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My Senior Project By Greg Blaszczak PowerPoint Presentation
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My Senior Project By Greg Blaszczak

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My Senior Project By Greg Blaszczak - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Senior Project By Greg Blaszczak. Project Details. For our graduation projects, James Searfoss and I wrote and recorded an album with our band.

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project details
Project Details
  • For our graduation projects, James Searfoss and I wrote and recorded an album with our band.
  • James and I decided to do this for our project because we both enjoy playing music with our band and we could get valuable experience with both playing and recording music.
  • The music was recorded in Madisonburg, Pa at John Hazel’s personal studio.
  • Mr. Hazel was my chosen mentor for the project because he is a long-time musician and has experience with recording music.
practice routine
Practice Routine
  • I try to practice daily, but don’t have time some nights.
  • James and I practiced almost every weekend.
  • The band usually got together for practice about once every two weeks.
my role in the album making process
My Role In the Album Making Process
  • I wrote and recorded all of the guitar tracks on the album.
  • I also had a part in the recording process by helping set the levels of the instruments and by helping mix the final versions of the songs.
problems encountered
Problems Encountered
  • Conflicting Schedules
  • Finding a second drummer
  • Small practice space
  • Getting time in the studio
  • Lack of computer editing software
equipment amplifiers
Equipment - Amplifiers

Clean Channel

Overdrive Channel

learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  • Communications (vi) – Playing music in any type of group requires a large amount of communication. It is important to effectively communicate within the band to ensure that all members know the material properly. For example, if one of the band members has the timing wrong for a section of a song, the music won’t fit together and eventually everyone will get thrown off.
learning outcomes1
Learning Outcomes
  • Arts and Humanities (iv) – Our band created and recorded all of the material on the album. The band is a way for us to express ourselves and have fun through something we all enjoy – music.
learning outcomes2
Learning Outcomes
  • Citizenship (viii) – All of the members of a band must be able to work well with each other. Most things involving a band are done as a group effort and everyone has to be able to work effectively together to get all of the instruments to come together.