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Sea Shells

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Sea Shells. Literature Focus Unit Lindsey Maszk. Literature Selection. What lives in a shell? By: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld Seashells by the Seashore By: Marianne Berkes Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars By: Christiane Kunp Tibbitts Starfish By: Edith Thacher Hurd Hello Ocean By: Pam Munoz Ryan

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sea shells

Sea Shells

Literature Focus Unit

Lindsey Maszk

literature selection
Literature Selection
  • What lives in a shell? By: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
  • Seashells by the Seashore By: Marianne Berkes
  • Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars By: Christiane Kunp Tibbitts
  • Starfish By: Edith Thacher Hurd
  • Hello Ocean By: Pam Munoz Ryan
  • The Seashore Book By: Charlotte Zolotow
  • A House For Hermit Crabs
  • Ribbons of Sand By: Larry Points
  • Look What I Did With Shell! (an art idea book)
  • Sharing A Shell By: Lydia Monks
theme study
Theme Study
  • Students will take part in a thematic unit on seashells and the seashore. This unit will integrate reading and writing with social studies, science, mathematics, art, music, and physical education.
  • Students will develop an understanding of seashells and what creatures live in them.
  • Students will determine the weight, and discover the different shapes of seashells.
language arts speaking
Language Arts: Speaking

The children will share their stories about their seashells during story time.

Students will perform a small play about seashells and acting out the song “The Five Little Seashells.”

language arts reading activities
Language Arts: Reading Activities
  • Students will read or listen to fiction and non-fiction stories about ocean life focusing on seashells.
  • Students will do a worksheet on the well-known tongue twister Sally Sells Seashells on the Seashore and recognize lower and uppercase letters while being exposed to nursery rhymes and poetry.
  • Listen to books about seashells on tape.
language arts writing
Language Arts: Writing
  • Students will keep a writing journal for a place to write questions and comments. Students can write thoughts about seashells , what they don’t know, what they want to learn, etc.
  • The teacher will help the students write a short story about a day in the life of a seashell.
  • Students will create a small comic strip about a seashell that they create. (Teacher may have to help with the writing of some words)
language arts listening
Language Arts: Listening
  • The teacher will find larger shells that the students would be able to listen to the sound of the ocean in.
  • Students will listen while learning the 5 Little Seashells song.
language arts viewing
Language Arts: Viewing
  • If close to the ocean, students are to take a field trip to the beach and discuss the shells they find.
  • Plan a field trip to a museum where there are shells on display.
  • The class will view the other students art work and projects.
  • Teacher will make flashcards out of photographs students took of their seashells and quiz students on their knowledge of ‘which shell is which?’
language arts visually representing
Language Arts: Visually Representing
  • Children will create their own concrete poems about a seashell. Each child will pick their own seashell and draw it with their poem.
  • Teacher will photograph the children working on art projects and outdoor activities and also record the students in their play.
  • Teacher will also help students photograph their own work and seashells.
  • Students and teacher will create a word wall with all the words that do with seashells.
  • Using a sand station have students use their fingers to make designs in the sand. Look at the sand through a magnifying glass (what do you see?) Run sand through a funnel (what does it sound like?) Use water to change texture.
  • Discuss with students how sand is made and what it is made out of.
  • Discuss the living environments of a seashell and the animals that live inside them.
  • Using Google Earth as a class we will explore the many shorelines in the world and discuss the varieties, similarities, and differences in the environments.
  • Children will practice counting the letter “S” in the Sally Sells Seashells poem
  • Count and trace ocean themed worksheets

  • Children will visually estimate the number of shells on the worksheet and then will count and see how close they were.
  • Give pairs of Children a jar full of assorted shells and have one student create a pattern and allow the other child to copy.
  • Using a balance weigh all different types of shells, have children guess which will weigh more of less.
  • At the beach the children can practice counting their shells and trade with peers and see the difference.
social studies
Social Studies
  • Children will visit lifeguards or other people that work at the beach and visit with them.
  • Children could also clean up the beach.
  • If there is a museum close by that deals with seashells and marine life children could volunteer and also talk to employees.
  • Schedule a lifeguard to

visit the classroom and

students must interview


physical education
Physical Education
  • Scavenger hunt for seashells
  • Matching game

- using poster board large seashells will be drawn and placed face down on the gym floor and 2 students will race at a time to find the most matches.

