civil air patrol module 1 introduction to flight n.
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Civil Air Patrol Module 1: Introduction to Flight PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil Air Patrol Module 1: Introduction to Flight

Civil Air Patrol Module 1: Introduction to Flight

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Civil Air Patrol Module 1: Introduction to Flight

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  1. Civil Air Patrol Module 1: Introduction to Flight JEOPARDY

  2. Flight Basics The Power of Rising Air Hot Air Balloons Forces of Flight Wings 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. Flight Basics 100 Pertaining to air Answer

  4. Answer What is aero? Back to the Board

  5. Flight Basics 200 Any machine that is capable of flying through the air; included are ultralights, airplanes, gliders, balloons, helicopters, hangliders, and parasails Answer

  6. Answer What is an aircraft? Back to the Board

  7. Flight Basics 300 A place on either land or water where aircraft can land and take off for flight Answer

  8. Answer What is an airport? Back to the Board

  9. Flight Basics 400 Air in motion Answer

  10. Answer What is wind? Back to the Board

  11. Flight Basics 500 A person who operates an aircraft in flight Answer

  12. Answer What is an aviator? Back to the Board

  13. The Power of Rising Air 100 Usually a single-engined airplane that will pull a glider from the ground to an altitude where it can be released Answer

  14. Answer What is a tow plane? Back to the Board

  15. The Power of Rising Air 200 A column of air that moves upward Answer

  16. Answer What is a thermal? Back to the Board

  17. The Power of Rising Air 300 The art of staying aloft by exploiting the energy of the atmosphere Answer

  18. Answer What is soaring? Back to the Board

  19. The Power of Rising Air 400 Height above sea level or ground level expressed in units Answer

  20. Answer What is altitude? Back to the Board

  21. The Power of Rising Air 500 Fluid motion between regions of unequal heating Answer

  22. Answer What is convection? Back to the Board

  23. Hot Air Balloons100 An aircraft that uses lighter-than-air gas for its lift, with no built-in means of horizontal control Answer

  24. Answer What is a balloon? Back to the Board

  25. Hot Air Balloons 200 The heat source for filling the envelope with hot air Answer

  26. Answer What is the burner? Back to the Board

  27. Hot Air Balloons 300 The main body of the balloon, usually made of nylon, that is filled with lighter-than-air gas Answer

  28. Answer What is the envelope? Back to the Board

  29. Hot Air Balloons 400 A wicker basket, hanging below the envelope, used to transport passengers and propane tanks Answer

  30. Answer What is a gondola? Back to the Board

  31. Hot Air Balloons 500 One of several vertical panels that make up the envelope Answer

  32. Answer What is a gore? Back to the Board

  33. Forces of Flight 100 The natural force pulling everything to Earth Answer

  34. Answer What is gravity? Back to the Board

  35. Forces of Flight 200 The upward force that opposes gravity and supports the weight of an aircraft Answer

  36. Answer What is lift? Back to the Board

  37. Forces of Flight 300 A force which slows the forward movement of an aircraft in flight Answer

  38. Answer What is drag? Back to the Board

  39. Forces of Flight 400 The force that is caused by the forward movement of an aircraft in flight Answer

  40. Answer What is thrust? Back to the Board

  41. Forces of Flight 500 Forces in motion Answer

  42. Answer What is dynamic? Back to the Board

  43. Wings 100 A component, such as a wing, that is specifically designed to produce lift, thrust or directional stability Answer

  44. Answer What is an airfoil? Back to the Board

  45. Wings 200 The downward movement of air behind a wing in flight Answer

  46. Answer What is downwash? Back to the Board

  47. Answer Wings 300 The upward movement of air ahead of the wing in flight Answer

  48. Answer What is upwash? Back to the Board

  49. Wings 400 The curved part of an airfoil from its leading to trailing edge Answer

  50. Answer What is camber? Back to the Board