a comenius project at stiftsgymnasium st paul april 2005 n.
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Bend it like Beckham

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A Comenius-project at Stiftsgymnasium St.Paul April 2005. Bend it like Beckham. I. What the story is about. … it is not only about an Indian girl who likes playing football but also about …. Teenager problems. The clash between traditional values and the modern world. First love.

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Presentation Transcript
… it is not only about an Indian girl who likes playing football but also about …

Bend it like Beckham

teenager problems
Teenager problems

Bend it like Beckham

first love
First love

Bend it like Beckham

growing up
Growing up

Bend it like Beckham


Bend it like Beckham


Bend it like Beckham

cultural diversity
Cultural Diversity

Bend it like Beckham


Bend it like Beckham

can‘t cope with the culture clash between India and England

can‘t deal with the fact that her daughter‘s playing in a girls-football-team

takes the Indian culture very seriously

expects her daughters to do so too

is against emancipation

in favour of being able to cook Indian cuisine

is against girls doing things that boys do in their spare-time

doesn‘t know exactly how he should deal with the culture clash

on one hand he doesn‘t accept that his daughter plays in a girl-football-team

but on the other hand he played in a bowling team too (in East Africa)

finally he accepts his daughter‘s wish

respects the culture clash his daughter goes through

supports his daughter in every way

Mrs. Bhamra

Mr. Bhamra

Both are very protective

Bend it like Beckham

Jess is offended by an English girl calling her “Pakhi“
  • Her trainer Joe has problems too, because he is Irish
  • Jess´ father who was good at bowling, was discriminated and people laughed at his turban
  • There is also a gap between Muslims and Indians
  • Indian boys don´t play in football leagues

Bend it like Beckham

family tradition

sneaks off secretly to meet Teetu

loves Teetu and wants to marry him

covers up for Jess so that she can go to Germany

reveals Jess‘ secret

can‘t understand Jess


She wants to play football like her hero David Beckham.

loves her trainer Joe but he isn‘t Indian

lies to her parents and deceives them

doesn't want to marry an Indian boy

gets a scholarship for Santa Clara college in the USA

convinces her parents to let her go and live her dreams

Family Tradition

Bend it like Beckham

Jess and Pinky‘s reconciliation isn‘t shown in the film

There‘s more information about David Beckham in the book

Pinky is pregnant at the end of the film

Joe is playing cricket with Jess‘ father

Switching scenes from football pitch to Pinky‘s wedding reception

Bend it like Beckham

indian gods
Indian Gods
  • Shiva: Shiva is the god of Destruction. He is also the god of Dance. It is said that he danced the world into creation.
  • Vishnu: Vishnu is thought to be the supreme god. It is said that when the world is in danger, he would come to earth in different form.
  • Brahma: Brahma is said to have created the world . He has four heads and four arms. It is said that everything is born of Brahma and his wife.
  • Lakshmi: Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu and is the god of money and future. She sits on a lotus flower.

Bend it like Beckham

indian religion
Indian Religion

83% Hindu

11% Muslim

3% Christian

2% Sikh

< 1% Buddhist

5% Jain

Bend it like Beckham


Official languages: Hindi and English

Hindi including its associated languages and dialects accounting for 84% of the population while English is used for national , political and commercial purposes.

1600 languages and dialects are spoken

15 languages constitutionally recognized.

Bend it like Beckham

indian clothes
Indian clothes

Indian clothes are very colourful.

Each state has its own special costumes.

Women traditionally wear Saris, Salwar khameez and Ghagra choli, but they also wear western styles such as skirts , dresses and pants.

Men have their traditional costumes as well, but now most wear a light skirt and pants just as in western countries.

Bend it like Beckham

indian food
Indian Food

Most Indian cuisines are related by similar usage of spices. Often, Indian cooking is distinguished by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other well-known cuisines. Within these recognizable similarities, there is an enormous variety of local styles.

In the north and the west, Kashmiri and Mughlai cuisines show strong central Asian influences. Through the medium of Mughlai food, this influence has propagated into many regional kitchens. To the east, the Bengali and Assamese styles shade off into the cuisines of East Asia

Bend it like Beckham

arranged marriages
Arranged Marriages

An arranged marriage is a marriage where the marital partners are chosen by others based on considerations other than the preexisting mutual attraction of the partners.

This habit has been very common in noble families, especially in reigning ones, at the scope of combining and perhaps enforcing the respective strengths of the original families of the spouses.

A relevant part of history has been influenced by these unions.

Bend it like Beckham

  • Bollywood is the informal name given to the film industry in India.
  • The word Bollywood was created by blending Bombay and Hollywood.
  • In 1899 the first Indian film was screened.

Bend it like Beckham

Film music is called filmi.
  • The dancing in Bollywood films is primarily modeled on Indian dance.
  • Indian´s film industry is the biggest in the world.

Bend it like Beckham

Famous films are: Monsoon Wedding, Bride and Prejudice, Lagaan, Veer - Zaara

Bend it like Beckham

narinder dhami
Narinder Dhami
  • Born in Wolverhampton in 1958.
  • Graduating from Birmingham University
  • Teaching at schools in the East End of London
  • Leaving the profession to write full-time.
  • Hundreds of photo-stories in teenage magazines
  • First children's book, A Medal for Melina, published in 1990.
  • Lives in Cambridge with her husband and their four cats.

Bend it like Beckham

1999 Women's World Cup: champion in front of 40 million viewers
  • Over 650,000 tickets
  • Youngest player ever to play for her National Team (age 15)

Bend it like Beckham

Recognized as the world's best all-around women's soccer player.

Atlanta,1996: Centennial Olympic Games Gold

Never in history had so many spectators come out to watch a women's sporting event.

Bend it like Beckham


US Soccer's Female Athlete of the year five consecutive years.

  • „That's been Michael Jordan, in basketball, and in some ways Mia Hamm in women's soccer and Tiger Woods in golf."
  • In April of 1999, Nike named the largest building on its corporate campus after Mia.

Bend it like Beckham

He was born on 2nd May 1975
  • The most famous football player on earth
  • He married Victoria Adams.
  • Three children: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.
  • June 2003 he went to Real Madrid and now he plays with football stars like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo and Ronaldo in the same team
  • David Beckham is almost as famous for his haircuts as for his football

Bend it like Beckham

culture clash
Culture Clash

Bend it like Beckham

bend it like beckham
Bend it like Beckham

Bend it like Beckham


Bend it like Beckham

family tradition1
Family Tradition

Bend it like Beckham


Bend it like Beckham

indian food1
Indian Food

Bend it like Beckham

indian customs
Indian Customs

Bend it like Beckham

racial discrimination
Racial Discrimination

Bend it like Beckham

die 5a klasse
Die 5A-Klasse

Project-Leader: Prof.Justine BachieslTechnical Support: Prof.Peter Unterluggauer

Bend it like Beckham