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Welcome to Lake Zurich High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Lake Zurich High School

Welcome to Lake Zurich High School

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Welcome to Lake Zurich High School

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  1. Welcome to Lake Zurich High School

  2. This Morning • Gathered in the PAC • Small Group activities • Tour • Met the Counselors, Deans of Students and Lake Zurich School Resource Officer • Talked with student leaders • Team building activities • Walked through class schedule

  3. Before the First Day of School • Schedule • If lost, a copy can be obtained through Home Access using student login and password. Offices will not print copies. • Schedule contains: • Course name • Teacher name • Semester or full year course • Room number • Counselor name • Locker and combination • Student Home Access Information Do not post on social media sites!

  4. Before the First Day of School • Home Access • Available to all parents and students on first day of school • Each student has own log-in • Must have current email address • Email to sign up, for change of email, passwords, etc. • Teachers are only required to post grades at progress report time and report card time • Student Handbook • Received at Residency Event • Contains agenda/assignment notebook • Contains Student Code of Conduct (expectations for behavior) • Student signs that they have received handbook • Replacement is $10 • Student is responsible for knowing information contained in handbook

  5. Before the First Day of School • Identification Cards (ID) • Received at Residency Event. If you did not receive one, please take your picture on August 26, before school in the Library Classroom. Retakes are on October 11. • Students must have their ID on them at all times. • For computer access, user name is ID number and password is student-controlled. • Used for identification, computer access, security, some textbook check out/in, Library, Point of Sale lunch system, tickets, entrance to dances, and reduced fee for athletic competitions. • If lost, replacement is $10.

  6. Before the First Day of School • School Supplies • No official list • Notebooks • Folders • Pens • Pencils • Scientific Calculator • Backpacks are allowed • Teacher directed supplies • Will be specified first days of school

  7. Before the First Day of School • Locker and Combination • Each student receives a locker for their use • Lockers are not to be shared with another student • Student is responsible for all materials within their assigned locker • Locker is property of the school • For any locker problems, go to the Attendance Office

  8. On the First Day of School • Bus drop off is on the north side of the building (by the Performing Arts Center) • Parent drop-off/pick-up of students is on the south side of the building (by Door 1/Flagpole/Circle Drive entrance) • Only doors open are 1, 7, and 14 until 7:55 a.m.; including late start Mondays. • After 7:55 a.m. only door #1 (circle drive entrance) is open.

  9. During the First Week of School • First of day of classes is Monday, August 26 • 7:55 a.m. – 3:11 p.m. • 9 period day • 44 minutes per period • 5 minute passing periods • Lunch • Students can use cash or the POS system. • Typical lunch is $2.65 (Entrée, side and milk).

  10. During the First Week of School • Study Halls • Students are to bring study materials and quietly study • Peer Leaders are assigned to freshman study halls to help with transition to high school.

  11. During the First Week of School • Physical Education Uniforms and Locks • Should have been purchased at the Residency Event. If not, please pay Bookkeeper and take receipt to PE teacher to receive uniform. • Cost = $20.00 • If writing a check, make payable to • LZCUSD #95 • Lock is provided by P.E. teacher • Used every year • Returned at end of senior year • If lost, Replacement is $7 • Student is responsible for ensuring that items are safely locked in the P.E. locker

  12. Attendance • When a student is going to be absent, for any reason, call the Attendance Office at 847-438-5162 (available 24 hours) • Absences not cleared within 24 hours will be unexcused • Excused absences • Illness • Family Emergencies • Funerals • Religious Holidays **Oversleeping, weather, missing the bus, working, etc. are not excused absences or tardies. • Signing in/out • Whenever a student is leaving for any reason or coming in late (after first five minutes of class) they must check in and out at the attendance office.

  13. Attendance • Leaving Early • If not feeling well, students must go to the nurse’s office to be excused to go home. The nurse will call parents. • If student must leave early for a Dr./Dentist appointment, call attendance office. They will send a pass to the student to leave. Bring a Dr./Dentist note back to attendance office when return. • Arriving Late (after first five minutes of class) • Students must check in at the attendance office to receive a pass to class. • If not in attendance, cannot be on school grounds for any reason during day or attend school events in evening. • Please refer to student handbook for more information.

  14. Lake Zurich High SchoolStudent Dress Expectations 2013 - 2014

  15. Our Rationale In order to accomplish the mission of LZHS, the faculty is committed to providing our students with a learning environment that is safe, healthy, and free from distraction or disruption. We want our students to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom so that learning can be the primary focus of their time spent at the high school. Our school community prides itself on our academic success. The fashion industry may dictate what is “in style” for social settings, however, we believe more conservative choices will allow for greater success in our school setting. The dress regulations highlighted in this presentation are general guidelines. The administration reserves the right to make final decisions on appropriate dress. On judgments of appropriateness, LZHS will error on the side of modesty.

  16. Hats, bandanas, hoods, or sunglasses will NOT be permitted in the building at any time. Garments that are a necessary part of a recognized religious organization will, of course, be permitted.

