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Electricians in Horsham PowerPoint Presentation
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Electricians in Horsham

Electricians in Horsham

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Electricians in Horsham

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  1. WELCOME S. Cato Electrical ServicesTelephone: 01403 267 887Telephone: 07852 903 870Email: NapitTelephone: 0845 543 0330TrustmarkTelephone: 0870 163 7373

  2. How to start a career as an Electrician Electricity is an integral part of our life. It is impossible to live without electricity in todays day and age. Our life line practically runs on electricity, if there is a problem with electrical wiring or socket in our home we are desperately looking at measures to get it fixed. Only a qualified electrician is capable to deal with electrical appliances or electrical wiring in our home. Let us get to know more about the electrician jobs and know how important they are in the smooth running of our day to day life. Job Profile of an Electrician Electricians can work in multiple fields. Electricians can pursue their careers as on call electricians who can attend to any household electrical works like, installing, wiring, testing, repairing faulty lines and much more. They can also take up an electrical contract with construction companies to install wiring and look after all the electrical requirements in residential as well as commercial buildings. They work in collaboration with engineers, industrial maintenance group and technicians while installing complex electrical wiring in commercial building.

  3. They are not just limited for electrical wiring but are an important resource while fixing telephone cables, computer wiring to intricate wiring system in Industrial sheds using the right tool and equipment. They are qualified to read and implement an electrical blueprint for wiring in any new building during construction . Pros and Cons of an Electrician Job Electrician job is not anyone’s cup of tea. They are no less than stuntmens, giving the amount of risk involved in their job. They are high chances of accidents in an electricians job like electric shocks, falling from a ladder and much more. However precautions are adequately taken to prevent such accidents but they always need to be prepared for any eventualities. Keeping apart the risk factor an electrician job can be a dream job. Their careers are free from recession as there would be construction going on irrespective of where the economy is heading, there would be some electrical problem in homes irrespective of time or place. Electricians can also take up contract to maintain electrical fittings and wiring in commercial building and that could give them a life long source of money. So electricians would always be at work no matter unlike bankers or IT professionals.

  4. Electrician Course for a recession proof career If you are thinking of earning a professional degree to be a qualified electrician, believe me this could be the best decision of your life. A career wherein you get to learn a number of things and enhance your knowledge with excellent remunerations and most importantly a secured career. There are various institutes that offer diploma, certificate and associate degree in Electrician. This would qualify you to take up jobs of electrician and start up your career. You can further upgrade to bachelor degree for better career prospects. There are a number of institutes that offer part time or online programs for students who cannot spend time attending a full time program. If you are busy taking care of family commitments you can consider an online degree as the right stepping stone for a successful career.

  5. THANK YOU S. Cato Electrical ServicesTelephone: 01403 267 887Telephone: 07852 903 870Email: NapitTelephone: 0845 543 0330TrustmarkTelephone: 0870 163 7373