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Guidelines for manuscript

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Guidelines for manuscript
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Guidelines for manuscript

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  1. Guidelines for manuscript

  2. Your report must be typed. Used white, unlined 8 ½” X 11” paper. General guidelines/type of paper

  3. Use one-inch margins at the top, sides, and bottom of the page. Margins

  4. Include your last name, a space, and the page number at the top of each page of the report. The name and page number should appear one-half inch from the top edge of the paper, beginning at the right margin. Number the pages of the report and the Works Cited list continuously, using Arabic numerals (1,2,3, and so on). Do not precede the page numbers with the word page or any abbreviation of it, such a p. or pg. Name and page numbers

  5. Double-space the entire report, including headings, titles, quotations, and text paragraphs. Spacing

  6. At the left margin if the first page, drop down one inch from the top edge of the paper and type, on separate lines, your complete name, your teacher’s name, the name of your class, and the complete date in this form: 24 May 2013. Double-space between the lines. Heading

  7. One the line following the date, center the title of your report. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, not all capitals, and underline only those words, such as the titles of long works, that you would underline in the body of your report. Double-space between the date and the title and between the title and the first paragraph of the report. Title

  8. Indent the first line of each text paragraph five spaces from the left margin. Indentions

  9. Do not leave a single line of a paragraph at the bottom or the top of a page. Paragraphing

  10. On the first Works Cited page, after your last name and the page number, drop down an additional one-half inch to a position one inch from the top edge of the paper, and center the title “Works Cited.” Do not underline the title or enclose it in quotation marks. Works Cited List

  11. Double-space after the title “Works Cited” and begin the first Works Cited entry. • Double-space and alphabetize all the Works Cited entries. Entries should be alphabetized by their first words, whether the words are parts of titles or of persons’ names. If an entry begins with a title, skip any initial article (a, an, or the) when alphabetizing. • Begin the first line of each Works Cited entry at the left margin. Indent additional lines five spaces. Placement and spacing of Works Cited entries