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Harbin. By: Kaylin Collins. Harbin. Harbin is ranked as the tenth largest city in China Harbin serves as the key political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications center of Northeastern China. Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province. Harbin.

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By: Kaylin Collins

  • Harbin is ranked as the tenth largest city in China
  • Harbin serves as the key political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications center of Northeastern China.
  • Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province
  • Harbin nicknames: "The Pearl on the swan's neck" because the shape of Heilongjiang resembles a swan, and "Oriental Moscow" or "Oriental Paris" for the architecture in the city
  • Harbin is also known as "Ice City" for its long and cold winter.
  • The concert entitled "Summer of Harbin", first held in 1961, has brought Harbin a reputation of being a city of music.
  • It is a grand national music event co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Harbin Municipal Government.
  • The Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin is world-renowned. The art of making ice lanterns is one of the three most famous ice and snow arts in the world.
the harbin ice festival
The Harbin Ice Festival
  • This city is most famous for its beautiful display of ice sculptures in winter
the harbin ice festival cont
The Harbin Ice Festival(cont)
  • The Festival was established in 1985. It is held on January fifth and lasts for over a month
  • Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province and is China's original and greatest ice artwork festival
  • The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of local people and visitors from all over the world.
  • The 25 Annual Ice Sculpture Festival is on the territory of 400 thousand square meters more than two thousand sculptures. It took on the establishment of 140 thousand cubic meters of ice and 100 thousand cubic meters of snow
the economy of harbin
The economy of Harbin
  • The city is located in one of the fastest growing regions in the world, it has a number of advantages such as an abundance of natural resources, a good transport system and plenty of human resources
  • The soil in Harbin, called “black earth” is one the most nutrient rich in all of China, making it valuable for cultivating food and textile-related crops
geography of harbin
Geography of Harbin
  • Songhua River originates from the Heavenly Lake in Changbai Mountains and makes a swift turn in the southeast part of Heilongjiang Province.
  • There are 7 districts and 12 counties in Harbin. With a population of 9.4623 million
  • Harbin is the largest and most populous city among provincial capitals as well as the center of politics, economy, science & technology, culture and transportation in the northern part of northeast China.
the architecture of harbin
The architecture of Harbin
  • The city is well-known for its unique, Russian and European-influenced architecture.
  • Harbin is full of urban architecture
  • The European structures, the traditional Chinese classical structures as well as several modern structures make the city a combination of Chinese and Western styles.
  • Harbin was the birthplace of Jin and Qing Dynasties.
  • Over 40 nationalities live in the area of Harbin.
  • In the early 20th century, Harbin was an international commercial and trade city
  • Harbin has become the largest open city near the border in northeast China.
  • Harbin has a temperate continental climate
  • Harbin is rich in resources. It is one of the most important agricultural areas in China.
  • Harbin is known for there high-quality agricultural products such as rice, peas, and corn.


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