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Gino Rumhein Abdulrahman Fakhroo Me 304 12/12/12. The Importance Of thermoelectricity. What is Thermoelectricity?. T he direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa

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Gino rumhein abdulrahman fakhroo me 304 12 12 12

Gino Rumhein

Abdulrahman Fakhroo

Me 304


The Importance Of thermoelectricity

What is thermoelectricity
What is Thermoelectricity?

The direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa

Encompasses three separately identified effects: The Seebeck effect, the Peltiereffect and the Thomson effect.

Why turn to thermoelectricity
Why Turn to thermoelectricity?

Approximately 90% of the world’s energy is generated by heat energy

Most of it is wasted

15 terawatts of power are lost annually to the environment

Why isn t it being used
Why isn’t it being used?

Difficult to achieve high temperature gradient

Metals that conduct heat usually also conduct electricity

Thermoelectric materials not as efficient as could be

The seebeck effect
The Seebeck Effect

Linear Relationship between Seebeck coefficient and temperature:

Bismuth telluride
Bismuth Telluride

Agray powder that is a compound of Bismuth and Tellurium

Used Frequently for thermodynamic applications

Seebeck Coefficient=


Our experiment
Our Experiment

Wrap a truck’s exhaust pipe with a thermoelectric generator

Average temperature of a truck’s exhaust pipe is 260 C (530 K)

Average exhaust pipe

radius was found to

be 0.0508 m


Potential to generate significant amount of voltage (180 V)


Thermoelectricity could potentially revolutionize energy consumption


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