implementation of sadcopac conference resolutions the case of zambia by hon v mwale pac chairperson n.
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  1. IMPLEMENTATION OF SADCOPAC CONFERENCE RESOLUTIONS: The Case of Zambiaby hon v mwale, pac chairperson

  2. Introduction As we have often stated, Public Accounts Committees differ from one jurisdiction to another in the way they conduct their oversight function and they also face diverse challenges. But the basis of SADCOPAC resolutions is that we have something to learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions hence the call to all members is to study these resolutions closely and convince our Parliaments where possible to implement them.

  3. Introduction Cont’d This presentation, therefore, gives an idea of how the Zambian Parliament is faring in the implementation of the Uganda, 2013 resolutions. It is my hope that this short presentation will provide some talking points that will encourage debate on how we can improve the performance of our PACs .

  4. Features of the Zambia PAC • Mandate: Act of Parliament & Standing Orders • Size: 9 Members from Backbench • Chairperson: From opposition( by practice) • Quorum: 04 • Term of Office: Sessional • PAC Clerks: 02 • Reports: No minority reports

  5. Implementation of Resolutions PUTTING MORE EMPHASIS ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT PROCESS The PAC in Zambia has consistently urged procuring agencies to follow tender procedures and any cases of abuse are referred to investigative wings for further investigation and possible prosecution.

  6. Implementation of Resolutions PAC TO SUPPORT STRENGTHENING OF INTERNAL AUDIT FUNCTION • The PAC in Zambia has held discussions with the Secretary to the Treasury to, among other things, strengthen the Internal Audit function through, capacity building and reforms to raise its profile. E.g Internal audit should be represented in management meetings. • The Secretary to the Treasury has assured the Committee that measures will be taken to strengthen the internal audit function.

  7. Implementation of Resolutions ESTABLISHMENT OF STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS • The PAC in Zambia values strategic partnerships and is working closely with: • Auditor-General • Accountant-General • Controller of Internal Audit • CSOs (Analysis of audit findings by CSPR, MOU with EAZ on analysis of budget) • Cooperating Partners(Analysis of audit reports)

  8. Implementation of Resolutions STRENGTHEN THE POSITION AND POWERS OF PAC AND PROMOTE TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY • The PAC in Zambia has made submissions before the Reforms and Modernisation Committee on proposed amendments to standing orders to strengthen the works of the PAC. One proposal is to make Committees of Parliament into standing committees. • The PAC is exploring the idea of recalling the controlling officers that actually presided over the period under consideration.

  9. Conclusion Parliament as the primary institution with the task of overseeing government activity has to continually adapt and enhance its capacity to deal with the challenge of oversight. Zambia will continue to share experiences with other PACs in order to reach high levels of efficiency. We look forward to the planned activities this year and beyond that will help enhance the skills and Knowledge of the Zambian PAC.