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Daily Reinforcers 11-20

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Daily Reinforcers 11-20. 5 th Grade Science.

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daily reinforcers 11 20

Daily Reinforcers11-20

5th Grade Science


TEK 5.2D & 4.5B11. A beaker of 50 ml of rubbing alcohol was placed out on a table in the science lab. The class recorded the volume of the alcohol everyday for 5 days. No one was allowed to disturb the beaker of alcohol during the 5 days. What conclusion can be drawn from the graph?A. The volume of the alcohol is decreasing due to evaporation. B. The volume of the alcohol is increasing due to evaporation.C. The volume of the alcohol is decreasing due to precipitation. D. The volume of the alcohol is increasing due to precipitation.


TEK 5.5A12. A piece of chalk fell on the floor. What properties of the chalk would have changed?A. Color and smell B. Texture and luster C. Length and shape D. State of matter and density


TEK 5.5A13. Tyrone made two groups of matter:One group had matter smaller than 5g The other group had matter larger than 5gTyrone was classifying matter by which property?A. VolumeB. LengthC. Mass D. Temperature


TEK 5.5A & 5.2D14. Which of the following object has the greatest mass and the fastest moving particles? A. Baseball B. Milk C. Carbon dioxideD. Tea


TEK 5.5A16. Juanita found her birthday present wrapped up and hidden in her grandmother’s closet. She wanted to find out what was in the box without opening it. Using her scientific skills, she found out that her present had these properties:What might her present be?A. a basketball B. a baseballC. a toy carD. a marble

RollsBouncesNon-magneticSolidBigger than 20 cm


TEK 5.2B 18. Rachel wants to test to see how different pots affect the time it takes to boil water. What materials would Rachel need to plan out a reliable test?


TEK 4.9A & 5.2D19. The following graph shows the number of organisms that live in a 10 square mile area in a forest ecosystem. Based on the graph which consumer is the most common?A. FoxB. Pine TreeC. BeeD. Blackberry