the marketing environment n.
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The Marketing Environment

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The Marketing Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Marketing Environment. Functions of a Marketing Department. Marketing Environment. The Marketing Environment consists of the actors & forces outside marketing that affect marketing managements ability to develop & maintain successful transactions with its customers. Marketing Environment.

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The Marketing Environment

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    the marketing environment

    The Marketing Environment

    Functions of a Marketing Department

    marketing environment
    Marketing Environment
    • The Marketing Environment consists of the actors & forces outside marketing that affect marketing managements ability to develop & maintain successful transactions with its customers
    marketing environment1
    Marketing Environment
    • The Microenvironment
    • The Macro environment
    • The Internal Environment
    micro environment
    • The forces close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers
    • Consumers
    • Suppliers
    • Market intermediaries/ Stakeholders
    • Firms & individuals that provide the resources needed by the company & its competitors to produce goods & services
    • Marketing managers must monitor supply availability, shortages or delays, labour strikes & other events that can cost sales in the short run & damage customer satisfaction in the long run
    marketing intermediaries
    Marketing Intermediaries
    • Firms that can help the company to promote, sell & distribute its goods to final buyers
    • This includes physical distribution firms, marketing service agencies & financial intermediaries
    • Resellers: The individuals & organisations that buy goods & services to resell at a profit
    marketing intermediaries1
    Marketing Intermediaries
    • Physical distribution firms: Warehouse, transportation & other firms that help a company to stock & move goods from points of origin to destinations
    • Marketing service agencies: Market research & consultancy firms, ad agencies & media firms that help a company target & promote to the right market
    financial intermediaries
    Financial intermediaries
    • Banks, credit companies, insurance companies and other businesses that help finance transactions or insure against buying & selling risks
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Publics
    • Customer Market
    • Business Market
    • Reseller Market
    • Institutional Markets
    • Government Markets
    • International Markets
    • To be successful a company must provide greater customer value & satisfaction than competitors
    • Marketers must do more than adapt to the needs of target customers
    • They must gain strategic advantage by positioning their offerings strongly against competitors
    • Any group that has an actual or potential interest in or on an organisations ability to achieve its objectives
    • Financial
    • Media
    • Governments
    • Citizen Action groups
    • Local, general & internal publics
    the macro environment
    The Macro-environment
    • Political
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Technological
    • Laws, government agencies & pressure groups that influence & limit various organisations & individuals in a given society
    • Legislation regulating business
    • Growth of public interest groups
    • Increased emphasis on Ethics & socially responsible actions
    • Factors that effect consumer buying power & spending patterns
    • Marketers need to be aware of predominant economic trends
    • E.G. Recession:- decrease in disposable income
    • Example???
    social cultural
    Social & cultural
    • Values that a society holds regarding age, demographic, attitudes & core beliefs
    • Shifts in cultural values ( in the last decade)
    • Institutes & other forces that affect society’s basic values, perceptions preferences & behaviours
    • The technological environment includes forces that create new technologies, new product & market opportunities
    business to business marketing
    Business to Business Marketing
    • B2B
    • Business that sells products or provides services to other businesses
    • The most common business-to-business markets are manufacturers, resellers, the government and non-profit institutions. Most businesses that fall into these categories do make some money off of a consumer base; however, the majority of their capital is made off of other businesses.
    • Business-to-business marketers promote goods and services that will help other companies run. Some of the things businesses produce for other businesses include equipment, components, raw materials, processing services and supplies.
    • Example: a direct mail marketing service
    business to consumer marketing
    Business to Consumer Marketing
    • B2C
    • A B2C business is one that provides products or services direct to the consumer
    • Example a window cleaning service