Welcome to meet the teacher night
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Welcome to Meet the Teacher Night. Mrs. Matten Second Grade September 3, 2014. Goals for Students. Responsibility Effort Academics Social Skills Self-control of actions and words - Development of speaking, listening, and problem solving skills.

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Welcome to meet the teacher night

Welcome to Meetthe Teacher Night

Mrs. Matten

Second Grade

September 3, 2014

Goals for students
Goals for Students

  • Responsibility

  • Effort

  • Academics

  • Social Skills

    • Self-control of actions and words

    • - Development of speaking, listening, and

    • problem solving skills.

School wide behavior plan
School-Wide Behavior Plan

Be Respectful – Be Responsible – Be Safe

…in order to create a safe, positive, and predictable learning environment.

  • School Zones (are taught and posted throughout Whitfield as reminders)

  • Please see Student/Parent Handbook

Classroom rules
Classroom Rules

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  • Respect school property

  • Be respectful

  • Be prepared for class – homework, classwork, sharpened pencils, etc.

  • Follow directions the first time

    Use self control

Behavior clip chart
Behavior Clip Chart

Purple = Outstanding (Wow! I am making fantastic behavior choices.

My teacher is proud of me.)

Blue = Role model (I am setting a good example for others to follow.)

Green = Ready to learn (I’m meeting all of the behavior expectations so my classmates and I can learn!)

Yellow = Warning (I need to start making better behavior choices.)

Orange = Reteach expectations (I will need to relearn behavior expectations during my time.)

Red = Parent Contact (I will need to write a letter to my parents about my behavior choices today and make a plan to follow the expectations.) – YELLOW THINK SHEET

Behavior clip chart cont
Behavior Clip Chart (cont.)

  • Positive Consequences

    • If a student ends his/her day on green, blue, or purple they can hand in their “ABC ” card. I will stamp it according to where their clip was. When their card is full they can trade it in for a classroom coupon. Trade in days will be every DAY 6. Some examples of the coupons are:

      • Show and tell, have a Smartie, read a story to the class, etc.

New homework folder
NEW Homework Folder

4 parts

  • Right back to school (Student’s Homework)

    • All homework assignments should be completed on time, with the student’s best effort, and neatly written.

    • Please help your child with their homework if needed. If something was particularly hard for them please let me know.

  • Left at home (Please check and empty every night)

  • Assignment sheets

    • Parent signature EVERY night (students’ responsibility to ask you)

  • Reading Log

    • Record reading minutes (individual student goals).

    • Please help child to time their reading.

    • Teacher will add up minutes on Day 6.

  • New homework folder cont
    NEW Homework Folder(cont.)

    My Week In Review

    • Starting on 9/12 (Next DAY 1)

    • On back of Weekly Newsletter in homework folder.

    • Will be completed by the student in pencil and by the teacher in marker.

    • Please sign and/or make comments on a DAY 6 (reminder will be written in homework assignments)


    • Will be sent home on DAY 6. Please sign and return.

    Missed homework
    Missed Homework

    Homework folders are checked every morning. If something is missing I will highlight it as a reminder to students and they will not receive a sticker.

    • Consequences: Students will be given time to complete missing assignments during their time (usually recess). This includes any reading minutes they missed.

    Class schedule
    Class Schedule

    • Morning Routine & Announcements

    • Morning Meeting

    • Language Arts – Reading

    • Specials

    • Recess & Lunch

    • Math

    • Writing

    • Recess

    • Content (Science/Social Studies)

    • Read Aloud

    • Dismissal


    • Day 1 – Art

    • Day 2 – MAX (Extra Phys. Ed. during cycle 1)

    • Day 3 – Library (Guidance during cycle 4)

    • Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

    • Day 5 – Music

    • Day 6 – Music

      * Half way through the school year, one music class will be replaced with Phys. Ed.

    Language arts
    Language Arts

    • A variety of literature is presented through the use of trade books and the Macmillan McGraw-Hill language arts series TREASURES.

    • Reading activities will include shared reading, paired reading, individual reading, read aloud, and discussions.

    • Guided reading literature will be leveled and taught in small groups.

    • Literacy centers will be conducted during guided reading to develop reading, writing, grammar, and spelling skills.


    • After the first unit is complete, five additional spelling words will be added to the spelling list. These words will be differentiated based on the student’s needs. We call these “Good Fit Groups”

    • There will be three different spelling groups. The student will be placed in the differentiated groups based on performance.

    • These groups are flexible so students can be moved from one group to another throughout the year.

    Welcome to meet the teacher night

    Envision Math

    • MASTERY based. Students are expected to master each topic as we progress through the year.

    • The Envision Math program is used everyday in 2nd grade for 60 minutes.

    • Math homework will be 2 sided. One side is on-level practice of what we did in class. The other side is differentiated, depending on what your child was able to show of their understanding during the day’s lesson.

    • A test will be given at the end of each topic. There are 16 topics for the school year. Please sign and return these as they come home.

    Social studies and science

    Many topics are integrated throughout our Language Arts units. Some of the topics we expand upon are:

    Plants, animal habitats, the moon and its phases, weather, different cultures, types of communities, etc.

    Science Program: Students will be exploring how things CHANGE through inquiry based science.

    STATE Reports: Culminating activity at end of the year. Students will choose a state to research

    and write a report. There is an “At home”


    Social Studies and Science


    There will be LOTS of writing in Second Grade. There are 4 writing units:





    Tiny Topics notebooks to write any ideas that they might have to write about later.


    Field trips

    Spring Township Fire Station (Fall): writing units:

    Wednesday Sept. 10, 1:00 – 2:00

    Safety Trailer: Very informative and worthwhile presentation to teach students about fire hazards in the house. Ends with simulated “smoke” (fog machine) to allow children to practice safely exiting house. Asthma concerns?

    911 call: Please have your child practice saying his/her address at home.

    Hershey Museum (Spring):

    All day field trip

    Often there are more chaperones interested

    than allowed by Hershey. If this happens,

    I will choose randomly.

    Field Trips

    Extra extra
    Extra! Extra! writing units:

    • School Day Hours

      • Our school day is from 8:50 – 3:25.

      • It is expected that students will be IN the classroom at 8:50. Students whom arrive in the classroom after 8:50 will be marked tardy.

    • Transportation Changes

      • Please write a note letting me know any changes in your

        child’s after school plans. (not in homework folder)

      • If a change needs to be made during the school day please

        call the office to let them know.

    • Missed days of school (sick or vacation)

      • I will send home any missed work AFTER your child returns to school.

      • Please send in an excuse note (if sick) when your child returns to school.

      • Please fill out office form ahead of time for vacations.

    Extra extra1
    Extra! Extra! writing units:

    • Toys/Supplies

      • Please keep all toys and school supplies at home.

        - All school supplies are provided.

    • Snacks

      • Please pack healthy, finger foods that can be taken outside or eaten while working independently in the classroom.

    • Report Cards: Standards based

    • Teacher Website: Helpful info. and links

    Extra extra2
    Extra! Extra! writing units:


    • According to Whitfield’s policy we cannot allow students to bring in food or treats (stickers, pencils, etc.) on their birthday. If you’d like to do something special for your child, our Whitfield handbook recommends contributing a class or library book in honor of their special day.

    • Invitations for home parties may not be distributed in class unless the entire class is invited. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

    Contact info
    Contact Info. writing units:

    Email address: matjen@wilsonsd.org

    Phone number: 610-670-0180 Ext. 3436

    Thank you for coming to

    Meet the Teacher Night!