sarah margaret fuller
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Sarah Margaret Fuller

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Sarah Margaret Fuller. 1810-1850 Transcendentalist Writer, The Dial. Sarah Margaret Fuller.

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sarah margaret fuller
Sarah Margaret Fuller
  • 1810-1850
  • Transcendentalist
  • Writer, The Dial
sarah margaret fuller2
Sarah Margaret Fuller
  • “What woman needs….is not as woman to act or rule, but as a nature to grow, as an intellect to discern, as a soul to live freely, and unimpeded to unfold such powers as were given her when we left our common home.”
sarah margaret fuller5
Sarah Margaret Fuller
  • “It should be remarked that, as the principle of liberty is better understood, and more nobly interpreted, a broader protest is made in behalf of women” (Heath, p. 1698).
  • “You are not the head of your wife. God has given her a mind of her own” (Heath, p. 1701).
sarah margaret fuller6
Sarah Margaret Fuller
  • Mankind is ripe for this, when inward and outward freedom for Woman as much as for Man shall be acknowledged a right, not yielded as a concession” (Heath, p. 1705).
  • “Man partakes of the feminine in the Apollo, Woman of the masculine as Minerva” (Heath, p. 1711).
sarah margaret fuller9
Sarah Margaret Fuller
  • “I think women need, especially at this juncture, a much greater range of occupation than they have, to rouse their latent powers” ( Heath, pp. 1716).
  • “I believe that, at present, women are the best helpers of one another.
  • Let them think, let them act; till they know what they need” (Heath, p. 1715).