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ancestral property will

ancestral property will

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ancestral property will

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  2. Ingeneralterms,anancestralpropertyis apropertyorthelandparcelthatbelongedtoone’s ancestors. However, a resident in Mumbai is pretty doubtful whether he will be getting his shareoftheancestralproperty, afarmlandthatwasboughtbyhisgrandfather.Now,hisfather isplanningtoselloffthelandwithouthisconsent.Whatexactlyaretheoptionstoreclaimthe share? • As per the law, the properties can be classified into two- an ancestral property and the self- acquiredproperty.Theancestralpropertyis,infact,theself-acquiredaswellastheundivided property of the grandfather ofa person. • Hereisa listofessentialfactspertainingtotherightstosecuretheshareintheancestral property- • What is an ancestralproperty? • Legally,anancestralpropertyistheonewhichisactuallyinheritedupto4generationsofthe male lineage. The right to share the ancestral property accrues by birth itself, unlike other formsoftheinheritance,wherethelegacyopensuponthedeathoftheowner. • Theshareoffatherandsoninancestralproperty • Thefatherwhoisthecurrentowneroftheancestralproperty,aswellashisson,hasequal ownershiprightsoverproperty.Theshare,however,ofeachgenerationwhichincludesthe fatherandhissiblingsisdecidedfirstafterwhichsuccessivegenerationshavetosubdivide portions that are inherited from the correspondingpredecessor. • Theshareofsonsanddaughtersintheancestralproperty • DelhiHighCourthadruledin201thattheadultsonhadnolegalclaimontheparents’self- acquired property. Where the house is a self-acquired house of parents, a son, whether unmarriedormarried,hasnolegalrighttoresideinthathouseandcanresideinthathouse onlyatmercyofparentsuptothetimetheparentsallow. • Oncetheancestralpropertyispartitionedbetweenthefamilymembers,itwouldceasetothe ancestral property. The father has the choice to not will-out the self-acquired property to his son.Thisisn’tvalidinthecaseoftheancestralproperties. • The Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005 confers the status of the coparcener on the daughter giving them equal rights with the son on the ancestral property. Only the male membersofthefamilywerecoparcenersbeforetheamendmentwhichhasmodifiedSection- 6 of original Hindu Succession Act 1956 that didn’t mention the rights of the daughters in coparcenaryproperty. • Some facts about the ancestralproperties • Therighttosharetheancestralpropertycomesbybirth • Propertiesofpaternalancestorscan’tbesoldwithouttheconsentofsuccessors.Itcan, however,bereclaimedbyfilingthesuitforpartitioninthecourt • Coparcenersincludingthedaughterscanlookforpartitionandsaleoftheancestralhome and secure his or hershare • Thepropertyisregardedastheancestralpropertyprovideditisn’t dividedbymembersof the Joint HinduFamily • Similarly,iftheshareisdeniedyoucancertainlysendlegalnoticedemandingtherights • Thepropertiesacquiredfromthematernalsidedoesn’tqualifytobetheancestralproperty Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDFAPI PDFCROWD

  3. Oncetheinheritedpropertyispartitioned,thereceivedsharebyeachcoparcenerbecomes her or his self-acquiredproperty • Theheadoftheundividedfamilyhasthepowertomanagefamilyassetsunderthelaw.But whenitcomestotherightsandownershipoftheancestralproperty,eachofthecoparceners is entitled to getting theshare • Thus,asperthe law,thesoncanclaimovertheancestralpropertyandaskforhisshare,no matter,whetherthefatherissellingoffthepropertyornot.      PREV ARTICLE NEXT ARTICLE Comments Thereis0commenton"Howcanoneclaimtotheancestralproperty". Submit AComment yourcomment... Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDFAPI PDFCROWD

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