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My Indian Life

My Indian Life. By Izzat. Journal Entry #1. Hi my name is Bodaway meaning fire maker I am part of the Mohawk tribe My family and I live in the Eastern Wood Plains THIS IS MY STORY … . Journal Entry #1. Housing- People in my tribe live in homes called longhouses.

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My Indian Life

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  1. My Indian Life By Izzat

  2. Journal Entry #1 Hi my name is Bodaway meaning fire maker I am part of the Mohawk tribe My family and I live in the Eastern Wood Plains THIS IS MY STORY…

  3. Journal Entry #1 Housing- People in my tribe live in homes called longhouses. We make houses out of wood and elm bark. The longhouses could be 100 feet long.

  4. Journal Entry #1 Clothing- In my tribe we men wore leggings and breechcloth while the women wore wraparound skirts and short leggings. Also we men wore traditional headdresses with three eagle feathers. We also used beads, trading cloth and other things.

  5. Journal Entry #1 Food- I know this sounds kind of freaky but we Mohawks believe that our ancestors ate the enemies that they killed so we’re going to try it. Ugh that was disgusting. How did they eat this stuff! I’m going back to the deer meat , elk, fish, corn, beans, and squash.

  6. Journal Entry #1 Tribes characteristics-   SWOOSH! That was my arrow hitting a deer. I was with my neighbor. “Nice shot Kanien ‘Kehake”. That is what he called me because we Mohawks were also known as Kanien ‘Kehake. Then we heard screaming. WAR we both thought but we knew our warriors were fierce in battle. After the battle we found out we had won. That night my whole tribe gathered around the campfire and we listened to people play flutes, drums, and other instruments.

  7. Journal Entry #2 Geography- We live in flat lands so we have a lot of space to practice hunting. I saw a buffalo herd and I was going to get it. Aim and FIRE! I had released my arrow and hit the buffalo right in the eye! Then I saw it running toward me and I ran shooting my arrows. Good thing the land was flat or I probably would have been dead by now. As I shot my last arrow I got him! Now I just had to go get it. But I couldn’t. the grass was too tall I couldn’t see where the buffalo had fell. I’ll get it later.

  8. Journal Entry #2 Geography- I’m starving. Mom picked some berries and grew some corn, beans, and squash. I also caught some buffalo so we’re going to have a good dinner.

  9. Journal Entry #2 Geography- RRRRIIIIPPPP!! We had planted some corn, beans, and squash and I was helping mom pull them up. I wished I was on the berries job with my sister. All she had to do was pick the right berries. She could pick any kind she wanted: blackberries, blueberries. Any kind and I’m stuck here pulling up crops. At least I get to hunt deer and elk later.

  10. Journal Entry #3 Weather- Lately it’s been very hot and we haven’t gotten any rain. I have had to go sit under the trees in the forest because it was so hot. I know it’s summer and all but I think that it shouldn’t be this hot.

  11. Journal Entry #3 Weather- The heat has become so severe that all the animals are fleeing and the plants are dying. Since the heat is so bad my instructor has ordered us not to go hunting and to just rest. I felt my heart break as those words came out of his mouth because I was looking forward to catching 7 deer and 8 elk. I knew that things were about to get ugly between my instructor and I…

  12. Reflection A lot of things happened that day. Things that shall never be spoken. Well see you next time. Bye.

  13. Reflection Life for my tribe won’t be so good because their food source has moved and if it continues to get hotter then they won’t be able to grow any crops so they’ll die from starvation.

  14. Reflection The biggest threat to my tribe is their scarcity of food because if they don’t find food fast they’re going to die. The tone of my diary is exciting and happy because of all of my accomplishments. But the tone is also sad and upset because after all of that everything that my tribe had worked for is gone.

  15. Reflection The weather has affected my tribe greatly because the heat was too much for the animals so they had to go away. Now it is so hot that they won’t be able to grow crops. But because they live in flat lands and near the forest I think they might be able to survive a little bit longer. By hiding in the shade of the trees.

  16. Reflection I personally think that this project went very well. I think this because I worked very hard and I took my time to make it neat. The part of this project I mostly enjoyed was making and setting up this power point because it was electronic and the fact of making the power point made me happy. I think I did great on this project because hard work pays off and I worked hard and I feel confident about my power point. If I were to give myself a grade I would give myself an A because I kept working no matter what came at me, I tried my best, I worked hard and I had fun. So I would give my self an A. thank you for your time and service. THE END

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