5 simple hacks to maximize your tax refund n.
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5 simple hacks to maximize your tax refund PowerPoint Presentation
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5 simple hacks to maximize your tax refund

5 simple hacks to maximize your tax refund

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5 simple hacks to maximize your tax refund

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  1. 5 Simple Hacks to Maximize Your Tax Refund

  2. Your tax refunds are nothing less than surprising Christmas gifts that arrive in the springtime. • You worked very hard to earn your money, and hence when the tax returns arrive it is always a great feeling and celebration time for the taxpayers. • There could be various factors which cut-short your tax refunds.

  3. Even a small wrong financial decision can eat up your tax returns. • The good news is that you can control how big your tax returns could be for this financial year. • Check these simple hacks to maximize your tax refunds.

  4. #1Right Investments • First and foremost, the most important step you need to take is to start investing in a tax saving plan. • Early tax planning and right investments are one of the most prominent ways to take advantage of deductions and maximize your tax refunds.

  5. #2 Increase IRA Contributions • This is one of the most highly recommended ways to maximize your tax refunds. • Start contributing in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). • And if you are already contributing in one such account, it’s time to increase the contributions.

  6. #3 Don’t Forget Deductions • Don’t forget to deduct donations made to charitable organizations, as it will lower your taxable income. • Donations made to non-profit hospitals, charitable schools, colleges, and religious organizations are exempted from taxes. • Also, the expenses and costs for dependent care (children and aging parents) are also deductible. • Consult a tax professional to know about this clause in details.

  7. #4 Claim Credits • It is a well-known fact that credits are much more effective than deductions when it comes to reduce taxable income. • Some of the credits made to your account are exempted from the taxable amount. These include: • The Earned Income Tax Credit • The Child and Dependent Care Credit • The Child Tax Credit • Additional Child Tax Credit • Educational Tax Credits

  8. #5 Be On-time • Last but not the least, don’t ever delay paying off your taxes. • Taxpayers who stick to the calendar and deadlines have higher chances of maximizing tax refunds.

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