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Oxcel Endowment Investment

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Oxcel Endowment Investment. Saamiah Ali | Alistair Barton | Lucia Mkhitarova. The Aim. We aim to help the trustees of the Oxcel College endowment pursue their investment goals : through considering the trustees’ concerns with socially responsible investing

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Oxcel Endowment Investment

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oxcel endowment investment

Oxcel Endowment


Saamiah Ali | Alistair Barton | Lucia Mkhitarova

the aim
The Aim

We aim to help the trustees of the OxcelCollegeendowment pursue their investment goals:

  • through considering the trustees’ concerns with socially responsible investing
  • and through research and analysis into the fund options
the methodology
The Methodology

1) Address the Board’s concerns:

i) Social responsibility

ii) Fund experience

2) Create criteria rubric integrating concerns and sustainable and economic aspects

4) Overview of the three funds

5) Award points using rubric

6) Recommend a plan of action

concern 1 social r esponsibility
Concern 1: Social Responsibility

The board is concerned about the possible multiple approaches.

  • Investments that have a positive return to society
  • 3 categories defined by board: SRI, green and sustainable funds
  • Our perspective:
    • Holistic and multidimensional
    • Value each category and perspective
concern 2 fund experience
Concern 2: Fund Experience

The board requires a fund manager with an excellent reputation for risk adjusted performance:

  • Therefore, we need to consider

i) the fund’s experience

ii) associated risks

  • 2. This is done by assessing the performance of the fund
fund one abbe sri fund
Fund One: Abbe SRI Fund


  • Focus on:
    • socially ethical companies
    • smaller companies (mid, small, micro-cap)
  • Avoid firms with major sin stock investment

Investment Analysis:

  • Poor financial reputation
  • Restricted Diversity
    • Focused on Negative Screening
fund two winslow green growth fund
Top 10 Holdings

Stericycle, Inc. (SRCL)

Middleby Corporation (MIDD)

Acuity Brands Inc (AYI)

Westinghouse Air Brake Tech Corp (WAB)

Trimble Navigation Ltd. (TRMB)

Verisk Analytics, Inc. (VRSK)

LKQ Corporation (LKQ)

Clean Harbors, Inc. (CLH)

Pentair, Inc. (PNR)

Hexcel Corporation (HXL)

Fund Two: Winslow Green Growth Fund


  • focus on:
    • long term capital growth
    • small domestic (US) companies
  • environmentally orientated investments
  • renewable energy and efficiency technology
  • moving away from its risky reputation
fund two winslow green growth fund1
Fund Two: Winslow Green Growth Fund

1) Stericycle, Inc.

  • Manage regulated waste and complementary services
  • Initiatives to reduce energy and waste via clean, low impact ways

2) Middleby Corporation

  • Cooking equipment
  • Good business reputation, winning awards for a good growing business

3) Acuity Brands Inc

  • lighting (and solutions) company
  • sustainable focus: reduce waste and pollution, and increase efficnecy
  • technological development
  • zero landfill certification and LEED
fund three calvert social investment equity fund
Top 10 Holdings:

Apple Inc

Google Inc Cl A

Microsoft Corp

Johnson + Johnson

Wells Fargo + Co

Procter + Gamble Co/The

Jpmorgan Chase + Co

Pfizer Inc

Intl Business Machines Corp

Bank Of America Corp

Fund Three: Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund


  • seek growth of capital
  • seek to invest in firms with focus on sustainable practices
  • most investment in large companies
fund three calvert social investment equity fund1
Fund Three: Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund

1) Cvs Caremark Corp

  • largest pharmacy in the United States
  • created a Environmental Leadership Council in 2007
  • partners with nonprofits and other sustainable initiatives

3) Apple Inc.

Source: apple.com

  • Houses bulk of operations in China; Foxxcon
  • 54.5% reliance on coal data centres (April 2011)

2) Google Inc

  • sustainable


  • however, still

use huge amounts

of energy

Source: google.com

concern 3 diversification
Concern 3: Diversification

The third concern of the trustees’ is decreasing the diversification of the endowment:

  • Thus the trustees must consider investing in different funds
  • Diversification is key to maintaining low risk and guarding against poor market performance
  • We recommend diversifying their portfolio based on the short term (within next 5 years) and long term (after 5 years)
recommendations for short term
Recommendations for Short Term

Short Term - next 5 years:

  • Market Performance is key in short term: allows further investment in social responsibility after growth of capital
  • 60% in Colvert Fund, due to their high scores in experience and performance
  • 40% in Winslow Fund, due to their high score overall, and their overall good sustainability focus
  • We decided not to invest in Abbe SRI for the short term, due to their overall low score and their lack of reliability
recommendations for long term
Recommendations for Long Term

Long Term - after 5 years

  • Reassess growth and policies in 5 years
  • Monitor funds
  • Expect to start investing more in Winslow for their high sustainability and projected long term growth in green energy technology/popularity, and less in Calvert
  • Use profit gathered from Calvert to invest in Winslow

Abbe SRI Fund:

Yahoo! Finance

Winslow Green Growth Fund:

Yahoo! Finance







Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund:

Yahoo! Finance