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Tasks, Abilities, and Term Projects

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Tasks, Abilities, and Term Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tasks, Abilities, and Term Projects. Paul Cohen. But first...Names!. Emily Oliver Curious George ... Come on, people! . What we want. Define a handful of tasks, each of which requires multiple abilities. Each ability is used for more than one task

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but first names
But first...Names!
  • Emily
  • Oliver
  • Curious George
  • ...
  • Come on, people!
what we want
What we want

Define a handful of tasks, each of which requires multiple abilities.

Each ability is used for more than one task

Each task requires more that one ability

The outputs of some abilities are the inputs of others

Each team works on one ability (or a small number) but exercises it in all tasks

  • Meet and Greet
  • Turntaking games
  • Tidying up
  • Whazzat (Wubble World)
meet and greet
Meet and Greet
  • Amr Gaber’s idea:
    • Robot sits somewhere public, greets people, learns to recognize them and their names, learns to recognize moods and attitudes, learns social conventions re chatting...
  • Examples
    • What to say to someone you do/don’t recognize
    • What to say when two people are talking to each other
    • What to say when people are hanging around/walking fast

“Hi Paul, nice to see you again. How’s Carole? I remember you were in the lab last thursday with Cody. He is here a lot. Sometimes I think he sleeps here. ...”

“Hi Ian, I see you are talking with someone and don’t want to interrupt, but could you introduce me to your friend?”

turntaking games
Turntaking Games

Peekaboo !

Pattycake !

wubble world
Wubble World

Work with Daniel Hewlett and Wesley Kerr

Wubble and room design by Teresa Dey

how wubbles learn the meanings of words
How Wubbles Learn the Meanings of Words

"Go to the blue cylinder"

1. parse



the blue cylinder

3. score correspondences between retrieved representation and scene

2. retrieve a semantic representation of a word or phrase

5. given positive feedback, update semantic representation

4. act or ask

assignment for next week
Assignment for Next Week
  • Break into groups for the four tasks (we’ll organize around abilities later)
  • Storyboard a few minutes in the life of the robot doing the task
  • Make a refined list of abilities
  • Search for off-the-shelf software for these abilities in ROS and online. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4,
  • Pay attention to glue: concepts and control
  • Write and present a 15-minute dissertation on all of the above