d monte carlo and data production
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DØ Monte Carlo (and Data) Production

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DØ Monte Carlo (and Data) Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DØ Monte Carlo (and Data) Production. Boaz Klima Fermilab Transatlantic Networking Committee Meeting Apr. 18, 2001. DØ MC Products. DØGSTAR – full detailed detector simulation (output – hits and generator info)

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d monte carlo and data production

DØ Monte Carlo (and Data) Production

Boaz Klima


Transatlantic Networking

Committee Meeting

Apr. 18, 2001

d mc products
DØ MC Products
  • DØGSTAR – full detailed detector simulation (output – hits and generator info)
  • DØSIM – digitization, raw data, trigger info (output – digi hits, trig/raw chunks)
  • DØRECO – reconstruction (output – tracks, objects, particles); also used for data…
  • DØRECO_ANALYZE – algorithms’ analysis package (output – ROOT-tuple with particles’ info)
  • DØTRIGSIM – L1/2/3 trigger simulation (output – ROOT-tuple with trigger info)

Boaz Klima

d mc products cont
DØ MC Products (cont.)
  • “Average” CPU/event (750MHz PC) and event size for L~1E32 (2.5 additional minbias events)

(depends on event type and generator)

    • DØGSTAR – ~1min and ~1-2MB
    • DØSIM – ~.5 min and ~.6-2MB (.3MB w/o digi)

(Combination with more details and lower cutoffs [cutneu] for evolution as fast as showerlib [fast!] in Run 1 !)

    • DØRECO – ~1min; 1MB(depends on what’s written out).
    • RECO_ANALYZE - ~5 sec and ~10Kb.
    • DØTRIGSIM – ~15 sec and ~10Kb.
    • Entire chain - ~ 2-3 min

Boaz Klima

d data storage
DØ Data Storage

User & Admin.


(API and GUI)

Station F





Station A

Station E




Project Master

DB and





Mass Storage



Global Optimizer



Station D

Station B



Station C

  • Data Interface via SAM/ENSTORE model

Boaz Klima

d data processing
DØ Data Processing
  • Run 2 began on Mar. 1, 2001!
  • Will we have enough CPU power at Fermilab to keep up with data processing? (currently 200 processors)

Boaz Klima

d data samples
DØ Data Samples
  • Store Data of different sizes:
  • TMB for basic analysis and event selection.
  • DST contains enough info for almost all analyses.
  • STA mainly for debugging purposes.

Boaz Klima

d monte carlo production
DØ Monte Carlo Production
  • Planto generate ALL MC events off-site:
    • Currently 1 CPU can fully simulate ~500-1000 events/day.
    • Current DØ Data “Grid” ~500 CPU’s
    • Generate 50-100M events/year.
  • Some farms will be upgraded substantially this/next year

*Not Completely DØ

Current total Bandwidth to Fermilab ~50-100Mb/sec

Boaz Klima

d data grid locations
DØ Data “Grid” - Locations





Boaz Klima

mc production centers mcpcs
MC Production Centers (MCPCs)
  • Massive MC generation offsite - A new philosophy atDØ
  • Requires control system and careful/smart monitoring
  • MCPCs are a GREAT deal for DØ
    • Excellent for DØ physics (closer to e+e- model of Data/MC)
    • Money spent by (& computers stay at) home institution (not DØ)
    • Local manpower for software development & maintenance
    • For some inst. this fits well within grand plan ( LHC, Grid)
  • Current CPU power for MC ~ 10,000 * Start of Run 1

*100 more MC data than in Run 1 (with full GEANT!)

  • Thanks to dedicated people at every active MCPC

Boaz Klima

d mc production to date
DØ MC Production to-date
  • Generated ~4M MC events for three phases of MC Challenge and processed them through all stages
    • Testing programs, infrastructure, and exploring physics
  • MCPCs processing events via the entire chain of programs and shipping RECO output files to Fermilab

Boaz Klima

production under discussion
Production – under discussion
  • Storage, mode of operation
    • What to store and where (currently RECO output @Fermilab)
    • Balance between different needs and budget (tapes are expensive!)
    • Transferring MC data (ftp, FedEx, by hand,…)
  • Control and monitoring system
  • Operating large vs medium size MCPCs
  • Interaction with SAM
  • Should MC Production centers be ready to process data? (databases,…)

Boaz Klima

  • DØ complete MC Production use offsite farms
    • World Wide “Grid” (2-4 continents)
    • Currently 6 active MCPCs; soon adding 2-3 new MCPCs
    • CPU power on Mar. ‘01 ~ 10,000 * Start of Run 1
    • Generate 50-100 Million fully-simulated events per year
    • Shipping them to Fermilab or storing at remote sites?
  • Generation so far meets demand; extremely useful for all parties
  • Significant upgrades expected in 2001/2

Capable of generating as many events as data taken at DØ!!!

Boaz Klima

summary for tan
Summary for TAN
  • DØ Monte Carlo Production is up and working now
    • World Wide “Grid” (2-4 continents)
    • Currently 6 active MCPCs; soon add 2-3 new ones
    • Current total Bandwidth to Fermilab ~50-100Mb/sec
    • Shipping MC data back and forth is essential

Total Bandwidth ~200Mb/sec (2001)

  • Significant upgrades expected in 2001/2/3

Total Bandwidth ~400Mb/sec (2002)

  • Real data processing at remote farms + reprocessing (?)

Total Bandwidth ~800Mb/sec (2002)

  • Future? my current guesstimate would be

Total Bandwidth ~(1200/1600/3200/4000)Mb/sec (2003/4/5/6)

  • Is TA bandwidth available? TA-institutions in the U.S.?

Boaz Klima