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« Fly Carrier » agent software

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« Fly Carrier » agent software. Optimization of data transmission over IP satellite networks. Problems of the Internet e-mail over the satellite channels. Half duplex transmission (simplex) – sending and receiving only in turn

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fly carrier agent software

«Fly Carrier» agent software

Optimization of data transmission over IP satellite networks

problems of the internet e mail over the satellite channels
Problems of the Internet e-mailover the satellite channels
  • Half duplex transmission (simplex)– sending and receiving only in turn
  • When link is down during a session the retransmission starts from the very beginning
  • No automatic compression – the cost of the data transfer is high
  • There is no easy understandable statistical data for every session
  • The offered specific proprietary solutions usually require a special personnel training and a special mail client to be used
  • The solution is – TO USE «Fly Carrier» middleware software
what you get with fly carrier
What you get with«Fly Carrier»
  • Built-in compression of all messages when sending mail to the mail server
  • Automatic compression of all messages when receiving mail from the mail server
  • Full duplex operation – simultaneous sending and receiving messages
  • You can choose messages to be received from the mail server ( pseudo IMAP 4 mode)
  • Recovery of transmission from the break point in case of an unexpected link down
  • Automatic journal and logs of all sessions
  • You can use your standard e-mail client software to prepare, send and receive messages
  • The received/sent messages statistical data gathering, calculation of the cost
  • You can use LAN connected PC without «Fly Carrier» installed
the service basic components
The servicebasic components
  • e-Mail client on a user’s computer (soft) – Outlook Express, The Bat, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Eudora ….
  • The «Fly Carrier» agent (soft) on a computer connected to a satellite terminal (can be stand-alone PC, can be PC connected also to LAN)
  • Satellite terminalвsatellite segmentвsatellite HUBвInternet
  • Fly Carrier server
  • Mail server
fly carrier can be used in two variants
«Fly Carrier»can be usedin two variants
  • A Single user mode
  • A Server (multi user) mode

In the Server mode «Fly Carrier» installed with one PC only

three main steps to start using fly carrier
Three main steps to start using«Fly Carrier»
  • 1 – To be a registered user or to become a registrered user of the e-mail
  • 2 – Get aCD with the «Fly Carrier» software from MVS representativeor to download it from the FTP server:

Read with due attention the «User Manual»

  • 3 – Install «Fly Carrier» applicationsoftware on a РС and choose the preferable mode - Server or Single User
the fly carrier installation
The«Fly Carrier» installation
  • Install «Fly Carrier» software – the installation is semi-automatic
  • Create the new mail accounts to have access to the service via «Fly Carrier» – the process is semi-automatic
  • Configure the operational parameters. Please remember that 90% of the default parameters will be applicable for the most applications. Change the values only if you are aware of the result
  • Choose the mode –Server or Singleuser. If the cost calculation is required please check the tariff rates
fly carrier screens
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • Creating new account
fly carrier screens1
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • Setting operational parameters
fly carrier screens2
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • The Schedule in the Server mode
fly carrier screens3
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • Operational monitoring in the Single user mode
fly carrier screens5
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • The detailed session report
fly carrier screens7
«Fly Carrier» screens
  • The session monitor
benefits of using fly carrier and marsatmail com e mail server
Benefits of using «Fly Carrier»and marsatmail.come-mail server
  • Session time and amount of send and received data savings due to the simultaneous sending outgoing and receiving incoming compressed messages withIP optimization
  • Headings, size, sender address of every incoming messages can be viewed before download – no unwanted mail. The “white lists” of the users from whom the mail to accept can be defined on the server for every user
  • Considerable savings when text messages (Word, Excel, Access, Html etc.) are sent and received. If you try to send already compressed files (for example, jpeg) you will find that software does not increase the size of the file as opposite to the standard mail clients.
  • You will have the detail statistics for every communication session and can correct this information manually
  • There is a possibility to organize “daily news” delivery
Test data:xx% - percentageof spent bytes forRx/Tx by“Fly Carrier + Outlook Express” and bytes spent by “cleanOutlook Express”.
test data
Test data:
  • In some cases (especially with mini-M) up to 90% savings of the session time are achieved (with 30 minutes standard e-mail protocols time required for the session «Fly Carrier» spent 2 minutes only)
  • The more robust operation is provided. When link is down the service resumes the transmission from the point of interruption
  • The detailed statistical data for every session is available. Per user and per message accounting of the expenses with the per user definable rates is available.
fly carrier versions 1 and 2
Version 1.хх

Single user mode only

Statistical data

To get the full duplex operationa user should use his e-mail client in the “Off-line mode”

Version 2.хх

Both Server and single user modes

Statistical data plus per user calculation of the expenses using per user rates

In the Server mode a user on LAN know nothing about «Fly Carrier»

«Fly Carrier» – versions 1.хх and 2.хх

Fly Carrier . xx VS Fly Carrier .xx

fly carrier support
«Fly Carrier»support
  • «Fly Carrier» is a freeof charge software. The installationCDcan be received from any of the MVS group representative or downloaded from our FTP server:
  • To register at our e-mail server please send a request to theaddress:
  • To receive a consultation from our development team use the address: