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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology Viterbi School of Engineering & Keck School of Medicine of USC University of Southern California. Today ’ s Program. The University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering & Keck School of Medicine

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Wireless Health Technology Viterbi School of Engineering & Keck School of Medicine of USC University of Southern California

    2. Today’s Program • The University of Southern California • Viterbi School of Engineering & Keck School of Medicine • Master of Science in EE – Wireless Health Technology • Program Overview • Application Criteria • Graduation Requirements • Internship/Practicum • Q&A

    3. The University of Southern California • Oldest private university in western U.S. – founded in 1880 • 37,000 students: 17,500 undergrads; 19,500 graduates • 3,300 full-time faculty • Draws students from all 50 states and 110 countries • Located in Los Angeles

    4. USC Engineering: Points of Distinction • International Reputation for Excellence • World-Class Faculty and Research • The Trojan Family Network – 233,000 strong! • Unique engineering programs available online, on-site & on-campus • Complete Range of Programs • Master’s Degrees • Graduate Certificates • Short Courses • Customized Programs

    5. The Keck School of Medicine of USC • Exciting Transformation (keeping in step with the rapidly changing worlds of medicine and biomedical research) • In the coming decade, Keck School leaders expect the School to move into the top 10 medical schools in the nation • The School’s research enterprise is expanding substantially • Continued pursuit of excellence in education and patient care missions

    6. What is Wireless Health Technology (WHT) and Why Should We Care • WHT sits at the interface of medicine, communication, and information technology. • Healthcare accounts for 16% of GDP: ballooning costs. • WHT has the potential of significantly reducing healthcare costs. • Can make healthcare better and more efficient. • There is a huge market waiting to be developed, and companies are moving in.

    7. Healthcare in the U.S. Healthcare accounts for 16% of GDP in U.S. and still rising

    8. Examples for wireless health systems Wireless technology helps for • Continuous patient monitoring • Disease prevention • Treatment of chronic diseases • Diagnostics • Wireless nano-devices • Novel scanning/imaging methods • Treatment • Wirelessly controlled implants

    9. Wireless Health Monitoring • iPhone Heart Monitor uses the inbuilt microphone on your iPhone 3G or headphone microphone to listen to and detect your heart beats • It can be used to find your resting heart rate (a good measure of fitness), track how your heart rate changes and check your heart rate immediately after training • Monitoring can combat chronic diseases

    10. Wireless Diagnostic Methods • New signaling technology can be embedded into drug tablets • Swallowed pill transmits information from within the body • Device signals a cell phone or laptop that the pill has been ingested, in turn informing doctors or family members • When a patient takes the pill, it communicates with the second main element of the system – a small electronic device carried or worn by the patient

    11. Wireless Diagnostic Methods • Mammography limitations have resulted in research into alternative breast cancer imaging methods • New technology – detection using symmetrical antenna array • Microwave radar-based imaging has attracted the interest of research groups around the world

    12. Wireless Health Technology: Research and Development Landscape

    13. Figure 1: KNOWME NETWORKS USC’s KNOWME Network • Multimodal wireless body area sensor network • Accelerometry, ECG, pulse oximetry, GPS, etc. • N95 cell phone performs physical activity detection • Biometric sensor data also transmitted to a server for access by health professionals/stakeholders • Validated in free-living conditions • Interdisciplinary research team • Signal processing, wireless communications, mobile phone design, preventive health, robotics

    14. Mobile Health Investments Small But Skyrocketing Hear that? It’s the sound of tens of millions of dollars flowing into mobile health. In July alone we reported on $138 million in investment deals, which included a whopping $61 million for ClearPractice’s parent company, $35 million for a sleep device maker, and a $25 million investment promised by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong in his new joint venture with Toumaz. Most investments, of course, were still only about a couple million in size. During the past three days, we’ve also seen two important investment deals for August: $50 million for appointment setting app ZocDoc and $3 million for iPhoneECG developer AliveCor. From an article by Brian Dolan in MobiHealth News

    15. Popularity (2013) A quick Google search finds the following: • Wireless Health (531,000,000 hits) • Wireless Health Technology (176,000,000 hits) • Mobile Health Technology (1,100,000,000 hits) • Wireless Health Technology Conf. 2012 (3,890,000 hits) and conferences listed on the first page • Wireless Health 2012: • Medicine 2.0 (2013 London UK) • Connected Health Symposium • MobiHealth 2011

