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Maryland’s Security Integration Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Maryland’s Security Integration Initiative

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Maryland’s Security Integration Initiative
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Maryland’s Security Integration Initiative

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  1. Maryland’s Security Integration Initiative Sometimes the most common sense solutions drive success Virginia Geckler Ron Brothers

  2. Forgot your password?

  3. Integration & Unification

  4. Maryland Information Sharing circa 2008

  5. “Security integration means protecting our people and communities through seamless coordination and consistent information-sharing. It means that the criminal justice system must work as a system, not a collection of parallel lines -- and parallel cultures and parallel datasets and parallel intelligence systems - - that never meet.” Governor Martin O’Malley

  6. Integration & Unification

  7. The most valuable resource a state government owns is its data. U.S. Marshal State Police Local Prosecutors Local Police and Sheriffs Parole & Probation D.C. Police Patrol, crime analysts, detectives… ATF Federal Prosecutors FBI

  8. Mission: • Integrate siloed databases • Access relevant information using a single inquiry • Use a single user ID and password • Be accessible from any web enabled device • Require no database modifications • Be structured so that each agency could store its own data and information

  9. Solution:TheCriminalJusticeDashboard a web-based application developed by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) that allows authorized public safety personnel read only access to over 100 data sources with a single user ID and password.

  10. only one!

  11. Data Sources MD Division of Corrections MD Division of Parole and Probation MD Parole Commission MD Criminal History (CJIS) Baltimore City Intake and Detention Center Baltimore City Pretrial Baltimore City Police Department MD Department of Juvenile Services MD Department of Natural Resources MD Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene MD State Police CODIS (DNA) DC Metropolitan Police Judicial Information Systems (Courts)

  12. Data Sources • MD Motor Vehicle Administration • MD HIDTA • MD Sex Offender Registry • MD Department of Education • Police and Correctional Training Commissions • Social Security Administration • MD Central Photo Repository • Arrest • DOC Intake • P&P Intake • Sex Offender Registry • Photo Recognition Capability • Mapping Capability • Warrant Information

  13. Efficient Innovation • Read only access to data • Each participating agency stores its own data • Data is retrieved in real time • Accessible via a secure web site • Available to anyone with a valid NCIC user ID and password • Full audit capabilities • All information must be independently verified • Designed to assist police, but does not replace police work • Dashboard is a data consolidation tool and a roadmap to information

  14. Searching the Dashboard The user may use the Dashboard to search for an offender by: • State Identification Number (SID) • Last Name • Driver’s License Number • FBI Number • Zip code • And/or, any combination of the aforementioned search criteria and First name, Social Security Number, or Date of Birth

  15. Search Results An example of the results from an initial search: 1234567 SMITH

  16. Additional Information: Reports Click on the hyperlinks in the Reports column (present on every page) on the left hand side of the screen for navigating to the related pages. 1234567 1234567 SMITH

  17. Key Features of the Dashboard 18 Division of Parole and Probation data Warrants Facial Recognition

  18. Mapping Application 19

  19. Viewing Offenders 20

  20. Selection Tools 21

  21. Address Search 22

  22. Export to Excel 23

  23. Warrants 24 Direct data feed from courts as warrants issued Automatically matches warrant information vs. DPP information so an alert can be sent to the appropriate DPP agent Various sorting and searching capabilities

  24. MD Warrants.NOW! 25 Law enforcement may search warrants using the following criteria. Search results may be printed, mapped and downloaded.

  25. 26

  26. Facial Recognition 28 • Over 2.1 million photos have been uploaded into the Dashboard from the Maryland Image Repository System (MIRS). • A photo or good sketch can be compared to the 2.1 million photos and the closest matches will be displayed. • DPSCS is coordinating with other agencies to add more photos into the Dashboard Removing Anonymity

  27. Next Steps • Work as a region to consistently and seamlessly share information • Cross-border arrest feeds • Match arrest data with DPP records • Give other states access to the Dashboard • Encourage agencies in other states to share their data via the Dashboard

  28. And this is only Version 1.0 “This tool is fantastic. I wish had this tool 20 years ago. Do you realize what a good thing this is? We’ve got to be the only state in the country that has this tool…this will make police work so much easier.” Harford County Sheriff’s Office “I’ve been using this for over a year…the information is endless. It makes it so much easier to solve crimes.” Maryland State Police