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Overview of real estate development course PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of real estate development course

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Overview of real estate development course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The land advancement courses are proffered at both graduate and undergrad levels. They might be the piece of independent four year college education program in land Click here for the details…

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Overview of real estate development course

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XSam Ace Thomas Feb 27 ■ 2 min read

Overview of real estate development course

Important information

The real estate development courses are proffered at both graduate and undergraduate levels. They may be the part of standalone bachelor’s degree program in real estate or more commonly as the area of specialization in business administration program. The master’s degree programs specifically in the real estate development are available as well.

Concepts one would expect to discuss the real estate development courses include-Property investment • Real estate markets • Transactions • Ethics

• Urban development • Property analysis

Courses list

Real estate development principles course

The students analyze the real estate development training from various perspectives including as the investment, as the market, and as the business trend. They so consider the decision-making which includes costs, funding ad feasibility. Also, the class discusses the non-residential real estate, residential developments, and regional needs. The real estate project planning, construction, design, and financing are typically discussed.

Real estate valuation course

the class examines principles and theories used

The class examines principles and theories used to create realty valuation models.

They analyze the real estate assets, as well as prices, perform feasibility studies. The additional topics include development process valuation, market analysis techniques and the property value tools. The property analysis, property inspections and market comparisons are expected to be addressed.

Legal issues in realty development course

The course surveys the states, federal regulations and local affecting the realty development. Land use laws, leases, title, and partnerships are among topics covered in the course. Contract management is the aspect of the realty law covered in this type course.

Real estate capital markets course

The structure and instruments of capital markets in real estate are the focus of the course. The students do discuss the mortgage markets as well as the general capital markets, learning how the tools affect the financing new realty developments. Also, the curriculum discusses global real estate, realty investment trusts and the mortgage-backed securities.

Project management and construction course

The course develops students’ knowledge of the principles project management and the application of realty development. Students learn to generate project schedules, manage construction process and prepare the budget. The course assignments teach the construction vocabulary, construction technologies, and material selection.

Additional materials include negotiations, project safety, and architectural design.

Real Estate Development Real Estate Training

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