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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One) PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One)

Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One)

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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One)

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  1. Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One)

  2. INTRODUCTION • Laptops are great consumer electronics products. • They allow us to surf the net wherever there’s proper network coverage, and with enough money, we can play games there too. The sad thing about laptops though, is the horrible sound quality they provide. • With a laptop, we can’t fully enjoy whatever we are doing that involves audio. Even the songs with the highest bitrates and uncompressed data don’t sound good. • If you’re looking for the best laptop speakers, you can check out this list. They’re not really that big, and some are even portable.

  3. Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 • The Lapdesk line of products of Logitech is truly unique. They combine three things – portable speakers, cooling pad and laptop cushion in one simple package. • This product is USB – powered, powering both the fan and the two speakers at the same time. It fits laptops that are big – typically 17 inches.

  4. Altec Lansing InMotion Air IMW725 • The InMotion Air features two speakers in a rectangular body. There’s a USB cable and a remote control. This product has Bluetooth capability, perfect for laptops that have Bluetooth streaming. • The great thing about this product is that it supports Windows or Apple computers. • You can stream audio from other sources too, like an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, or other players with Bluetooth.

  5. Altec Lansing Orbit IML237 • For those who want a really portable speaker (as in, just one speaker instead of two), then the Orbit is a great choice for you. • The Orbit is pretty small, and as mentioned earlier, only has one speaker. • It is USB powered and doesn’t have any controls, but it does sound great for its size. It measures 86.3mm in diameter and 50.8mm thick. • Rounding out the product is a neat little stand, giving you better hearing angles.

  6. Continuation • We’ll look at a few more portable speakers in another installment.

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