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Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5

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Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5. Technology stack Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition Oracle 9i Application Server 1.0.2 Developer 6i Domestic w/patch 5 pr latest patch set JInitiaor JDK (web-tier) 1.3 OJSP 1.1.2 JDBC

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Presentation Transcript
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 5
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Technology stack
    • Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle 9i Application Server 1.0.2
    • Developer 6i Domestic w/patch 5 pr latest patch set
    • JInitiaor
    • JDK (web-tier) 1.3
    • OJSP 1.1.2
    • JDBC
    • Client Library (RSF)
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 52
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Discrete Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack E
  • Process Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack F
  • Supply Chain Planning SuiteFamily Pack E
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 53
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Mobile Materials Management
    • Supports RF and PDA devices
    • Utilizes standard API’s, supports field level validation
    • User access/security controlled using functional security and responsibility access
    • Receiving transaction support
      • Receipt, inspect and delivery of material
      • Receipt of inventory and expense items
      • Receive purchase orders, internal requisitions, inter-organization transfers and customer returns
    • Inventory transaction support
      • Miscellaneous receipts / issues
      • Subinventory transfers
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 54
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
    • Move order subinventory transfers
    • Move order issues
    • Cycle count entry
    • Physical inventory entry
  • Shipping transactions
    • Pick confirmation
    • Ship confirmation
  • Inquiries
    • Item on hand & availability
    • Kanban inquiry
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 55
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Enhancements for Large Organization Structures
    • Organization Hierarchy Enhancements
      • Create any number of hierarchies to perform tasks within the structure.
    • Item – Organization Assignment
      • With a single submission of a concurrent request, assign an item, range of items, or category of items to all organizations in the selected hierarchy.
    • Global Transaction Purge
      • Purge transactions from closed periods in multiple organization.
    • Open / Close Period Enhancements
      • Open or closed periods for all organization within the specified hierarchy.
    • Transaction Open Interface Enhancements
      • Query records in the open interface for all organizations in the specified hierarchy.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 56
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Inventory Position View / Export
    • Query item on-hand balances for the specified hierarchy and see results in daily, weekly, or monthly time buckets. Also, drill down from parent to child organizations in the hierarchy.
  • Item Attribute Maintenance
    • A new form (Item Attribute Copy) allows you to examine item attributes across organizations in a hierarchy. Also, change item attributes in one or more organization.
  • Copy Organization
    • Copy an organization to a new organization, optionally selecting entities such as items, sub-inventories, departments, resources, BOMs, routings, WIP parameters and other setups via a new concurrent program.(Prerequisite: Copy Organization Interface table populated as a result of the Copy Organization Interface form.)
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 57
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Item Enhancements
    • Item Category Assignment Import
      • Import category assignments for items being imported using the Open Interface.
    • Webstore support
      • Declare whether an item can be financed or not via the Financed Item attribute.
    • Equipment Item Template
      • Assign an Equipment template (seed data) to equipment items.
    • Manufacturing Scheduling support
      • Inventory Carry Penalty Item attribute – specify the inventory carry penalty per day for jobs completed before their scheduled completion.
      • Operation Slack Penalty Item attribute – specify the operation slack penalty for items having time between operations.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 58
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.5
  • Cartonization Groups
    • An item may be assigned to many cartonization groups (category codes).
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 6
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.6
  • Technology stack
    • Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle 9i Application Server 1.0.2
    • Developer 6i Domestic w/patch 5 or latest patch set
    • JInitiaor
    • JDK (web-tier) 1.3
    • OJSP 1.1.2
    • JDBC
    • Client Library (RSF)
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 610
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.6
  • Discrete Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack F
  • Process Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack G
  • Supply Chain Planning SuiteFamily Pack F
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 611
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.6
  • Support for Oracle Process Manufacturing
    • Dual Control Item Attribute
      • Non-Dual – Inventory is stored in only one unit of measure
      • Fixed – Inventory is stored in Primary & secondary unit of measure. Enter the item quantity in one unit and the system converts and displays both quantities.
