umes football n.
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UMES FOOTBALL. Feasibility Study. What do we know?. Cons: Football is expensive and often strains university budgets and potentially presents significant governance challenges for a university president. Past efforts to reinstate at UMES football have been unsuccessful.

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umes football


Feasibility Study

what do we know
What do we know?


  • Football is expensive and often strains university budgets and potentially presents significant governance challenges for a university president.
  • Past efforts to reinstate at UMES football have been unsuccessful.
  • In its final decade, UMES experienced very mediocre results on the playing field (Its combined win/loss record was 28 wins, 71 losses and 1 tie).
  • NCAA rules regarding Division I level basketball and football programs, Federal Title IX legislation, and State of Maryland guidelines prohibiting the use of State operating funds for athletics posed major challenges against reinstating football at UMES.


  • Football potentially increases college enrollment.
  • Football promotes male student enrollment.
  • Football is the neucleus of homecoming activities and alumni participation at most universities.
  • Football on campus builds potentially morale.
  • UMES football termination is a major alumni concern.
  • Football potentially has a positive impact of alumni giving and other forms of financial support. For example, the entire out-f-pocket cost ($3,100) of the survey component was paid for by two local businesses. In addition, appropriately $30,000 has been raised from less than 50 donors in the past two years in the Vernon “Skip” McCain/UMES football Reinstatement fund.
  • Dr. Thompson, President UMES commissioned the feasibility study at AUG./04 Board of Visitors meeting
  • Nelson Townsend, athletic director selected as committee chair
  • Sub Committees established
    • Interest survey, Dr. B. Mitchell
    • Finance Committee, A. Ward – Bov
    • Level of Competition, Ms. E. Morse
three committees were formed to conduct the study
Three committees were formed to conduct the study
  • Survey of Interest Committee:
      • Bryant Mitchell – Chair
      • James Taylor
      • Gary Kleiman
  • Finance Committee
      • Armstead Ward – Chair
      • Ms. Jessie Cottman Smith
      • Gary Kleiman
      • James Kellam
      • Ladd Colston
      • Bryant Mitchell
      • Ronnie E. Holden (V.P. for Adm. Affairs should be included)
  • Level of Competition Committee
      • Ms. Edwina Morse – Chair
      • Gary Kleiman
      • Henry Brooks
      • Ladd Colston
plan of action
Plan of Action
  • Survey stakeholders, analyze results and establish direction
  • Determine competition level and other requirements
  • Assess financial demands and develop a realistic and sustainable economic engine
  • Report findings to president
    • Survey and financial analysis
    • Recommended strategy
    • Next steps
survey results would you like to see football reinstated at umes
Survey ResultsWould you like to see football reinstated at UMES?

Represents the total number of survey participants as of 02/05/05.

survey results what is the maximum you would contribute annually
Survey ResultsWhat is the maximum you would contribute annually?

Note: The total non-students respondents represents 68.6 % of the total 538 survey non-

student participants

survey results are umes students willing to pay increased athletic fees
Survey ResultsAre UMES students willing to pay increased athletic fees?

Note: The total students respondents represents 78.6 % of the total 392 survey participants

Proposed Level of Competition Based Upon
  • Which Teams do you want to play against?
  • What teams can you afford to compete against?
  • History/legacy of athletic programs
  • What is the stature of the Conference?
  • What are the UMES survey results?


  • The consensus is that if football were to return it should return to compete on a Division I AA level of competition.
  • At the Division I AA level the preferred conference would the MEAC.
  • Fulfilling Title IX requirements would require the addition of new female athletic programs.
football feasibility study financial analysis comparative budgets
Football Feasibility Study Financial AnalysisComparative Budgets


* Financial aid only, no impact on athletes

** 30 Grants for Athletes

*** Consider options for stadium, cost may vary based upon choices


financial summary
Financial Summary
  • 2.5 million start up cost
  • $1-1.5 million annually to sustain a competitive program
  • Provide Financial support of title IX requirements
  • Financial cost related to stadium considerations
current financial status
Current Financial Status
  • Past fund raising efforts are not considered and will not be included in reinstatement accounting, with the notable exception of fund currently in The Vernon Skip McCain UMES Reinstatement Football Fund
  • The Vernon Skip McCain UMES Reinstatement Football Fund has a beginning balance of appropriately $30,000
  • Fund raising is not designed to cannibalize UMES Capital Campaigns
major fund raising components to generate 2 5 million start up cost prior to 2010 football kickoff
Major Fund Raising Components To Generate $2.5 Million Start Up Cost Prior To 2010 Football Kickoff

Note: The actual total that would have to be raised is $3.33 million

in order to satisfy 75-25 proposed fundraising model.

operating budget fund requirements to sustain a competitive program
Operating Budget & Fund Requirements To Sustain A Competitive Program
  • Includes marketing expenses of $35,700, $44,500 and $53,800
  • respectively.
funding strategy
Funding Strategy

We offer football at $100 $100.00

With $25.00 going towards strengthening existing athletic programs

and Title IX compliance - $25.00


Designated for football reinstatement $75.00

Twenty-five percent of all funds raised are earmarked to strengthen existing athletic programs. Funding to begin immediately

justification for football reinstatement
Justification for Football Reinstatement
  • Promotes a student culture of giving while they are in school with transference when they become alumni.
  • Develops a “You get what you pay for” model for alumni and students.
  • Puts pressure on the alumni – no free lunch.
  • Strengthens existing athletic programs.
  • Does not cannibalize the UMES Capital campaign fund.
  • Get football back on campus.
  • If financial requirements are not met, money in the fund is earmarked for the UMES Athletic Department and for the National Alumni Association to develop a credible body in full support of UMES objectives.
  • Approve the following:
    • Financial Planning Strategy/Model
    • Competition Level
    • Fund Raising Strategy
  • President Announcement
    • “We Can Do This”, Fund Raising Kickoff
    • Appoint Fund Raising Chair
    • Quality Program, High Profile Football Coach
    • Begin Play On or Before 2010
    • Invite Former Football Players to Play an Active Role in Reinstating Football
  • Begin Fund Raising Immediately