    16. Popularity (2012-2013) • Wireless Health 2013 (John Hopkins University, Nov. 2013) • mHealth Summit • Articles in the popular/scientific press • IEEE Spectrum • New York Times • Investment advising firms • Scientific American • Emerging academic research

    17. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Wireless Health Technology • New program offered jointly by the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the Viterbi School of Engineering • Enables students to become innovators in applying wireless technology to meet the most pressing needs of today’s healthcare industry • Companies such as Qualcomm, Siemens, 3M, Medtronics, are all involved in producing wireless health devices

    18. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Wireless Health Technology • Computer simulation techniques, anatomical modeling, and microscopes, enables students to communicate from an informed perspective with the physicians and scientists • Integrated experiential learning (internship) exposing students to real world environments where innovative new technology is needed most • With guidance and instruction from experts of two disparate disciplines, graduates will be equipped to revolutionize new ways to collect and transmit health data and to develop safe, reliable and cost-effective wireless health devices

    19. Meet the Program Directors Giuseppe Caire • BSEE and PhD from Politecnico di Torino (Italy) • MSEE from Princeton University • Currently professor of EE with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering • Professor Caire was elected Fellow of IEEE in 2005 • Past president of the IEEE Information Theory Society • His main research interests are communications theory, informa-tion theory, channel and source coding with a focus on wireless communications and wireless networks

    20. Meet the Program Directors Andreas Molisch • Professor of Electrical Engineering • Received the Dipl. Ing., Dr. techn., and habilitation degrees from the Technical University Vienna (Austria) in 1990, 1994, and 1999, respectively  • Internationally noted researcher in wireless technologies • Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi-neers (IEEE), a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

    21. Meet the Program Directors Ellie Nezami • MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston • PhD in Clinical Psychology and post-doctoral fellowship from the University of Southern California • Directs undergraduate program in Global Health and is co-director of the MS in Global Medicine program • Currently serves as Associate Dean for Under- graduate, Masters and Professional Programs at the Keck School of Medicine of USC • Her research examines determinants of behavioral risk factors for chronic diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular disease

    22. Prerequisites and General Information • Background in linear algebra and probability • General background in calculus, signals & systems and Fourier Analysis • Proficiency in C/C++ programming • Admitted students who do not meet the prerequisites will be assigned deficiency courses • for details

    23. Program Overview – Required Courses • 20 units – 6 courses • Introduction to Computer Networks (EE450, 3U) • Wireless and Mobile Networks Design and Laboratory (EE579, 3U) • Health Technology Internship (MEDS 597a, 2U) • Foundation of Medicine (MEDS 530a/b/c 12U): • Anatomy • Physiology • Pathology

    24. Program Overview – Elective Courses • 6-7 units – Approved Electives in ENGINEERING • Examples: • EE 503| Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers (4 units) • EE 562a | Random Processes in Engineering (3 units) • EE 559 | Mathematical Pattern Recognition (3 units) • EE 564 | Communication Theory (3 units) • EE 565a | Information Theory (3 units) • EE 519 | Speech Recognition and Processing for Multimedia (3 units) • CSCI 534 | Affective Computing (3 units) • CSCI 545 | Robotics (3 units) • CSCI 561 | Foundation of Artificial Intelligence (3 units) • CSCI 567 | Machine Learning (3 units) • BME 502 | Advanced Studies of the Nervous System (3 units) • BME 504 | Neuromuscular Systems (3 units) • BME 551 | Introduction to Bio-MEMS and Nanotechnology (3 units) • BME 552 | Neural Implant Engineering (3 units) • BME 575 | Computational Neuroengineering (3 units)

    25. Program Overview – Elective Courses • 4 units – Approved Electives in Medical/Health • MEDS 500 | Basic Concepts in Global Health (4 units) • MEDS 501 | Critical Issues in Global Health (4 units) • MEDS 502 | Global Epidemiology of Diseases and Risk Factors (4 units)

    26. Internship (example)

    27. Internship (example)

    28. Sample course planner

    29. CONTACT USC Viterbi School of Engineering Giuseppe Caire / 213.740.4683 Andreas Molisch 213.740.4670 Keck School of Medicine of USC Ellie Nezami / 213.821.1600