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Business Ethics. For My Friends in BSAD 101 By Thomas Hilton. Trust. Do you want to be trusted? Do you want to trust your associates? What happens to relationships as trust decreases? Increases?. Topics for Today. Definitions Examples Assignment. Definitions: Ethics.

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Business ethics l.jpg

Business Ethics

For My Friends in BSAD 101

By Thomas Hilton

Trust l.jpg

  • Do you want to be trusted?

  • Do you want to trust your associates?

  • What happens to relationships as trust decreases? Increases?

Topics for today l.jpg
Topics for Today

  • Definitions

  • Examples

  • Assignment

Definitions ethics l.jpg
Definitions: Ethics

Rules of right and wrong behavior in a particular field

Definitions business ethics l.jpg
Definitions: Business Ethics

  • Rules of right and wrong behavior in business

  • Foundation of the trust essential for commerce

  • Sometimes arbitrary: “Gaming Ethics”

  • Based on universal moral principles

Definitions aacsb international l.jpg
Definitions: AACSB International

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

  • Accredits Virtually all Reputable US Business Schools, Including UWEC

  • Aims to Educate Business Leaders

  • “Business and society are mutually interdependent: Society depends on business for wealth creation while business depends on society for an environment wherein it can meet its obligation to create that wealth.”

  • “…business schools cannot be expected to assume total responsibility for ethical debacles in [business]… Nonetheless, …the time has come for business schools…to renew and revitalize their commitment to the centrality of ethical responsibility at both the individual and corporate levels in preparing business leaders for the twenty-first century.”

    Ethics Education in Business SchoolsReport of the Ethics Education Task Force to AACSB International’s Board of Directors

Definitions aacsb international s four broad ethics themes l.jpg
Definitions: AACSB International’s Four Broad Ethics Themes

  • Responsibility of Business in Society

  • Ethical Decision-Making

  • Ethical Leadership

  • Corporate Governance

Definitions aacsb core business ethics l.jpg
Definitions: AACSB Core Business Ethics

  • Produce Wealth for Society

  • Distribute that Wealth Appropriately

  • Enhance these Abilities for the Future

Three questions l.jpg
Three Questions…

  • What is “Wealth”?

  • Who is “Society”?

  • What is “Appropriate”?

Cases answer the three questions l.jpg
CasesAnswer the Three Questions

  • Hint: Use the Systems View

  • Mayo Health System

  • Statz Construction

  • Aldi International

  • Accenture

  • Harley Davidson, Inc.

Personal connections l.jpg
Personal Connections

  • Professional Ethics

  • Learn Them

  • Use Them

  • Influence Others to Use Them

  • Support Ethical Management

Conclusion l.jpg

  • The world runs on information systems

  • People run information systems

  • The people who run the information systems run the world

  • Be careful not to break it

Assignment l.jpg

  • Memo

    • One-page Defending Your Opinion of Illegal Music File Trading

  • Grading

    • Content

    • Organization

    • Language mechanics

    • Format

  • Deadline

    • Email it to me by the start of Wednesday’s class