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FINCA International. Creating Pathways Out of Poverty for the World’s Poor. Severe Poverty Worldwide. Nearly 3 billion people—half the world—live on less than $2.50 per day; More than 1.4 billion live on less than $1.25 per day*

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Finca international

FINCA International

Creating Pathways

Out of Poverty

for the World’s Poor

Severe poverty worldwide
Severe Poverty Worldwide

  • Nearly 3 billion people—half the world—live on less than $2.50 per day; More than 1.4 billion live on less than $1.25 per day*

  • The feminization of poverty is a worldwide trend as 70% of the world’s poor are women

  • A country with the majority of its population lacking access to financial services will not progress

  • * As reported in the 2011 Microcredit Campaign Summit report

Microfinance industry today
Microfinance Industry Today

  • There are 3,652 microfinance organizations around the globe*

  • 205 million clients served

    • 137.5 million among the world’s poorest

    • 113.1 million are women

  • 50% of those clients are being served by the 42 largest organizations, FINCA among them

  • Nearly 60% of loans are for $100-$1,000

  • Scale is an issue, with fewer than 50% of MFIs reporting more than 5,000 borrowers

  • * As reported in the 2010 Microcredit Campaign Summit report

  • Finca today as of 09 30 11
    FINCA Today (as of 09.30.11)

    • FINCA currently serves 880,775 clients in 21 countries of

      • Africa

      • Eurasia

      • Greater Middle East

      • Latin America

    • 67 percent are women

    • Loan portfolio is $472 million

    • Close to $1 billion will be disbursed in 2011 in loans averaging $671

    • FINCA’s clients repay their loans on time 98.7 percent of the time

    • Clients currently have more than $16 million in savings

    Mission and vision
    Mission and Vision

    • FINCA’s mission is to provide financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can:

      • Create jobs

      • Build assets

      • Improve their standard of living

    Vision: To be a global microfinance network collectively serving more low-income entrepreneurs than any other MFI while operating on commercial principles of performance and sustainability.

    Principles of microfinance
    Principles of Microfinance

    • Trust the poor

    • Provide a self-employment loan, not a gift

    • Lend to women

    • Encourage self-sufficiency through savings

    • Expect high repayment rates

    • Empower individuals and groups

    Typical client profile
    Typical Client Profile

    • 67% of clients are women

    • Typically 20-50 years old

    • Supports an average of five family members; some also support other relatives, neighbors and orphans

    • Live and work in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas

    • * As of 09.30.11

    Typical businesses
    Typical Businesses

    • Food sales

    • Tailoring

    • Small-holder farming, other agricultural businesses

    • Hair salons, repair shops

    • Household and craft production and sales

    What is a village bank
    What is a Village Bank?

    • 10-20 low-income women who take out a group loan

    • Loans are small

    • Collective guarantee

    • Local self-management

    • Loan cycles of 16 weeks

    • Savings mobilization

    • Recycling of loans

    Where finca works
    Where FINCA Works









    Latin America

    Greater Middle East


    El Salvador









    DR Congo





    Regional Hubs

    Kampala, Uganda

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Miami, Florida

    Products and services
    Products and Services

    • Credit

    • Village Banking loans

    • Small group loans

    • Individual loans

    • Rural loans

    • Micro-energy loans

    • Savings

    • Voluntary savings

    • Youth savings

    • Insurance

    • Credit

    • Health/funeral

    • Catastrophic illness

    • Loss of sole income earner

    • Services/Training

    • Business skills training

    • Health & Reproductive Health education

    The impact of donations to finca
    The Impact of Donations to FINCA

    • $50 can provide a first loan to a woman in Tanzania so she can purchase a used sewing machine and start a tailoring business

    • $100 can help a woman in Honduras buy flour in bulk, triple her output of tortillas and double her income

    • $500 can help a woman in Kyrgyzstan rent a stall in the market, increase her inventory and send her children back to school

    • $1,000 – Provides four Village Bank clients with loan capital for one year

    • $2,500 – Provides loans for 10-15 families, helping them take

    • their first step toward financial independence

    • $5,000 – Supports one Village Bank group, providing small loans for 15-20 women

    Support finca s efforts to create pathways out of poverty
    Support FINCA’s Efforts to Create Pathways Out of Poverty

    • A Gift of Securities

    • Consider a gift to FINCA of stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Any securities you’ve owned for twelve months or longer, whose value has increased, are subject to capital gains tax when sold. By giving these securities to FINCA, you receive a charitable deduction for their full fair market value and you avoid tax on the capital gain.

    • The Sustainers’ Circle

    • The most cost effective—and easiest—way to support FINCA. Simply determine a monthly contribution amount, provide us with credit card or checking account information, and your account will be billed automatically. You can change the amount, or withdraw from the program, simply by writing us.

    • Legacy Society

    • FINCA’s Legacy Society provides an opportunity to include a bequest to FINCA in your will. A carefully-designed estate plan can provide significant estate tax relief, allow you to determine the distribution of your assets, and let you express your values through continued support of our work.

    • Honor and Memorial Gifts

    • Making a gift in honor, or memory, of a loved one is a thoughtful way to support FINCA’s poverty alleviation work, and make a statement of care about someone special in your life.

    Support finca s efforts to create pathways out of poverty1
    Support FINCA’s Efforts to Create Pathways Out of Poverty

    • FINCA Team Pages

    • Use FINCA Team Pages to create your own personal webpage and raise funds with your family and friends! Go to or

    • Sponsor a Village Bank

    • Each year, we designate the subsidiaries in greatest need of loan capital for the Village Bank sponsorship program. This year’s subsidiaries include Afghanistan, El Salvador, Haiti and Zambia. Your $5,000 contribution will support a Village Bank where it’s needed most.

    • FINCA Lend a Hand

    • This innovative new tool lets donors select the microentrepreneur they want to sponsor, and use our secure, online donation tool to make their contribution. Visit

    • Corporate Matching Gifts

    • Corporate matching gift programs are among the best and simplest ways for FINCA supporters to maximize the value of their personal contributions. Most programs match the charitable contributions of employees, dollar for dollar, and some even double or triple the amount!