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Marketing tricks. Michał and Kuba. What is marketing?. Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers It is a process through which companies build strong customer relationships.

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Marketing tricks

Marketing tricks

Michał and Kuba

What is marketing
What is marketing?

Marketing is the processused to determinewhat products or services may be of interest to customers

It is a processthroughwhichcompaniesbuildstrongcustomerrelationships

Do you think you know all the marketing tricks
Do youthinkyouknowall the marketing tricks???

How do we sense the world around us
How do we sense the worldaroundus?

Sense of sight
Senseof sight

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter – we canrecognisetasteby ourtongue

Now we cansaythat we canalsorecognise the taste by looking at something

For example: brightorangefruit in front of oureyessays to ourbrain „watch out itssour!!!” No matterhowsourorsweet the orangesreallyare.

Sense of touch
Sense of touch

  • Ten thausandlittlereceptors in ourhandarewaiting to sendsignals to ourbrain

  • Studies have led to saythat:

    • The softer the sofa leatheris, the better we judge the sofa

    • TV remotecontrolmust have a goodweight, to get a goodjugment of client

  • The sense of touchisimportantfor companies. Itsnothingunusualthat car companies test the softness of upholstery.

Sense of hearing
Sense of hearing

Testshaveproventhatmusicwith 72 beats per minuteraisessales by 20 %

Why? Pace of 72 beats per minuteexactlymatches the number of relaxedperson heart beat

The properlychosenmusiccanmake a customer to staylonger in a shop, whichgivesmorechance to buy products in the shop

Sense of smell
Sense of smell

It’s hard to imaginethataromacanmanipulateourfeelings and thereforeitcanmanipulateour point of view of something

Apple, Sony and Samsung areorderingspecialaromas for their products, socalled „corporatesmell”

Sense of taste
Sense of taste

Sometimeswe’reencouraged to trynew products in shops. Thisis the way to purchasethingsthat we didn’treallywanted to buy.

We dontreallythinkabout the factif we reallyneedit and it’sprice at thattime, so we canspendlots of money

One thing to remember
One thing to remember

  • Alwaysaskyourselve a question: Do I reallyneedit?

Knowing the fact, that we can be manipulated by marketing experts, we need to useourownjudgmentwhen we enter the supermarket and purchasedifferent products

At the end a short video
At the end a short video

Thank you for your attention
Thankyou for yourattention