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CIO Council Pandemic Committee

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CIO Council Pandemic Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CIO Council Pandemic Committee. June 2007 Report. Deliverables. We provide constant surveillance over the world’s news media.  We routinely go over current events.  We are seeking and conducting peer review of agency pandemic plans.

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  • We provide constant surveillance over the world’s news media. 
  • We routinely go over current events. 
  • We are seeking and conducting peer review of agency pandemic plans.
  • Our Website is an excellent portal for preparedness info. 
  • Soon, our pandemic e-newsletter will be back in circulation. 
  • The Florida Channel has asked to continue carrying all our meetings live on statewide television.  This has a larger audience than you would imagine, and reinforces us as the most transparent of all the pandemic groups – if there are other pandemic groups out there!  So wear makeup.
key assumptions
Key Assumptions
  • Assessments of individual agency preparedness are pointless and worthless, because we have no mandate to do so and no one cares right now about pandemics, save for us. 
  • So we will continue to harass and harangue those agencies who do not actively participate, and work closely with those that do want to join us. 
  • We will provide, via meetings and Website info, the information agencies need to prepare. 
  • We will discuss best practices and we will absorb and implement what we can.
  •  But we want agencies as a whole to prepare, not just IT. 
  • So we also need to “eat our own dog food” and make formal requests for masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and other non-pharmaceutical interventions for us and for our staff. 
  • This will continue to remind decision-makers that government won’t run on goodwill alone when a pandemic strikes. 
  • Maybe we can’t stockpile Tamiflu (actually we can as individuals), but we can do what we must to protect our people.


April – June, 2007

  • H7N2 outbreak in poultry
  • Moves quickly to humans
  • 256 tested for H7N2
  • 17 positives
  • Mild avian flu, but with pandemic potential


A Pakistani farmer displays two chickens infected with H5N1



Disinfecting in Hunan, China, in wake of outbreak and hospitalization of Chinese Army soldier.



National Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Hanoi

its most famous current resident

Its most famous current resident

Intensive Care, H5N1 patient.

Died Saturday.

First Vietnamese H5N1 death since November, 2005.

Also is sixth death in same province.



US Ambassador to Cambodia delivers medical supplies with help of bird flu awareness mascot.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Jembrana, Indonesia