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Student Organization Officers Meeting

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Student Organization Officers Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Organization Officers Meeting
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  1. Student Organization Officers Meeting September 14, 2011

  2. Meeting Roadmap • Welcome & Introductions • $ • Allocations • Accessing • Vendor payments • Financial records • Milbank Fund • Planning Events with your $ • Booking Space • Catering (HLS/Restaurant Associates or External) • Media/AV • Police Detail • HLS Policy Statements • Publicizing • Website & Marketing Events • Student Activities Fair – September 21st – Ropes Gray • Caspersen Student Center/Organization Space • Contact Information

  3. Hello & Welcome (back)! Dean of Students Office University Marshals Office HLS Career Services HLS Office of Public Interest Event Scheduling & Support Office

  4. Representing the Dean of Students Office Ellen M. Cosgrove Meg DeMarco Cat Collins _________________ _______________ __________________ Associate Dean & Director of Associate Director Dean of Students Student Affairs of Student Services DarrisSaylors Jeff Dunn Brendan Gannon ___________________ __________________ ________________ Student Programs Communications Web Assistant Manager Manager

  5. Associate Dean & Dean of Students Ellen M. Cosgrove • Living Well Initiative • Collaboration

  6. Student Services Cat Collins Associate Director For Student Services 617-496-2437 Cory Griffin Student Services Assistant 617-384-7215 Local Disability Coordinator for HLS Accessibility for Guests/Speakers with Disabilities Accommodations may include:  Interpreting, ASL, closed captioning, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) for individuals with hearing disabilities Reserved seating, parking for guests with mobility issues

  7. University Marshals Office Tara Benedict, Senior Program Director • • October 14th

  8. Office of Career Services & Office of Public Interest Advising Mark Weber, Assistant Dean for Career ServicesVivian Wexler, Asst. Director of Career ServicesAlexaShabecoff, Assistant Dean for Public ServiceCatherine Pattanayak, Asst. Director of Public Interest OCS & OPIA Only Orgs must notify OCS & OPIA • Recruiting/Job Search/On-campus interviewing • Interviewing and Networking Skills • Professional Development • Practice Areas • Practice Settings • Practice Trends/Current Events

  9. Event Scheduling & Support Office • CJ Azubuine Senior Manager • Laura Ferrigno Senior Coordinator • Kristina Nichols Senior Coordinator • Caitlyn Byrne Events Coordinator • Leedie Wales Events Coordinator • • 617-495-3129 • • • Room/Look Up Available Space • AV/Media • Catering

  10. Financial Information Allocations Accessing Vendor payments Financial records Milbank Fund

  11. Funding Allocations • Valid throughout the Fiscal Year: July 1st - June 30th • Determined each Spring by the Student Funding Board • Funds may be used toward any expense related to the mission of the organization as determined by the organization leadership.* • *see list of unallowable expenses

  12. Accessing Funding • Reimbursement/Universal Expense Form • we need the receipt/proof of payment • 33-Digit Billing Code • 265 22130 8450 000001 552100 XXXX 00000 • DOS Credit Cards • Travel and hotel inquiries should be directed to DarrisSaylors (dsaylors@law) • Vendor Payments (Payment via Check)

  13. Vendor Payments What are some vendors? _________________ DJs Private Catering Boat Cruises Photography • Do not pay with personal funds (often vendors require a check or cash) • We are unable to reimburse you • Send all contracts to Meg DeMarco (mdemarco@law) for review before signing • Provide invoices to the Dean of Students Office • Invoice must include the Fed ID Tax # or SS # • All vendors are required to sign a contract with HLS • Payment will be processed in 3-4 weeks, so plan ahead!

  14. Financial Records Each organization is responsible for tracking expenses and monitoring the budget To ensure organization records are consistent with the Dean of Students Office, organizations may request a copy of their expense report by emailing DarrisSaylors (dsaylors@law) Please keep in mind that expenses take 2 weeks to appear in the reports The organization’s Treasurer should sign all reimbursements that are submitted to the Dean of Students Office on behalf of the student organization and should be aware of credit card purchases.

