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Go Green To Save Money- Energy Efficient Buildings On Rising PowerPoint Presentation
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Go Green To Save Money- Energy Efficient Buildings On Rising

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Go Green To Save Money- Energy Efficient Buildings On Rising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are two prime interlinked factors that prompted high-vitality use by structures. The most important factor is developing a measure of aerating and cooling and the second is the higher entrance. Click here for the details… http://www.coldwellbanker.in/blogs/go-green-save-money-energy-efficient-buildings-rising

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Go Green To Save Money- Energy Efficient Buildings On Rising



InGreen Homes

There are two prime interlinked factors that led to high-energy use by buildings. The first and foremost factor is growing amount of air conditioning and the second is higher penetration of heat that comes from outside into building which eventually leads to demand for more air-conditioning. The factors do signal a matter of concern on how to design and construct the buildings to lessen the external heat.

The envelope of the building separates the exterior and interior environment of the building. It certainly works as the outer shell to help in maintaining the internal atmosphere as well as smoothen the climate control. But, sadly, in the country, building the envelopes has been hugely ignored. Little more focus on the functions can develop the greater building the structure in India.

It is being estimated that more than next few decades the building sector will certainly witness the unprecedented growth. Also, fast-paced growth of building stock will definitely result in increased demand for energy in the coming years. Presently, the new commercial buildings consume over 200 kWh per square meter annually, but most energy-efficient buildings in the country itself consume less than 100 kWh per square meter in a year. Thus, there is a huge possibility of introducing the energy efficient involvements. We require realizing the essential fact and understanding the usage of the energy efficient building before it actually gets late.

Introduction of Energy Conservation Building Codes by the government in 2007 is definitely a concrete step to minimize the consumption of energy in the commercial buildings. States such as Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Union Territory of Puducherry and Karnataka have notified the code.

Once a commercial building has been constructed, it becomes difficult for any kind of reconstruction. These are a lock-in for a specific time period which is at least 40-50 years. A similar thing applies in the housing buildings as well. If the energy efficient procedures are actually not taking in the construction or the initial stage then retrofitting these at the end stage is not economically feasible.

Also, there are long-term advantages in installing the energy efficient methods in the building envelopes. Let's see the prime advantages of adopting these:

• Cost saving

• Makes one breathe in cleaner air

• Balances the exterior and interior climate

• Minimizes the use of air-conditioning

• Energy saved by building the envelopes which can be used for the alternative energy resources

In the past, there has been the constant progress in the energy efficient building measures. A number of the energy efficient buildings witnessing growing through numerous measures. This measure includes better design for building inclusion of the onsite generation energy as well as the net energy metering. The measures to reduce energy level by 50% leads to a cleaner environment.

previously buildings were designed naturally

Previously, buildings were designed naturally, incorporating the climate-responsive architecture. Higher ceilings and huge thermal mass walls can actually be seen in past building constructions. But today, due to compact construction, the features seem unrealistic. Therefore, applying the energy efficient building measures becomes crucial to provide economical and greener buildings.

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