  17. Unacceptable shirts include: strapless, backless, spaghetti straps, revealing midriffs, low-cut styles, cut-off tshirts, sleeveless tops with less than a 2 inch diameter on the shoulder. Tank styles must fit neatly under the arm of both boys and girls. Cut too low under arms

  18. While these tops may be fashionable, they are distracting to the learning environment; avoid items that are sheer or revealing. Undergarment exposure is always inappropriate. Sheer; bra exposure Straps < 2 in.; bra exposure Low-cut; revealing Backless

  19. Shorts that are excessively tight or revealing will not be permitted in school. Upward cut; short and revealing • General Rules of Thumb: • Shorts that are cut “upward” from the inseam to the outer leg will not fit in a manner that is acceptable in school. No material below the pockets; too revealing

  20. Skirts and Dresses that are excessively short, tight, or revealing will not be permitted in school. Keep in Mind… Just because you can pull your skirt down it does not mean that it will retain that length when walking up the stairs or sitting in class.

  21. Pants may not be worn to sag. All pants must fit around the waist and be properly fastened. Pants are too low and underwear is exposed.

  22. Clothing may not contain messages that are vulgar, offensive, or degrading to others. Clothing that promotes drug use, alcohol, tobacco, or violence is unacceptable at school. Clothing or jewelry associated with gangs or cults are also not permitted.

  23. Important Notes • The LZHS dress expectations are intended to create an environment where learning is the primary focus, with as little distraction as possible for our students. • We hope to maximize the effectiveness of each student’s educational experience by maintaining a culture of hard work and integrity, which includes appropriate dress. • Should a student make an error in judgment with regard to dress, they will be asked to remedy the situation immediately through the following process: • If the student has a substitute clothing item available, they will be asked to change immediately and return to class. • If the student does not have alternate clothing, they will be required to change into a PE uniform for the rest of the day, or until a parent drops off an appropriate change of clothes. • *NOTE: Students will NOT be excused from class to wait for parents to drop off clothes; they will either change promptly into a PE uniform, or choose to sacrifice their class time for the In-School-Suspension Room)

  24. Repeat disregard of the dress expectations will result in consequences defined by the student handbook. • Helpful Tips for Students and Parents… • We certainly do not want students to miss class time for any reason, especially inappropriate dress. If a clothing item is in question, opt for another choice! The deans are always available to answer questions about dress expectations. • Keep a light sweater or sweatpants in your locker. The easiest way to fix an inappropriate or revealing outfit is to cover it up! • Be prepared: this presentation was designed to clarify the unavoidable ambiguity that exists in most dress codes. Inappropriate dress issues are not up for debate. Refusal to remedy a dress situation will result in your choice to miss class; these absences will be unexcused.

  25. Dance Attire • You must be able to dance in your dress comfortably without exposing yourself • No backless dresses lower than the natural waistline • No dresses cut below the bust line Cut below waistline Cut below Bust line No cut outs that expose any skin from the bust line down

  26. These dresses are very short; if you are at risk of exposing more than what is seen here, we will ask you not to dance! Choose a comfortable dress that allows you to ENJOY the dance! 

  27. All of these styles ARE appropriate …

  28. Cell Phones/PEDs • Phones may be used during unscheduled times (before/after school, lunch, passing periods). • Phones/PEDs may be used in the classroom at teacher discretion. • Misuse will result in phone being confiscated and turned into Dean’s Office. • Confiscated phones may be picked up at the end of the school day (3:11). • District 95 will not tolerate any sexting, harassment, bullying behavior • Parents should call the attendance office when needing to contact their student.


  30. Late Start Mondays • Chance for teachers to work together in curricular teams • Begin September 9 and continue almost every Monday. Check school calendar on website for dates. • 1st hour class begins at 8:31 a.m. • Students can take bus at normal time and take advantage of resource rooms and library, or stay in café. • Supervision is done by administration. • If students are driven, drop off is at main entrance; door #1. All doors, but #1, are locked after 7:55.

  31. Resource Rooms • Resource rooms are open all day, every day and will be staffed with a certified teacher from core content areas each period plus resource room aide. • Math/Science/Tech Resource Room C117 • Literacy Center For Humanities Room A104 Computers available

  32. LIBRARY • Open everyday 7:25-3:45 • Quiet study/work time • 30 computers available • No food/drink allowed • No passes needed

  33. Frequently Asked Questions • If a student is absent, how do I report it? • Call the Attendance Office at 847-438-5162 • If a student is absent, how do they make up a test? • If it is an excused absence the test may be made up in the Testing Center in the Library. Students are given the number of days absent plus 1 to make up homework and/or tests.

  34. Frequently Asked Questions • What if a student needs extra help? • Resource rooms, NHS tutors, and talk to the teacher • What if a student needs to stay after school to work with a teacher, are there late buses? • No

  35. Frequently Asked Questions • Are there computers available for a student to use to type a paper? • Library, Literacy Center, A133 • Before school, during lunch period, during study hall period, after school

  36. Frequently Asked Questions • What if a student is interested in signing up for a club or sport? • Sports – Athletic Office • Clubs – listen to announcements, attend the first meeting or let the sponsor know you are interested • See Mr. Rubenstein in the Main Office or Mr. Vazquez in the Athletic Office.

  37. Frequently Asked Questions • How do I know what is going on in the school? • Announcements read during the day • Announcements posted on the school website

  38. Frequently Asked Questions • Are grades posted on-line? • Home Access will be available August 26 • Log-in and password protected • Each student received a log-in and password. • Parents may request a log-in and password by emailing

  39. Frequently Asked Questions • How do I contact my student’s teachers? • Phone/Voice mail • Email

  40. Questions • Please see one of the presenters.