11 th grade graduation project by greg goldinger n.
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11 th Grade Graduation Project By: Greg Goldinger PowerPoint Presentation
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11 th Grade Graduation Project By: Greg Goldinger

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11 th Grade Graduation Project By: Greg Goldinger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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11 th Grade Graduation Project By: Greg Goldinger. Occupation Research. Military- United States Marine Corp. Nature of Work. You are assigned a occupational career for enlisted and officers. Operations in combat and national defense for your country.

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11 th Grade Graduation Project By: Greg Goldinger

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occupation research
Occupation Research
  • Military- United

States Marine Corp

nature of work
Nature of Work
  • You are assigned a occupational career for enlisted and officers.
  • Operations in combat and national defense for your country.
  • Being part of a team that relies on each other to complete the mission on hand.
  • Educational, mental, and physical training for the officers and the enlisted marines.
  • Willing to die for his country’s freedom.
education and training
Education and Training
  • High school diploma for enlisted
  • The first training you get is the basics or boot camp then you go to your MOS (military occupational specialty.)
  • Officers have to have, or are working on at least a bachelors degree.
  • Enlisted marines get to have a chance at going to college after your contract is up
  • Your education and training depends on what branch you are enlisting in.
other qualifications
Other Qualifications

You must be at least 17 years of age to enlist with a parent signature.

Must qualify on the ASVAB (military test) for the military job you want.

You must have a high school diploma for enlistment.

You must have proof of legal residency.

You have to have a physical examination.

job outlook
Job Outlook
  • 165,000 people must be recruited yearly.
  • The last draft was in 1973 and we might have to do it again if there is a major conflict.
  • The jobs would increase for the marine corps if the U.S. got involved in a major conflict.
  • With modern technology there will be a need for recruits with the smarts to run the high tech equipment.
  • Military jobs are increasing as the economy is getting bad.
potential earnings
Potential Earnings
  • Your pay is based on your rank.
  • After 20 years you receive full retirement and a pension.
  • An E-2 (private first class) earns $ 1,671.30 a month that’s for 2 or less years.
  • An O-4 ( major) earns $4,289.40 a month for 2 or less years in the corps.
  • A O-10 ( general ) earns $15647.10 a month for over 20 years in the corps.
related occupations
Related Occupations
  • Law enforcement
  • Computers and technology
  • Medical fields
  • if your pilot you can fly planes & helicopters when your out of the corps
  • the marines have over 500 jobs that are in the corps that relate to civilian jobs
dad s occupation
Dad’s Occupation
  • Heavy equipment operator
nature of work1
Nature of work
  • You have to work in all types of weather
  • You are exposed to dangerous and/or toxic substances
  • It can be stressful at times when things are not going smooth
  • It is physically strenuous and demanding job
  • Lifting and pulling and maintaining equipment and objects
education and training1
Education and Training

Knowledge of equipment and safety rules

Apprenticeship or college program on heavy equipment programs

Hands-on training

Safety classes covering OSHA ( Occupational Health and Safety Administration )

Equipment maintenance

other qualifications1
Other Qualifications

Having a CDL (Commercial Drivers Licensed)

Work with limited supervision

High school diploma or equivalent

Ability to unload and load heavy equipment

3-5 years of work related experiences

job outlook1

Job Outlook

424,000 in existence nationwide

8 percent job growth from 2006 to 2016

Number of job seekers will match the number of job openings

The retirement rate will be below average

The employment growth rate will likely be average. however, the funding of major construction projects such as public infrastructure should create job openings.

potential earnings1

Potential earnings

$19.20 for highway, street and bridge per hour

$15.20 for local government employment

Average people earn anywhere from $10.98 to $23

The yearly salary for the middle class is anywhere from $31,220 to $53,690

The highest 10% is making on average of $70,040

related occupations1

Related Occupations

Logging machine operator

Crane operators

Public works maintenance equipment operators

Material handlers

Supervisors in mining and quarrying

work citied page
Work citied page