      • Default – Inventory is stored in Primary & Secondary UOM. Enter the item quantity in the primary UOM, system calculates secondary UOM quantity. Can change quantity in secondary UOM w/o changing quantity in primary UOM.
      • No Default – Inventory stored in Primary & Secondary UOM. Used when the default conversion between the two UOMs is not the same.The system dose not display the secondary UOM when you specify the primary UOM. Allows you to calculate and enter the secondary quantity before transacting. The secondary quantity can fluctuate from the default conversion by the factors specified in the Deviation+ and Deviation- fields.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 612
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.6
    • Secondary Unit of Measure Item Attribute
      • The secondary unit of measure if the item is Dual Controlled.
    • Deviation+ and Deviation- Item Attribute
      • Specify the acceptable deviations as a decimal value, defining a range of acceptability when either Fixed, Default, or No Default is chosen for the Dual Control Item attribute.
  • Support for iStore
    • Item Long Description
      • Enter long descriptions for an item, supported in multiple languages.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 613
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.6
  • Support for CRM applications(Service for Communications XNC, Oracle Contracts for Subscriptions OKB)
    • Contract Item Type
      • You can specify a contract item type such as Subscription, Service, Usage, Warranty and null. The Support Service flag will automatically be set if you select the value Subscription.
    • Subscription Dependency Flag
      • You can specify whether a subscription is dependent on a prerequisite grouping of parts or services. Available only if Service for Communications product is installed.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 7
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Technology stack
    • Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle 9i Application Server
    • Developer 6i Domestic w/patch 5 or latest patch set
    • JInitiaor
    • JDK (web-tier) 1.3.1_02
    • OJSP 1.1.2
    • JDBC
    • Client Library (RSF)
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 715
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Discrete Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack G
  • Process Manufacturing SuiteFamily Pack H
  • Supply Chain Planning SuiteFamily Pack G
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 716
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Purchase Order Reservations
    • You can now reserve material that is expected to be received from a purchase order or approved purchase requisition to a sale order or other demand source. The supply source on these reservations will be transferred to the on hand inventory when the material is received into inventory. You can query and cancel the reservations through the Inventory Reservations form. However, you can only create them for ATO items for a sales order or internal order has been created fulfilled by a PO through the auto-create requisition process.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 717
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Picking for Manufacturing
    • With Picking for Manufacturing, move orders will be created for all component requirements for discrete and lot based jobs, flow and repetitive schedules. Operation or assembly pull material can be excluded. The standard picking rules are used to tracking and transacting.
  • Changes made to the data model
    • To support consigned and process inventory in a future release
    • The view MTL_ONHAND_QANTITIES was created
    • The column QUANTITY was replaced by PRIMARY_QUANTITY
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 718
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
    • QUANTITY is defaulted into the TRANSACTION_QUANTITY
  • Mobile Receiving for Items w/o Item Setup
    • Oracle WMS can now receive against a purchase order items through RF devices even though no item was set up.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 719
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Configurable Barcode Delimiter for selected fields
    • Users can specify a character to serve as a delimiter between certain pairs of fields that are often bar coded together. The fields are: Item/Revision, Purchase Order Number/ Purchase Order Line, and Subinventory/Locator. The delimiter character will be interpreted as a carriage return, allowing a single scan to populate two different fields on the mobile device.
  • Oracle Process Manufacturing
    • Items can be Synchronized to specific Organization
      • For process-enabled organizations only, add or delete inventory organization associations
    • Inventory Close now a Concurrent Program
      • Now runs a preliminary or final close as a concurrent program. Review each step and display the individual warehouse results.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 720
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Warehouses with completed PORD document type transactions can be purged
  • Item Lot/Sub-lot Standard Conversion window has enhanced performance
    • Columns retrieved in the item LOV that are not needed for display of the item Lot/Sub-lot Standard Conversion window were removed.
