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Story Elements

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Story Elements

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  1. Story Elements

  2. Plot The plot is what happens in the story.

  3. Characters The characters are the people and animals in a story.

  4. Problems Every story has problems that the characters in it must solve. Solving their problems often causes characters to change and grow.

  5. Henry Meets a Bully In the old days, Henry used to walk to school alone. Bullies used to scare him. But Henry was never alone anymore now that he had a dog named Mudge. One day on the way to school, Henry and Mudge met a bully who wanted Henry’s lunch. Henry felt brave with Mudge at his side. He said, “No,” and Mudge barked loudly. The bully ran away. Henry didn’t feel scared anymore, and he kept his lunch.

  6. Let’ try it! What is the setting of the story? Since Henry was walking to school, I can guess that the story takes place in the morning and is along the sidewalk between the school and his house. Who are the main characters in this story? The main characters are Henry, Mudge, and the Bully.

  7. Problem What was Henry’s problem before he got Mudge? Bullies used to scare him as he walked to school.

  8. Solution How was Henry’s problem solved? How did Henry change after he solved his problem? Mudge walks to school with Henry. Henry is no longer scared to walk to school. Now he is brave.

  9. Try it on your own! It was a dark, stormy night. Tim was at home with his sister. All of a sudden, the lights went out. Tim heard a long, low creak. Fear gripped him. He ran out of his room to find his sister. Tim found his sister in her room holding a flashlight.

  10. Check your answers! At night in Tim’s house. What is the setting? Who are the main characters? Tim and his sister What was Tim’s problem? The lights went out and he heard a noise. How did Tim feel after he found his sister? He wasn’t afraid anymore because she had a flashlight. What will Tim most likely keep in his room from now on? A flashlight How has Tim changed? He won’t be scared when the lights go out.