  • Octopus Tag
  • Play “seashell, seashell, ocean!” just like duck, duck, goose.
  • Act out 5 Little Seashells
music and art
Music and Art
  • Children will create a textured picture using paint and seashells.
  • Children will create a wind chime using seashells of all shapes and sizes to create different sounds.
  • Have children think of a favorite animal; using seashells and googly eyes help children create a seashell critter.
  • Teach children the Five Little Seashells song.
  • Sand painting with different paints, liquids and solutions to change appearance and textures.
  • Make songs using conch shells.
  • Students will keep an art portfolio of all their work.

FIVE LITTLE SEASHELLSFive little seashells lying on the shore; (hold up five fingers)

Swish! went the waves, and then there were four (bend down one finger)Four little seashells, cozy as could be;

Swish! went the waves, and then there were three. (bend down one finger)Three little seashells, all pearly new;

Swish! went the waves, and then there were two (bend down one finger)Two little seashells sleeping in the sun

Swish! went the waves, and then there was one (bend down one finger)One little seashell left all alone

Whispered "SHHHHHH" as I took it home. (bend down last finger)

  • Google Earth
  • Sounds of the Ocean tapes and CDs
  • Photographs taken at the beach or just of seashells in the classroom
  • Discovery Kids “Seashells” video
  • Create a slideshow of the photographs taken of the beach and seashells
language arts strategies
Language Arts Strategies
  • Background knowledge: teacher will have students think of anything they already know about seashells and sand and the beach itself.
  • Brainstorming: as a class the teacher and students will discuss what they want to learn about seashells and the beach environment.
  • Connecting: students will relate what they want to learn to their experiences at the beach and on the knowledge of seashells.
  • Playing with language: students will use language creatively through journals, songs, and writing.
  • Visualizing: students will create pictures in their minds.
language arts skills
Language Arts Skills
  • Print: students will recognize the words about seashells on the word wall.
  • Comprehension: students will recognize non-fiction, fiction and poetry.
  • Language: students will apply various skills in their writing activities: songs, journals, writing.
  • References: students will watch the videos.
grouping patterns
Grouping Patterns
  • Large Group: field trips, 5 Little Seashells, Google Earth, group reading, making music, weighing shells, read alouds.
  • Small Group: estimation, patterns.
  • Individual: writing projects and poems (with teacher), journal entries, artwork, books on tape, art portfolios.

Lesson PlanGrade Level: KindergartenSubject Area: MathematicsMaterials Needed: By The Shore worksheet, pencil, crayons, seashellsStandards: K.1.1. Count to 20 K.3.1. Sort objects according to a given attribute; e.g., use, size, color, shape K.5.1. Identify, sort, and classify objects by one attributeObjectives: TLW practice estimation. TLW trade and sort the same types of shells. TLW count shells on worksheet and real shells.Learning Activities: 1. the teacher will pass out By The Shore worksheet and explain what estimation is. 2. Teacher will help students with estimation, then have the class actually count the shells and then color the page. 3. After class is done with the worksheet, teacher will pass out a handful of seashells to each student not counting how many they get. 4. Students will exchange seashells and sort them by type, size, and colorAssessment: Students will get a basic understanding of estimation and will learn to sort shells.

  • Journal entries
  • Short stories- 6+1 writing traits
  • Poem- poetry score sheet
  • Participation in PE and music
  • Display of artwork- art critiques
  • Test memory with seashell flashcards
  • Graphs on similarities and differences dealing with the shorelines around the world
  • Portfolio of artwork and school work- portfolio checklist