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General Mills Project

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General Mills Project. “Routes to Growth” Team – 11 (Section 202) Abhas Bhalla (#533) Henri Bourgeois Angel Gavieiro-Besteiro Andrey Krukov Carlos Montalv á n John Stoner. Overview. Executive Summary Context : Current Landscape & Strategic Positioning

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general mills project

General Mills Project

“Routes to Growth”

Team – 11 (Section 202)

Abhas Bhalla (#533)

Henri Bourgeois

Angel Gavieiro-Besteiro

Andrey Krukov

Carlos Montalván

John Stoner

  • Executive Summary
  • Context : Current Landscape & Strategic Positioning
  • Recommendation A : Pasta Deluxe!- (1) Concept Definition- (2) Selling Proposition- (3) Sales & Revenue Projections
  • Recommendation B : Bowl Appetit Quick!- (1) Concept Definition- (2) Selling Proposition- (3) Sales & Revenue Projections
  • Conclusion & Takeaways
executive summary
Executive Summary

Recommended Strategies:

  • Strategy A: Redefine product to target high-quality segment by introducing ‘Pasta Deluxe!’
  • Strategy B: Enhanced focus on convenience to tap into “away-from-home” segment with ‘Bowl Appetit Quick!’
current landscape and strategic positioning

Pasta Deluxe!

“Away-from-home” Market


Current Landscape andStrategic Positioning
  • Compete at the high-quality end: “home-made” Pasta Deluxe!

Quality (+)

Vacuum Food

Frozen Food

Quick Bowl Appetit!

Microwave Multipacks

Microwave Cups

Offer extra convenience : “away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!




Instant Meals


“Home” Market

customers industry environment


Customers, Industry & Environment



Needs: eat & hurry


Big trends:

  • Quality: “Home cooked”
  • Healthy: “Better for you”

Niches in growth:

  • Diet, Kids, Ethnic…

At home:

  • Frozen (fridge & microwave)
  • Dry/Vacuum (microwave)
  • Instant (hot water)

Away from home:

  • Self-brought
  • Cafeteria/Vending Machines
  • Outside work

Source: team analysis, S&P Industry Survey, U.S. Census



“Home-made” Pasta Deluxe!(1) Concept Definition

  • Pasta Deluxe!
    • Shelf-stable, pre-cooked, vacuum-packed pasta with a packet of pre-made sauce
    • Five types of pasta and five varieties of sauce, matched to provide ten separate SKUs.
    • Package: self-contained tray, used for cooking and serving
      • Cartoon-cover with sophisticated photo of the pasta once done
      • Visible sauce packet with old fashion label (flavor & recipe)
      • The space where the sauce packet is located serves as a heat-resistant handle


“Home-made” Pasta Deluxe!(1) Concept Definition(cont.)

  • Preparation
    • The customer mixes pasta and sauce in the tray (key: as if the customer had cooked the pasta herself)
    • Ready to heat in the microwave; no clean-up
  • Branding
    • Recommended: Betty Crocker for both pasta and sauce (umbrella branding)
    • Alternative 1: Develop or acquire a different brand for the sauce (internal co-branding)
    • Alternative 2: Partner with an outside reputable sauce brand (external co-branding)


“Home-made” Pasta Deluxe!(2) Selling Proposition

  • Premium pasta and sauce from Betty Crocker for a quick, fresh-tasting meal
  • Pasta and sauce in flavor-saving vacuum-sealed packets are convenient to store and easy to prepare
    • Ten combinations of pasta and sauce give you a lot of variety in your meals
    • Retail price about $3.00
    • No need to refrigerate
    • Preparation and clean-up are quick and simple.


“Home-made” Pasta Deluxe!(3) Sales and Revenues Projections

Expected Revenues around $60 million per year (after 1 year penetration)

Expected #Buyers above 6 million after year 2



“Away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!(1) Concept Definition

  • Bowl Appetit Quick!
    • New improved Bowl Appetit! which does not need a microwave, just add hot water and it’s ready.
    • Package: suitable for vending machines, fork included, no paper package, just a bowl with a colorful top.
    • Varieties: 10 available flavors.
    • Specially designed vending machine with hot water faucet.


“Away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!(1) Concept Definition(cont.)

  • Branding
    • Leveraging Betty Crocker and Bowl Appetit! brand names
    • Adding “Quick” on the packaging to distinguish from existing Bowl Appetit! product and to emphasize improved convenience


“Away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!(2) Selling Proposition

  • Get a complete hot meal at your workplace with New Bowl Appetit Quick!
    • Easy to prepare: just add hot water.
    • 10 different flavors: 4 pastas, 3 rice, 3 potatoes.
    • Available in vending machines at your office.
    • Priced just $2.00


“Away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!(3) Sales and Revenues Projections

Expected Revenues: $58 millions (3years)

Peak sales: $25 million (Year 5)

3 sales opportunities:

Lunch: $71 million

Snack: $9 million

Dinner: $25 million



Significant customer-driven trends in the food industry: - Preference for ‘home-cooked’ quality - Need for more convenience & flexibility

Our recommendations address both these needs via: - “Home-cooked” Pasta Deluxe! - “Away-from-home” Bowl Appetit Quick!

Estimated three year revenues: - Pasta Deluxe! = Approx. $140 M - Bowl Appetit Quick! = Approx. $ 58 M