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Scouts with DisABILITIES

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Scouts with DisABILITIES. Alternate Advancement Requirements. Cherokee District NE Georgia Council. Perspective . Quality of Life. of a youth with a disability. The power of belonging. Character Development To build self-reliance, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect

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scouts with disabilities
Scouts with DisABILITIES

Alternate Advancement Requirements

Cherokee District

NE Georgia Council


Quality of Life

of a youth with a disability

The power of belonging

mission aims
Character Development

To build self-reliance, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect


To foster love of community, country and world, along with a commitment of service to others and an understanding of democratic principles.

Personal Fitness

To develop social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and physical health that will stay with a Scout for the rest of his life.

It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people, and in other ways to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential. The values we strive to instill are found in the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

Mission Aims

Scouting is A Values Based Program

rules regulations
Rules & Regulations

Scouting is for all boys……

Clause 20, Article XI, Section 32


Scouting has had fully participating members with physical, mental and emotional disabilities since it’s founding in 1910

The first Chief Scout Executive, James E. West, had a disability


Building confidence through measurement

  • Self confidence is developed by measuring up to a challenge or a standard
  • Peer confidence develops when the same measuring system is used for everyone - when all must meet the same challenge to receive equal recognition
  • Confidence in leaders comes about when there is consistency in measuring - when leaders use a single standard of fairness


On my Honor….

….I will do MY BEST

what is a disability
What is a Disability?
  • physical or mental
  • permanentrather than temporary
  • statement by a licensed physician
  • statement by an educational administrator
  • cannot complete the requirement(s)
what is a disability9
Attention Deficit


Cerebral palsy

Developmental disability

Down’s syndrome

Emotional disability

Learning disability

Mental retardation

Multiple sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy

Physical disability

Hearing impairment


Speech/language disorders

Spinal cord injuries

Traumatic brain injury

Visual impairment

What is a Disability?

Specialized Troops




How we react to a person with disabilities


Over protective parents

Disinterested parents


Activities in which the Scout can not participate


Individualized Game Plans


Encourage Advancement



Pre-joining Conference

Define abilities/limitations


Attend meetings



Living skills


Emergency procedures




Visiting nurses



Physical therapists



Older Scouts


A Scoutmaster’s Guide to Working with Scouts with DisABILITIES

BSA Publication



Scouting for Youth with Physical Disabilities (WW33057B)

Scouting for Youth with Emotional Disabilities (WW32998A)

Scouting for the Learning Disabled (WW33065A)

Scouting for the Hearing Impaired (WW33061A)

Scouting for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WW33063A)


Handbooks in Braille and on cassette

Closed caption videotapes

Merit badge books on cassette

Special Needs Library of Northeast Georgia

Athens-Clarke County Regional Library

Athens, Georgia

advancement guidance
Advancement Guidance

Common Sense

Alternate Requirements


Membership beyond the normal age

Determined at unit level

Approved at Council level

Personal Health and Medical Record Form

cub scouts
Cub Scouts

Advancement requirements should not be watered down or eliminated for boys with disabilities

The standard for every boy is “Has he done his best?”

cub scouts25
Cub Scouts

May be given permission by the Cubmaster and Pack committee to substitute electives for a few of the achievement requirements that are beyond his capabilities.

It is best to include the parents in this process of determining substitutions since they are most familiar with their son’s abilities.

tenderfoot second class and first class ranks
Tenderfoot, Second Class,and First Class Ranks
  • written request to Council advancement committee
  • explain the suggested alternate requirements in sufficient detail so as to allow the advancement committee to make a decision
  • submitted to and approved by the local council prior to completing alternate requirements.
tenderfoot second class and first class ranks27
Tenderfoot, Second Class,and First Class Ranks
  • complete as many of the regular requirements as his ability permits before applying for alternate requirements
  • alternate requirements as demanding of effort as the regular requirements
  • alternate requirements involving physical activity must be approved by physician
tenderfoot second class and first class ranks28
Tenderfoot, Second Class,and First Class Ranks
  • unit leader and board of review must explain that a candidate is expected to do his best in developing himself to the limit of his resources
  • decision of the council advancement committee should be recorded and delivered to the Scout and his leader
  • (NOTE: The substitution of "trip" for "hike" in the footnote to Second Class requirement 1b does NOT require the procedure listed above. That substitution may be permitted by the unit leaders based on their understanding of the Scout's physical condition. )
eagle scout rank
Eagle Scout Rank

May be achieved by a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified* Venturer who has a physical or mental disability by qualifying for alternate merit badges.

This does not apply to individual requirements for merit badges. Merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated.

*must have achieved the First Class rank as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout.

eagle scout rank30
Eagle Scout Rank

The candidate must earn as many of the required merit badges as his ability permits before applying for an alternate Eagle Scout merit badge.

The candidate must complete as many of the requirements of the required merit badges as his ability permits

eagle scout rank31
Eagle Scout Rank

The Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Merit Badges must be completed prior to qualifying for alternate merit badges.

The alternate merit badges chosen must be of such a nature that they are as demanding of effort as the required merit badges.

eagle scout rank33
Eagle Scout Rank

When alternates chosen involve physical activity, they must be approved by the physician.

The unit leader and the board of review must explain that to attain the Eagle Scout rank a candidate is expected to do his best in developing himself to the limit of his resources.

eagle scout rank34
Eagle Scout Rank

The application must be approved by the council committee responsible for advancement, utilizing the expertise of professional persons involved in Scouting for the disabled.

The candidate's application for Eagle must be made on the Eagle Scout Rank Application, with the Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Award Merit Badges attached.

varsity scouts
Varsity Scouts

Varsity Scouts follow the same advancement policies as Boy Scouts

venturing sea scouting
Venturing/Sea Scouting

Alternate requirements for Venturing/Sea Scout advancement can be determined at the unit level

Charles Holmes & Brad Harris, BSA National

venturing sea scouting37
Venturing/Sea Scouting

Can earn Eagle if they earned First Class in a Boy Scout or Varsity unit

Alternate merit badge requirements used for Boy Scouts apply


Scouting is for all boys……