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Microsoft Office Specialist End of Course Reflection

Microsoft Office Specialist End of Course Reflection. Malik Gomes. Essential Question. How do I use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a business identity?. Business Logo.

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Microsoft Office Specialist End of Course Reflection

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  1. Microsoft Office Specialist End of Course Reflection Malik Gomes

  2. Essential Question How do I use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a business identity?

  3. Business Logo All businesses have that one thing that the consumers realize and recognize as that business. This one particular thing in this situation would be the business logo. In Microsoft Office Specialist we took in image from Google that had to do with our business and edited the picture to make it suited to how we want our consumers to see our eye catching logo. We wanted to make it so every time anyone sees our business’s logo they recognize it as our business.

  4. Business Cards CAFE Malik Gomes Head Chef/ Instructor PHONE (401) 456-7890 FAX (401) 456-7809 123 Awesomeness Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island www.justcookit.com Every business requires something to catch their consumers and lure them in somehow. A business card is a perfect way to do this. During the Microsoft Office Specialist class we created an entire business using only Microsoft Office 2010. As part of creating a business I had to create a business card that had my business name, logo, and other important information.

  5. Business Flyer To get the bigger picture of a business, a business card just won’t cut it. That is where a business flyer comes in. Able to catch the eye and have more information about what your business offers a flyer does the best job. Explaining more about what your business is about in a short and simple eye catching flyer. I was able to use a Microsoft Office template and successfully make this flyer for my business.

  6. Business Brochure When business cards and flyers aren’t enough and the consumers want to know more about the business you are providing, a business brochure can come in handy. Learning how to use templates from Microsoft office is an essential part in learning about the program. Using a template from Microsoft Office, I was able to create the first page of my business brochure.

  7. Business Checks Since it is a business, of course money will be involved. Money is a large part of every business. Spending money on things you need is essential, so of course a check book is required. Using an image of a check from Google, I copied an pasted the image to word, then placed my logo onto it, putting three checks on a single document, then printed it, cut them out, and stapled it together to make my check book.

  8. Business Expenses Typically keeping track of things is important. In a business, keeping track of expenses is critical. As a practice for keeping track of our expenses, in class I had to make a list of at least 10 items I would need for my office for my business. I had to keep track of the name of the item, the place of which it was being bought, and the price. Also I had a budget that I had to stay under.

  9. Business Register No longer a practice, for my business register I had to keep track of real expenses I would have had, if I had a real business. This includes bills, rent, supplies, etc. For this assignment, rather than using Microsoft Word 20120 , we used Microsoft Excel 2010. Via video we learned a formula to help adjust the balance as money was spent, or received. As well for this assignment, I had a higher budget that I could not exceed.

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