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Comfort for Mums and babies PowerPoint Presentation
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Comfort for Mums and babies

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Comfort for Mums and babies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comfort for Mums and babies
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  1. Comfort for Mums and babies P&G Lenor and Unilever’s Comfort brands had been bitter rivals in the fabric conditioner market for over 15 years, but in 2007 P&G launched Fairy into the ‘sensitive skin’ category Kerry Milliken led the team strategy to develop an award winning PR campaign that covered three key channels of influence - mainstream media, word of mouth/online influence and expert influencers. Split into three campaign phases: ‘Buzz’ to establish awareness of the product and benefits; ‘Impact’ stimulating word of mouth and dialogue with the brand; and ‘Empathy’ building longer term communication of brand values. Insight: crucial to the campaign’s success would be Word of Mum and Mum’s always want to do the best for their children and for them to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. We played on the unique brand name of Comfort, and its key attributes of softening clothes and fabrics, and developed a search amongst Mums to find the most comfortable baby clothes across the UK.. And who better to search out and help New Mums decide on the best sorts of fabrics, designs and fastenings for different ages and stages of their children than other Mums who had toddlers. We called our teams of Mums Comfort-eers, and engaged new Mum Tess Daly to be our Chief Comfort-eer and lead the way.

  2. Result Highlights Comfort Pure maintained its market share of 12% and kept Fairy below 6% with no additional advertising or promotional support 50 pieces of media coverage, inc. Daily Mail and Daily Mirror in the run up, and covering our own fashion show compere Tess Daly on the winning outfits at London’s Baby Show Over 7000 mums and dads applied to be a Comfort-eer via the Comfort Pure website providing Unilever with a ready made database of existing and potential customers to target in the future This helped drive a 50% increase in hits to the site