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Unit 6
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Unit 6

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  1. Unit 6 Blackmail by Arthur Hailey Lecturer: Meng Fanyan

  2. blackmail: n. & v. • the act of threatening to reveal personal information, esp. sexual scandals, in order to extract money; • the obtaining of money or advancement by threatening to make known unpleasant facts about a person or group • 讹诈,敲诈,勒索

  3. to blackmail sb. into doing... 胁迫某人干什么 • e.g. The strange man tried to blackmail the clerk into helping him draw the money, but he failed.

  4. Teaching plan I. Background information II. Introduction to the passage III. Text analysis IV. Character analysis V. Rhetorical devices VI. Questions for discussion

  5. About the author and his works Arthur Hailey (1920.4.5-2004.11.24)

  6. Arthur Hailey • One of the most popular novelists of Canada, a bestselling author and screenwriter with a number of bestselling novels. • Born in Luton, England in 1920, Arthur Hailey was educated in English schools until fourteen.

  7. Arthur Hailey ? • After a brief career as an office boy, he joined the British Royal Air Force in 1939 and served through World War II, rising through the ranks to become a pilot and flight lieutenant(空军上尉). • In 1947 Mr. Hailey emigrated to Canada, where he was successively a real estate salesman, business paper editor and a sales and advertising executive. He became a Canadian citizen.

  8. Arthur Hailey • Though he is a Canadian himself, he set the scene of most his works in the United States. • Each of his books deals with one particular field of society. This is made clear by the titles of his books. • It is this peculiarity that is of value to those who are eager to learn about contemporary American society.

  9. Hailey's best sellers include: The Final Diagnosis (1959) Hotel (1966) Airport (1968) Wheels (1971) The Moneychangers (1975)

  10. job • housewife—house maker (家政主管) • mechanic—automobile engineer (汽车工程师) • gardener—landscape architect(园艺工程师/风景技师) • dust man—waste ecologist engineer(生态工程师) • butcher—meat technologist(肉类加工师) • farmer—agriculture science specialist(农业科学家) • waitress—hostess(女主人)

  11. elevator—Member of the Vertical Transportation Crops(垂直交通大队队员) • film projectionist—multimedia systems technician(多媒体系统技师)

  12. Deficiency and disease • illiterate—verbally deficient(言辞表达欠缺) • blind— sight-deprived(视力欠缺) • heart disease(心脏病)-- heart problem(心脏不好) • the poor—the needy/low income group • black—colored people

  13. AIDS(艾滋病)—social disease(社会疾病)skinny(瘦骨嶙峋的,骨瘦如柴的)— delicate(纤细的)/slim(修长的)/ slender(苗条的); • ugly(难看的)/awful(可怕的) —plain(不难看的)/ordinary(普通的)/not particularly good-looking; • heart disease(心脏病) —heart condition; • the crippled(跛子)—handicapped ; • disabled student(残疾学生) — special student;

  14. deaf(聋子) —hard of hearing(耳沉); • cancer— C; • Tuberculosis(肺结核)— lung trouble(肺部毛病); • pneumonia(肺炎)—the old man’s friend(老年之友); • mad(疯子)—a little confused(有点反常,神志迷乱)

  15. old people — • elderly people; • senior citizens; • no longer young; • getting on in years; • feeling one’s age; • the long-lived; • mature; • grown-up; • past one's prime

  16. fat---- • gain weight/ put on weight 增加了重量 • super size person 超大之人 • have a well-proportional body 身体比例好 • heavyset 身子重的 • nutritionally endowed 营养丰富的 • on the heavy side 重型的 • gravitationally challenged 受到地球引力挑战的

  17. plump 丰满的 • person of mass 大块头的人 • well-built 健壮的 • big-boned 骨架大的 • overweight 超重的 • strong 强壮的 • statuesque 如雕像一样优美的 • goddess woman 非凡女性 • big beautiful woman 大美女

  18. go to the toilet -- • do one’s official business; • go to the john; • retire for a moment; • pick some flowers; • use the bathroom/restroom; • go to the comfort station; • go to the washroom

  19. make number one; • relieve oneself; • answer the nature’s call; • powder one’s nose(females); • wash one’s hands; • go to somewhere else; • spend a penny; • make oneself comfortable; • pay a call; • go to the restroom; • do one’s duty;

  20. death • 1. pass away 逝世,与世长辞 • 2. go to heaven 升天 • 3. expire 到期 • 4. go to the glory 升天了,光荣了 • 5. be gone 走了,去了 • 6. be gone to a better world 去极乐世界 • 7. troubles be over now 痛苦结束了

  21. 8. close one’s eyes 闭上了眼睛 • 9. be no more 不在了,没了 • 10. slept the final sleep 长眠不醒 • 11. fallen asleep 睡着了 • 12. go to rest/rest in peace/lie to rest 安息 • 13. was numbered among the dead 成为死者的一员 • 14. join the great number/join the majority 加入多数人的行列 • 15. have breathed his last 吸了最后一口气,咽气

  22. 16. kick up one’s heels 蹬腿 • 17. turn up one’s toes 跷脚 • 18. bite the dust 入土 • 19. go west 上西天,完蛋 • 20. pay one’s debt of nature 了结尘缘,偿还大自 然的债务 • 21. be gathered to one’s fathers 去见老祖宗 • 22. close/end one’s day 寿终,到头了

  23. 23. depart to the world of shadows • 命归黄泉,离开阳间来到阴间 • 24. give up the ghost 去见阎王 • 25. lay down one’s knife and fork 放下刀叉,不吃饭 • 26. to be asleep in the arms of God • (安睡在上帝的怀抱中) • 27. to be safe in the Arms of Jesus • (在耶稣的怀抱中安然无恙) • 28. to be at peace(处于平静状态) • 29. to be at rest(在休息)

