top 10 doors designs by cdc n.
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Commercial Door - USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Door - USA

Commercial Door - USA

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Commercial Door - USA

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  1. Top 10 Doors Designs By CDC Roll -Up Doors Personnel Doors Overhead Doors Counter Weight Doors Side Sliding Doors Specialized Doors Grilles And Gates Loading Dock Equipment Residential Doors

  2. ROLL UP DOORS Roll-up doors come in many shapes, sizes, configurations, colors and materials.  All of these door types have rollers that roll in a track to open and close.

  3. PERSONNEL DOORS • As we all know locks found on most front doors Compton’s latest standard personnel doors will no longer have an outside handle and will be opened externally via a Yale type lock that controls a single locking point.  • Personnel doors come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

  4. OVERHEAD DOORS • Overhead door is a significant fraction in home or building and a system you reckoning on.  • Commercial Overhead Doors are available in a variety of configurations.

  5. COUNTER WEIGHT DOORS Counter weight doorsoffer easy vertical manual lift action.  Doors raise easy with weights on cables to compensate for the weight of the door.

  6. SIDE SLIDING DOORS Side sliding doors are often used in hotels, schools, and government buildings. Side sliding dividers can turn a large room into  multiple rooms for medium or small groups of people.

  7. SPECIALIZED DOORS The function of specialized doors determines the door’s appearance, operation and construction. There are many types of specialized doors that are used for different purposes.

  8. GRILLES AND GATES Grilles and Gates are available to accommodate many commercial applications for security purposes. All grilles are made of metal to provide a long functional life with durability and attractive eye appeal.

  9. LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT A loading dock equipments is a recessed bay in a building. They are commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings, and warehouses in particular.

  10. RESIDENTIAL DOORS With all the abuse a residential door get everyday from kids, pets and neighbors it’s important to select the right door for your home. Residential Doors are often more difficult to select and install than commercial doors.