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Demerits. Residence Facilitators . Accumulating points. 4 points  Written Warning 8 points  Probation 12 points  Cause for Termination Ultimate authority for contract termination rests with the President. One Point Offences .

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Residence Facilitators

accumulating points
Accumulating points
  • 4 points  Written Warning
  • 8 points  Probation
  • 12 points  Cause for Termination
  • Ultimate authority for contract termination rests with the President
one point offences
One Point Offences
  • Failure to attend house council without prior notice/approval
  • Omitting check box information in a ResRules Incident Report (RRIR)- ex. offence classification, assigned sanction, etc.
  • Omitting explanation for choice of sanction from appropriate field in RRIR
  • Omitting or including incorrect headings in sanction letters
  • Failing to read/listen to and reply to correspondence within 2 business days of receipt (ex. email, voicemail)
  • Not recording a personal voicemail inbox message prior to the first day of classes
  • Failing to copy your RLC on a paper case sent to another RLC
  • Failure to submit receipts in numerical order with Deposit Transition Form
two point offences
Two Point Offences
  • Failure to meet or seek reasonable accommodation for deadlines
  • Investigating a case via email, phone, etc. without prior approval
  • Inappropriate sanction assignment (without sound reasoning)
  • Inconsistent case findings in a paper case (without sound reasoning)
  • Missing information in letter of responsibility (ie. sanction info, offence info, etc.)
  • Incomplete case notes, including but not limited to:
    • Missing time/date info
    • Incorrect student names
    • No rationale for case decisions
    • Not enough (or vague) information about interview conversation
two point offences cotd
Two Point Offences (cotd.)
  • Failing to maintain communication with other RFs investigating a paper case (including making contact before and after meeting with respondents)
  • Missing more than one (1) scheduled 1:1 meeting with your RLC during an academic term without prior notice/approval
  • Failure to attend more than one (1) scheduled RLC team meeting without prior notice/approval
  • Failure to deposit money in a timely manner
    •  >$100 – within 24 hours
    • <$100 – within 5 business days
  • Discrepancy of cash deposited and recorded collection of less than $50
  • Failure to submit Cheque Requisition Forms within the 30 day time frame
  • Failure to attend assigned Residence Facilitator committee meetings (or notify chair and send a proxy)
three point offences
Three Point Offences
  • Failure to attend a house event without previous notice/approval
  • Failure to attend MCRC staff meetings (without reasonable excuse and prior approval)
  • Failure to let House President know of an event conflict at least four days prior to an event as outlined in Bylaw 3.5.8 vii
four point offences
Four Point Offences
  • Disrespectful and/or unprofessional behaviour toward teammates (including RLC)
  • Discrepancy of cash deposited and recorded collection of more than $50
eight point offences
Eight Point Offences
  • Violation of any of the Residence Rules and Regulations
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages with residents in any residence building
  • Violation of the Senate Orientation Leaders Contract
  • Failure to attend all mandatory training sessions (without prior notice/approval)
  • Illegal substance abuse in residence