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Most rated books from Amazon

Most rated books from Amazon

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Most rated books from Amazon

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  1. e-commerce Most rated books from Amazon

  2. • Secure Electronic Commerce: Building the Infrastructure for Digital Signatures and Encryption. • E-commerce: Formulation of Strategy • E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice. • E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society. • E-Commerce in Operations Management. • Electronic Commerce: B2c Strategies and Models

  3. Secure Electronic Commerce: Building the Infrastructure for Digital Signatures and Encryption Edition : 2nd Edition Authors : Warwick Ford , Michael S.Baum Year : 1997 Description: Secure Electronic Commerce is the first complete guide to both the technologies and legal implications of diverse methods of electronic commerce. Co-authored by a leading information security specialist and a leading electronic commerce legal specialist, this is the essential survival guide for any business, technical, or legal professional who plans, manages, supports, or uses electronic commerce systems. State-of-the-art security technologies are explained in detail from the technical and business perspectives.

  4. 2. ecommerce: Formulation of Strategy Edition : 1st Edition Authors : Robert Plant Year : 2000 Description: This is the first book about the formulation, development and execution of e-strategy written entirely for senior executives in the language of the boardroom. Leading ecommerce expert Robert Plant cuts through the "consultants" and techno babble to present a comprehensive, balanced, integrated strategy for Ecommerce leadership.

  5. 3. E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice. Edition : 3rd Edition Authors : Dave Chaffey‏ Year : 2009 Description: This book provides the most versatile introduction to e-business and e-commerce available. It covers a wide range of e-business applications, offers a valuable selection of real-world cases and provides a bank of online resources that really help students to get the most from their course.

  6. 4- E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society Edition : 3rd Edition Authors : Carol G. Traver Year : 2006 Description: E-Commerce: business. technology. society. provides an overview of the current and next generation of e-commerce. The book emphasizes the three major driving forces behind e-commerce: technology change, business development, and social controversies. Each of these driving forces is represented in every chapter, and together they provide a coherent conceptual framework for understanding e-commerce. The result is sophist complete treatment of a very diverse subject that is aimed specifically at readers interested in business concepts, IS/IT developments, and computer science applications..

  7. 5. E-Commerce in Operations Management. Edition : 1st Edition Authors : Qing cao Year : 2002 Description: This text focuses on managerial issues of operations management for e-commerce businesses. Specifically, it seeks to help students interested in the managerial aspects of running e-businesses know what is important in their operations, including personnel, technology and systems. The work shows how the basic content of operations management (such as quality, inventory, product design and so on) should be applied in an e-business. The text also presents a detailed, step-by-step set of procedures and successful strategies that readers can use immediately.

  8. 6. Business Models Made Easy Edition : 1st Edition Authors : McGraw-Hill Year : 2006 Description: Don't Just Plan-Zero In on a Winning Business Model! Before you write a business plan, before you start marketing, before you look for funding, you should develop the most important tool in your business arsenal: a business model. you'll learn: 1- How to maximize your chances of success with an easy-to-use scoring system. 2- How to use your business model to increase your chances of receiving funding 3- Strategies for using your model to write a business plan that really works

  9. Related Articles • E-Commerce Models • Privacy and Security issues in E-Commerce

  10. E-Commerce Models E-Commerce can be classified into 4 models. • Business –to-Business (B2B) model • Business –to-Consumer (B2C) model • Customer –to-customer (C2C) model • Customer-to-Business (C2B) model

  11. Business -to-Business (B2B) model The B2B model involves electronic transactions between Business organization and anther one. Hypothetical example: ABC company sells Cars parts and XYZ company assembles these parts and then sell the car to customer

  12. Business -to-Business (B2B) model

  13. Business -to-Consumer (B2C) model The B2C model involves transactions between business organizations and consumers. Example: Amazon is an online book store that sells books and customer searches for a book on their site and places an Order.

  14. Business -to-Consumer (B2C) model

  15. Consumer -to-Consumer (C2C) model The C2C model involves transaction between consumers. Here, a consumer sells directly to another consumer. Example: When a customer plans to sell his products to other customers on the Web site of eBay, he can host his product on eBay, which in turn charges him for this. Any buyer can now browse the site of eBay to search for the product he interested in.

  16. Consumer -to-Consumer (C2C) model

  17. Consumer -to-Business (C2B) model The C2B model involves a transaction that is conducted between a consumer and a business organization. It is similar to the B2C model, however, the difference is that in this case the consumer is the seller and the organization is the buyer. In this kind of transaction , the consumers decided the price of a particular product rather than the supplier.

  18. Privacy and Security issues in E-Commerce privacy: it is the control over one's personal data, this is a very important issue to be considered at e-commerce sites because many sites that use e-commerce may use user's personal data and mining tools to predict its preferences and support e-commerce experience.

  19. Privacy and Security issues in E-Commerce security: the attempted access to data by unauthorized people. this is very important issue to take care of because hackers can hack sites that use e-commerce activities like purchasing goods online and use consumers' credit card information very easily.