relinquish command; escaped to Australia
  • 25,000 Americans and Filipinos died on the 60 mi. Bataan Death March to captivity
  • Beheadings, shootings, slit throats, rapes, bayonet stabbings, disembowelments, denial of food and water
bataan death march
Bataan Death March
  • “I was questioned by a Japanese officer who found out that I had been in a Philippine Scout Battalion. The Japanese hated the scouts….Anyway, they took me outside and I was forced to watch as they buried six of my scouts alive. They made the men dig their own graves, and then they had them kneel down in a pit. The guards hit them over the head with shovels to stun them and piled the earth on top of them.”
battle of the coral sea
Battle of the Coral Sea
  • America/Australia v. Japan
    • New kind of naval warfare
      • Not a shot fired from the ships (all from planes)
      • Battle was a draw (Allies lose more ships, but halt Japanese expansion)
battle of midway 1942
Battle of Midway - 1942
  • Was a key American airfield
  • Japan had largest naval force ever assembled; outnumbers U.S. 4 to 1
  • Japan’s goal: finish off U.S. fleet
  • U.S. cracks Japanese code
  • U.S. surprises Japan and wins
  • “The Americans had avenged Pearl Harbor” – Yamamoto
  • Turning point
allies go on the offensive
Allies go on the offensive
  • Island hopping
    • Taking one island at a time closer and closer to Japan
    • Skip the Japanese strongpoints
    • Douglas Macarthur (U.S.)
battle of guadalcanal
Battle of Guadalcanal
  • Base of Japanese air force
  • U.S./Australia v. Japan
  • Took 6 months
  • Japan’s 1st defeat on land
  • Japanese lose 23,000 out of 36,000
  • “island of death”
battle of guadalcanal1
Battle of Guadalcanal
  • “Hell was furry red spiders as big as your fist, giant lizards as long as your leg, leeches falling from trees to suck blood, armies of white ants with bites of fire, scurrying scorpions inflaming any flesh they touched, enormous rats and bats everywhere, and rivers with waiting crocodiles. Hell was the sour, foul smell of the squishy jungle, humidity that rotted a body within hours….Hell was an enemy…..so fanatic that it used its own dead as booby traps.”
u s bombs japan wake island
U.S. bombs Japan, Wake Island
  • Use Saipan and Tinian as bombing bases
pacific japan
  • Japanese keep retreating but won’t surrender
  • Have no hope of winning but begin kamikaze missions against allies – Leyte Gulf
iwo jima and okinawa
Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  • “Sulfur Island”
  • 20,700 Japanese
  • 6000 US Marines killed
  • 20,500 Japanese killed
  • 1900 Kamikaze
  • 12,000 Americans killed (49,000 casualties)
  • 110,000 Japanese killed
  • Ready for Japanese invasion?
plan to invade japan
Plan to Invade Japan
  • US planned to invade Japan with eleven Army and Marine divisions (650,000 troops)
  • Casualty estimates for the operation were as high as 1,400,000
  • Truman must decide to invade
a bombs on japan
A-Bombs on Japan

Truman learns of A-Bomb at Potsdam Conference

issues warning to Japan (really a warning to USSR?)

ignored (by both)

August 6 – dropped on Hiroshima

73,000 out of 365,000 die

no surrender

August 9 – dropped on Nagasaki

37,000 out of 200,000 die

Japan surrenders (V-J Day)

Captain Paul Tibbets piloted the plane (named after his mother) that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima

a bomb in hiroshima
A-Bomb in Hiroshima
  • Ground temperature = 7,000 degrees F
  • Winds = 980 miles per hour
  • Energy released= 20,000 tons of TNT
  • 62,000 buildings destroyed
  • 70,000 killed immediately
  • 140,000 dead by the end of the year
  • 200,000 related deaths to bomb in Hiroshima