  15. Additional Funding Resources • Gifts from Outside Sources • Contact DOS • Miscellaneous Income • May be deposited into the organization account at HLS • Turn into DarrisSaylors in the Dean of Students Office • Co-Sponsorship • Plan events with other organizations and HLS Depts • Milbank Conference Fund

  16. Milbank Fund Brought to you by: Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, & McCloy, LLP Funding is available for organization conferences, symposia, and panels Proposals must be submitted via email to Meg DeMarco (mdemarco@law) 8 weeks prior to the event Fund is highly competitive – preference is given to those events that are co-sponsored All materials must acknowledge Milbank Occasionally a representative will attend the event

  17. Funding Application Funding applications for the 2012-2013 academic year will be available online in February 2012 Student Funding Board decisions will be made by the end of April 2012 For more information on the SFB: for information on the SFB process Application details and deadlines will be send via email in February 2012

  18. Planning Events Booking Space Catering (HLS/Restaurant Associates or External) Media/AV High Profile Speaker Police Detail HLS Policy Statements Publicizing

  19. Booking a Room HLS Office of Events Scheduling and Support CJ Azubuine Senior Manager for Events Scheduling and Support Holmes Hall, Room 1 18 Everett Street 617-495-3129

  20. Catering Restaurant Associates Colleen Duddy – General Manager ( Terry Caprario – Director of Catering ( or 617-495-5538

  21. AV/Media Media Services Office Pound Hall 205 617-495-4840

  22. Office for Sustainability Green is the new Crimson Kate Cosgrove Sustainability Coordinator Holmes Hall 617-384-6893

  23. Publicizing • HLS Events Calendar • This is NOT the calendar in EMS, or • Submit online @ • Posting Flyers/Posters • YES to bulletin boards • NO to walls/windows/elevators – everything but a bulletin board • Organization Listserve & Emails • Listserve: • Email: • Organization Website • Jeff Dunn jedunn@law & Brendan Gannon bgannon@law

  24. High Profile Speaker Who is a high profile speaker? [just examples] _______________________________ Head of State, current or former Current Dean or President of another University Justice from the SCOTUS White House Staff/Member of Congress Celebrity/Major League Sports Before you extend an invitation to a high profile speaker, contact the Dean of Students Office We will contact the University Marshals Office The Marshals Office will ensure there are no other outstanding invitations from around the University and will advise as to the appropriate protocol when sending the invitation

  25. HUPD & Police Detail • Harvard University Police Department 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 617-495-1215 URGENT: 617-495-1212 • Police details are required: • At any event where alcohol is being served and expected attendance is > 100 • At any event that features a high profile guest speaker Request a Police Detail:

  26. HLS Policies • With the acceptance of the funding allocations, the organizations and all members agree to adhere to HLS policies including the following: • Harkness Commons Food Policy • All event held in the Hark/Caspersen Student Center, or areas adjacent such as the Hark Patio, Jarvis Field or Kumble Plaza must be catered by Restaurant Associates • HLS Alcohol Policy • Alcohol (only beer and wine are allowed) for any on-campus event must be purchased and dispensed by Restaurant Associates • A bartender is required to dispense the beer or wine and must be provided by Restaurant Associates • Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided to all events where alcohol is being served (pizza, chips, pretzels, soda, water, etc.) • • Policy on Discrimination • It is unlawful, and a violation of HLS rules for any student organization to discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of race, religion, sex, nationality, disability or sexual orientation • Hazing Policy

  27. Hazing Policy Massachusetts law expressly prohibits any form of hazing in connection with admission into any student organization. The term hazing is defined as “any conduct or method of initiation which willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any student or other person.” The law applies to officially recognized and to non-recognized groups and to activities conducted both on and off campus. The HLS Administrative Board will consider any violation of this law in the normal course of its oversight. Any student who participates in, supports or condones the practice of hazing is potentially subject to an Administrative Board investigation. Disciplinary action may include the reporting of confirmed incidents of hazing to local law enforcement officials. Under Massachusetts law, hazing is a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. Anyone aware of an incident of hazing within a student organization should contact the Dean of Students Office at 617-495-1880. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

  28. WCC/Student Organization Workroom • Tours • Storage • Workspace • Community • Timeline: • Cleaning in October/November • Moving over the holiday break • January in WCC

  29. Student Activities Fair • Wednesday, September 21st from 5:30 – 7:00pm in Ropes Gray • Arrive no later than 5:15pm to set up your table • Email DarrisSaylors (dsaylors@law) by September 16th to reserve a space at the event and ensure inclusion in the program • Confirmations will be sent via email by September 17th

  30. Contact Information • Meg DeMarco Director of Student Affairs Pound Hall, Room 310 617-496-2436 • DarrisSaylors Student Programs Manager Pound Hall, Room 310 617-496-2471