  • Inventory Final Close Procedure has enhanced performance due to the addition of an index on ic_perd_bal
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 721
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Converted Quantities Transactions now calculate decimals properly
    • The Conversion UOM Type is now stored with full precision instead of the previous 12 decimal precision.
  • Pending Transactions can be deleted in closed Inventory periods
    • The transaction date validation of pending transactions is removed, and a new function is created to determine if the transaction date should be reset to the system date when the current transaction falls within a closed period.
  • Decimal Exceptions report available to identify residual decimal quantities
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 722
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Warehouse Inventory report displays accurate total quantity in the secondary UOM
    • The formula for calculating the quantity in the secondary UOM was modified, the report now displays the actual balance.
  • Current Programs for the Stock Locators and Inventory Organizations function without errors.
    • Two concurrent programs that synchronize the Stock Locators into OPM Locations and Inventory Organizations into OPM Warehouses complete w/o errors.
  • Cannot cancel an Inventory Transfer after purging transactions.
    • Released inventory transfers not yet received cannot be cancelled.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 723
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Physical Inventory
    • Tolerance Level Warning Message displays for appropriate situations
      • The warning message “Input is above tolerance level” displays only when the item quantity is greater than the frozen quantity.
    • Entry of Count Tolerance is no longer required for Inventory Counting
      • An entry in the Count Entries Tolerance field is no longer required. The Variance field is no longer restricted to an integer value.
    • Recount quantities can be entered w/o changing the Count Person
      • Enter a recount of a physical inventory on the Physical Count Entry window for the same Count Person and Cycle.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 724
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Lot Status and Grade fields display properly for Physical Count
    • When posting a physical count, the Lot Status and Grade fields are included in the processing. The fields also display properly in the Transaction Details window after making a Transaction Inquiry. Transactions the reverse another transaction now display the fields.
  • Zero Balances no longer display when Count Class is set to exclude them
    • Cycle counts no longer include zero balances when the Count Class is set to exclude them.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 725
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Inventory Optimization Reports (Supply Chain Intelligence)
    • Planned Service Level vs. Profit
    • Planned Service Level
    • Planned Cost Breakdown Summary
    • Planned Purchasing Cost
    • Planned Inventory Cost
    • Planned Gross Profit
  • Cumulative Demand Distribution
    • Specify demand uncertainty in terms of a cumulative probability distribution. New profile option MSR:Probability Distribution Type indicates whether demand variability is in terms of forecast set probabilities or forecast set cumulative probabilities.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 726
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
  • Enforce Sourcing Splits
    • Enforce sourcing percentages specified in sourcing rules and bills of distribution when making sourcing decisions disregarding cost considerations.
    • Specify a Sourcing Allocation Window in days to allow Inventory Optimization flexibility to trade off strict adherence to the allocation percentages in sourcing rules against more cost effective sourcing decisions.
    • Specify a global allocation percentages start date from which sourcing history is collected and accumulated for making sourcing decisions via the profile option MSC: Start Date Offset for Sourcing History.
inventory maintenance pack 11 5 727
Inventory Maintenance Pack 11.5.7
    • Specify a tolerance band for the difference between the user-specified allocation percentages and the plan-derived allocation percentages. If the difference is greater than the tolerance, an exception will be triggered.
    • Inter-Organization Allocations – allocations percentages are enforced or all sourcing types:
      • External supplies from suppliers
      • Transfer supplies from internal organizations
      • “Make” supplies within an organization
  • Item Purchase Price by supplier
    • During the inventory planning calculations, Inventory Optimization considers item purchase prices that vary by supplier site.
inventory maintenance packs
Inventory Maintenance Packs
  • General Information
    • For the most current information, it is best to download Maintenance Packs from MetaLink verses ordering the CDs.
    • Maintenance Packs 11.5.5, 11.5.6, and 11.5.7 can only be applied to an existing 11i environment. For 10.7 and 11x users, utilize the Rapid Install method instead.
    • Maintenance Pack
      • Family Packs
        • Mini Packs
          • Patches