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Institute of Physics. Founded : 1993 Goals : fundamental research in physics graduate study Faculty: 11 Post doctors: 10 Assistant: 4 Students: Master (5 4 ) / Doctor (2 2 ). W.F. Kao chairman of IOP.

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Institute of physics
Institute of Physics

  • Founded : 1993

  • Goals :

    • fundamental research in physics

    • graduate study

  • Faculty: 11

  • Post doctors: 10

  • Assistant: 4

  • Students: Master (54) / Doctor (22)

W.F. Kao

chairman of IOP

I am the chairman of IOP, we started the program 19 years ago, now with 11 faculty members.

Research areas


Research Areas

  • Condensed matter (5)

  • Particle and cosmology (3)

  • Biophysics (1)

  • Atomic and molecular physics (2)

Our research covers condensed matter physics, particle and cosmology, biophysics, atomic and molecular physics.

Condensed matter prof ten ming wu


Condensed matter Prof. Ten-Ming Wu

Soft Condensed Matter Physics is focused on particle dynamics in liquid, undercooled liquid and glass state; the aim is to explain the ultrafast laser spectroscopy of liquid and inelastic neutron and X-ray scattering. Currently, our studies include liquid water and liquid metal.

TM is working on soft condensed matter physics.

Condensed matter juhn jong lin dr david gareth rees


Condensed matterJuhn-Jong Lin, Dr. David Gareth Rees

Low Temperature and Mesoscopic Laboratory and Riken Joint Research Lab/NCTU is focusing its efforts on the quantum transport of low dimensional metals and semiconductor structures, the measurement of phase coherence time, the thermal and electric transport of nanowires, the tunneling current of tunnel junctions, low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (SPM), and the magnetic properties of nanowires and quantum dots.

JJ and David Rees run the mesoscopic lab and RIKEN lab working on low temperature physics. RIKEN lab downstairs is a joint lab with RIKEN/Japan.

Condensed matter hsin fei meng


Condensed matterHsin-Fei Meng

Research related to Physics of Organic Semiconductors is centered onconjugated polymers based on physics as well as semiconductor devices.Conjugated polymers are a kind of organic semiconductors consisting of carbon chains. Because of their unique physical properties, they are regarded as promising new material for producing LED, laser, transistor and electro-optical devices.

Hsin-Fei is devicing organic semiconductors, OLED. He is also the associate Dean of the IO.

Associate Dean

International Office

Condensed matter jiunn yuan lin


Condensed matterJiunn-Yuan Lin

Superconductivity and magnetism experiments concentrate on researching superconductivity and magnetism in strongly correlated electron systems. In recent years, we have made significant contributions to the world with respect to the superconductive mechanism of numerous novel superconductors, such as: MgB2, MgCNi3 and NaxCoO2. Further studies on the magnetism in the membrane of manganese oxide have also been conducted.

JY is an expert on superconductivity. He should be able to give you more details of his lab and give you a tour to his lab shortly.

Institute of physics

I am working on the evolution of the early universe, GL focuses on the neutrino physics. He is also a core member of an international neutrino experiment run at Daya Bay Reactor. David is an expert on lattice field theory.

Biophysics cheng hung chang


Biophysics Cheng-Hung Chang

The research in biophysics group focuses on the dynamical and statistical properties of molecular and cellular biological systems, including the measurement uncertainty of biological receptors, the stability of biochemical networks under extrinsic noises, the entropic force and stochastic thermodynamics of proteins and biological polymers, the efficiency of free energy transduction into mechanical work in biological motors, and the bifurcations on the neural signal under ion channel defect.

CH works on biophysics, biological motors.

Institute of physics


  • Atomic and molecular physics (2)

    • Tsin-Fu Jiang, Yoshiaki Teranishi

      Atomic and Molecular Physics is focused on the nonlinear phenomena in the interaction of molecules and intense laser, and on free electrons excited by high-order waves.

      TF and Teranishi work on atomic and molecular physics.

Institute of physics


  • Low temperature and mesoscopic physics laboratory

  • NCTU-RIKEN Joint Research Laboratory

  • Organic semiconductor laboratory

  • Quantum matter physics laboratory

  • Cosmic rays laboratory

  • Cluster of computers for computational physics

In addition to the labs shown earlier, we also have cluster of computers for the joint research group on computational physics.

International collaboration


International Collaboration

  • Agreement for Joint Graduate School Program between RIKEN, Japan and NCTU

  • Prof. Guey-Lin Lin - CosPA and NCTU

    for the FLASH collaboration

    • A Precision measurement of the neutrino mixing angle theta(13) using reactor antineutrinos at Daya-Bay, e-Print: hep-ex/0701029 PRL 2012

  • MPI “investigation of novel strongly correlated materials, thin films and chemical physics of solids” JY Lin

  • We also work closely with the faculty members of DEP.

We also work closely with the faculty members of DEP.

In particular, we also host the NCTS branch office with DEP. In fact, Natl center of theoretical science actually acts actively as an agent enhancing our joint research here.