  24. 30. to be brought to one’s last home (被送回老家) • 31. to be gathered to one’s fathers(见老祖宗去) • 32. to be taken to paradise(被带进天堂) • 33. to meet one’s maker(去见造物主) • 34. to join the angels(加人天使行列)

  25. 35. to return to the dust(归人尘土) • 36. to go to the other world • 37. to breathe one's last • 38. to depart to god • 39. to be in Abraham’s bosom; • 40. to go to see Confucius; • 41. If anything should happen to me • (万一我有个三长两短)。这条委婉语不仅避免了提及die ,而且还含有Death is uncertain 之意。

  26. Marriage and sex • divorce(离婚)--- the great divide(分水岭) • loose woman(淫荡女子)--- willing woman(自愿女郎); • male home sexual(男同性恋者)--- gay boy(快乐小子); • female home sexual(女同性恋者)--- lesser beings; • prostitute(妓女)--- bachelor’s wife(单身汉的妻子)或 lost girl(迷途女郎)

  27. RHETORIC Metaphor:1) his wife shot him a swift, warning glance.2) The words spat forth with sudden savagery.3) Her tone ...withered...4) ...self-assurance...flickered...5) The Duchess kept firm tight rein on her racing mind.6) Her voice was a whiplash.7) eyes bored into him8) I’ll spell it out.

  28. Metonymy:e.g. won 100 at the tables lost it at the bar they'll throw the book,...Onomatopoeia:e.g. appreciative chuckle clucked his tongue Euphemism:e.g....and you took a lady friend.

  29. Detailed Study of the Text • Part 1: the prelude of the deal • Section 1. The introduction of the setting, main characters, and the suspense

  30. chief house officer: • hotels in the U.S. employ detectives to take charge of hotel security, called “house dicks” (Slang: a detective), dignified appellation (name)----house officer

  31. suite [swi:t] • a series of connected rooms used as a living unit • A suite in a hotel is usually expensive. The suite the Croydons are staying in is St. Gregory Hotel’s largest and most elaborate, called the Presidential Suite, which has housed a succession of distinguished guests, including visiting presidents and royalty.

  32. cryptic ['kriptik] having hidden meaning;hidden, secret, mysterious;of ambiguous meaning cryptic telephone call: the message over the phone was brief and with mysterious implications (imagine)

  33. actually took twice that time: • He actually appeared two hours later. Why? • -- He was slow in coming because he wanted to create the impression that he was a busy and important man in the hotel and to keep the Croydons in a nervous, worried or anxious state of mind.

  34. Explanation: The chief house officer, Ogilvie, gave the Croydons a mysterious telephone call telling them he would pay them a visit an hour later, but actually he appeared at their suite two hours later.

  35. Duke 公爵 (in Britain) a nobleman of the highest rank outside the royal family, whose rank is just below that of a prince 公爵是欧洲的一种贵族称号,常常仅次于国王或亲王的最高级的贵族 the Duchess: the wife/widow of a duke, or a woman with a rank equal to that of a duke

  36. Some titles in Europe • 公爵;公爵夫人 • duke • duchess • 侯爵;女侯爵 • marquis • marquess • 伯爵;女伯爵 • earl • countess • 子爵;子爵夫人 • viscount • viscountess • 男爵;男爵夫人 • baron • baroness

  37. baron: (oring. USA) great industrial leader(起源于美国) • 工业巨头,大王 • oil barons • 石油大王 • beer barons • 啤酒大王

  38. excessive too much of something, exceeding a normal, usual, reasonable, or proper limit e.g. Excessive rainfall washes out valuable minerals from the soil. excessive profit 暴利 excessively: (derog.) too much, extremely fray 1. to wear away (the edges of fabric, for example) by rubbing 磨损 e.g.:fray the edge of a shirt sleeve/neck/elbows

  39. 2. to cause a person‘s temper, nerves, etc. to become worn out;make or become weakened or stained 使紧张 excessively frayed: become extremely nervous/strained (after waiting too long)eventually: in the end, especially after a lot of delays, problems, or argumentmuted: (of sound) made silent, quiet buzzer: an apparatus that buzzes; doorbell sound: ring

  40. A wave of cigar smoke accompanied Ogilvie in. • Ogilvie: coarse; vulgar; uneducated; impolite • accompany: to go with as on a journey; happen or exist at the same time

  41. uncertainly: the Duke is submissive to the Duchess. He was uncertain, pessimistic, passive, frightened just like a looker-on. The Duchess had a stronger character and tackled the problem after the accident.

  42. set-up: the arrangement of furniture to throw or toss with a light, brisk motion; to send sth. often into the air by striking with a light quick blow flip flip a coin/the ball/one’s hair butt the end, as of a cigarette a cigar butt the butt of a rifle to interfere or meddle in other people's affairs butt in

  43. ornamental ornamental fireplace

  44. ornamental ornamental fireplace

  45. Décor: decoration Explanation: I suppose you didn’t come here merely to discuss the arrangement of the furniture and other decorations of this suite. (What she really meant was “Speak your mind. Don’t waste time.”) The deliberate use of Queen’s English, strict grammatical structures and carefully choosing of her words shows that they are superior to the detective. The Duchess: pompous/pretentious/arrogant/smug/ self-important/conceited chuckle: laugh quietly with close mouth

  46. in an appreciative chuckle: Why? • When a hotel employee goes to a guest’s room, usu. he goes there on business and no familiarity is allowed. • But here Ogilvie was enjoying the fact that he could afford to do whatever he liked. He loved being in a position of temporary supremacy. Also he appreciated the fact that the Duchess was no fool. She knew why he had come.